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Tags: Halo, 1, 2, 3, Action, Science, Fiction

This is a small piece of fan fiction of the halo universe. Its basically about a new recruit joining a elite group of ODST's and their adventure to recover a VIP.

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As the new recruit stepped into the briefing room he is blinded by the bright ceiling light and is met by a large shadow."Look boys looks like we got out selves a mirror." "A mirror" he asked questionably. " yeah your armor is so new we can see ourselves in it." He was intimidated by the man's large stature almost seven feet tall and easily weighing more that 300 pounds of what looked to be muscle."what's your name kid?" He was hesitant to answer. "James Gunnar." "well welcome to the HellJumpers kid, hope you can stand the heat. James was curious why the odst were called Helljumpers and what did he mean could he stand the heat. " This is the twenty-third odst regiment. you"ll be gunner which is perfect cause that's your last name." yes it was true that his last name was gunnar, but he was trained in every weapon in the unsc arsenal including a few covenant weapons."Brick don't scare the newbie." That was undeniably a womans voice. Then stepped into light was a younger woman with longer hair, unsc regulations was that hair could only be 5 inches around shoulder length but i guess she was and exception. "I'm Naomi, I'm the field medic." It's strange how she smiles at the fact that she has to patch up burning flesh that's caused by the plasma fire. "Everyone calls me nao because in the field if the say my name there going to need me now." It wasn't those two who he paid the most attention to it was the man sitting in the corner. From what James could count he had almost nine blade placed around his armor or thats how many he think he saw,but that wasn't the most interesting part about him. He has a scar that stretched from hit chin to his forehead."Who's he?" "He's Jack or stalker. He can sneak up on you and kill you 5 different ways with one blade. That scar he has is from killing two hunters with nothing but the knives on his armor." James is almost blinded by the reflection of the srs99 sniper rifle. Brick leaned over and whispered to James" He has the most accurate shot of a sniper anyone recorded in unsc history. His name in the academy was designated target which means you give him a target he will take him out, but we call him DT for short."The man was small most likely to get from location to location for the perfect shot. James was intimidated but pleased from who he has been placed with. "well what about you" james asked. "I'm Brick, I'm about as strong as stone and I'm heavy weapons anything anyone else cant carry and shoot it I do." Doors slide open to show a very collected man."Sargent on deck" bellowed Brick. "Ah James I'm glad you got to know the team you will be trusting them with your life." Nao asks" we're going to be risking our lives again so soon?" "do I hear complaining?" "James I'm Rocky I'll be the commanding officer on this mission." "Sir what is this mission?" "we will be doing something never done before. Were launching our drop pods straight into the covenant ship." Shock and awe swept over the soldiers. The pods were always meant to be shot from the atmosphere not for transport to an enemy vessel."Our pods will be fitted with a special plasma cutters on the side so we will be able to cut through the hull of the covenant." DT raises his hand. " What is it?" with a smirk on his face DT says "when do we leave?" "now lets get in our pods and our ETA would be around eleven hundred hours." As the odst walked down the hall to the pods they couldn't help but wonder why does ONI want us to infiltrate this ship.The crew loaded up with their signature weapons. Brick grabs the m19 SSM jack hammer rocket launcher with almost a full belt of frag grenades and the 40 mm M319 grenade launcher with the automatic MA5B assault rifel. Stalker liked to travel light with muzzled 23 mm SMG and a silence M6D 12.7 Pistol along with the knifes on his armor. Naomi was packed with enough bio foam to fill the whole pod she was entering along with a SMG with a M6D pistol. DT climbed in his with srs99 sniper with full clips of ammo and a battle rifle. Rocky the leader was packed with all com communications the teams AI for the mission with the M45 shotgun that hold the 6 shells inside. James being the newbie had to carry most of the ammo but not to be out done he was carrying MA5B assault rifle and the spartans prized weapon the spartan laser. This was one of the first times that the odst were deployed from ship to ship but to make sure the whole cruiser was not in danger they launched the pods far enough to be hidden from the radar. As the odst approached the ship's gravity took hold of the pods and the heat rose to about 98 degrees. James now knew why they were called hell jumpers. over the com the Troopers could hear the AI Alexander, he was programmed from the personality of Alexander the great."Engaging plasma cutters." As the pods slipped through the hull the preassure was consuming james to make sure he didn't fuck up on his first mission. The pods came to a screeching halt. The doors open and the Troopers were met by a single grunt. James