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Warrior cats: The secret to hunting

By: Emmakitten1

Page 1, Its training day! You and your mentor, Fallingrain, are about to begin the training lesson on how to hunt. Be amazed as you enter the life of a Thunderclan cat/apprentice! Imagine your name, and put a \'paw\' at the end to make it more exciting! =3

 "Listen up! Its time to hunt!" Fallingrain says to you. "Yay!" You mew excitedly. "First, crouch into a hunting crouch!" Your mentor crouches and shows you what to do. You crouch, too! "Good job." Fallingrain compliments you. Your fur fluffs out with pride. "See if you can catch that mouse over there." Your mentor flicks her tail pointing at a gray field mouse, that's lazily chewing away at a nut. You crouch down, Stalk forward, and pounce, landing squarely on the mouse. It squeaks, trying to get away, but you kill it swiftly and cleanly, "Excellent!" Fallingrain purrs. "Lets go back to cam, and tell Fishstar about your day!" You follow your mentor out of the training hollow and disappear through the camp entrance.

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