raised his assault rifle but was met by resistance as rocky put his hand on it. "Let's let them know were coming.I want to have some fun." the grunt scampered around a corridor than disappearing. "so sir" Brick bellowed. "What are we looking for? "Well from what I gather the Covenant have taken a POW. So we're hear to break him out." The troopers move from corridor to corridor in perfect formation. Coming to what they can gather to be the mess hall. " This is too quiet" Nao whispered. Brick continued to walk but hit something that didn't exist until he realized it was an elite who now had a firm grasp around his neck. Without hesitation stalker drew a knife and placed it in the unarmored part of the elites spine dropping him instantly."Thanks" brick say try to regain his breath. Before anyone can second guess elites, grunts and jackals were swarming the upper deck of the mess hall. DT without hesitation takes out 4 elites with precise headshots and another 4 after reloading. Not to be out done the other four draw their automatic weapons hosing down the rest of the smaller opponents. As they move through the maze like corridors James falls behind the group not understanding the lines on the walls of the ship. He is not alone for long as he soon met by 3 gold armored color elites which signify their higher ranking. The elites charges baring their strange fangs and energy weapons. As plasma bolts fly by the rookie he stays calm collective firing his assault rifle in collective 3 round burst. He drops the first one in seconds but the second manages to slip by knocking him down holding the plasma rifle to his face. He closes his eyes for the embrace of death but is not met by charging of the weapon but the warm feel of a shotgun shell on his hand. opening his eyes he sees rocky standing over him having killed the third before coming to the rescue. "no man is left behind." So the 2 regroup with the others to only see on man in a large corridor but it wasn't just a man. It seemed to be that the fables flowing around the unsc are true the there are super soldiers...Spartans. As the group stays in awe rocky runs to the controls figuring out how to bring him out of stasis. But he isn't given much time as the as the rain of plasma fire from the entrance. Brick brings out the launcher firing in succession 2 rockets that almost clear the corridor completely. More and more flood the room trying to over whelm the troopers. Nao having to plug biofoam into DT's arm so he can fire his sniper whit his pinpoint accuracy. One elite manages to get close enough to put a sticky grenade on pack of the unlucky stalker. He did not die alone he was able to get close enough to the elite that had given him his death sentence to take him to hell with him. James and rocky were working vigorously and finally rocky yelled out "Work god dammit" as he smashed the controls. The locks then disengaged and the spartan fell to the ground then stood up. "Rifle." James handed his assault rifle to the spartan who then walked to the fire fight like he was strolling in the park. James and Rocky rejoin their teammates only to see that naomi and stalker are no longer with them. Naomi was unfortunately hit multiple times by needler fire then dieing from the secondary explosion offered by the weapon. The spartan now stood still his shields almost taken all the way down jumps in mid air firing the assault rifle enough times to kill each opponent without having to waist any ammo. The spartan then switches clips and cleans up what ever is left of the remaining grunts. Without warning the spartan is then thrown across the room by what appeared to be the heavily armed hunters. Brick and DT fire away with what was the last sniper clip and rocket but thats when the flash of red light finishes the massive beast. They turn to see james holding the smoking laser, but what about the other hunter they turn to look where the preavious hunter had been only to see a spartan have his boot encave the hunters skull. "alex we go the package have the oragami send evac. With the spartan holding point the team runs down corridors ending the lives of a few measly grunts. That is until they reach the hangar they are met by a full squad of elites and 2 mounted turrets. To disperse the elites brick launches a 40 mm grenade into the bunch killing one and taking the shields down of 2 others leaving 9 left. James on the other hand shoots in succession 2 lasers taking out the mounted guns. Rocky and The spartan run side by side taking out each elite with a combonation of shotgun and assault rifle fire. James hands DT the communication device to mark the evac location. just as the last elite fell the pelican drops into the hangar bay and without hesitation all four hop on the ship and use the full thrusters to get out. They weren't out of there yet the ship did not have many but the covenant cruiser launched what seraph fighters it had. the 70 mm machine gun made quick work of all but one who got the lucky shot on them but was quickly mocked up. on the way back to the oragami james thought to himself was saving this one man more important than the lives of the 2 that were lost that day. Little did he know that them man he saved on that ship was the one who would end the war.


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