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Sasusaku Chapter 1

Short story By: emotion123
Fan fiction

Tags: Sasusaku

This is a story about SasuSaku.
They are a really great couple and I love anime. :)

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Sakura was walking out of her house when she bumped into someone. "Oh! Srry! I'm soo sorry!! " she said without looking to see who it was. "No need to be that serious Sakura....". She looked up to see who it was and in her surprise it was Sasuke. He had return! "SASUKE!" screamed Sakura. She hugged him and her eyes were filled with tears. "Hnn.." replied Sasuke. He was very much in love with Sakura, but he just couldn't tell her. He doesn't want to put the last person on earth he cared about in danger. "Well, I need to go. See you later Sasuke-kun!!". And with that Sakura left with a big smile on her face.

Miles away, Sakura was walking down a path all alone, tears started to fill her eyes. It took over her joy. She felt darkness.She came up to the cemetery and kneeled down next to the grave words "HARUNO FAMILY".What am I going to do mom?....I-I-I don't know if I shouldloveSasuke, he never felt the same way. Even though he left, mom, I still loved him. Even though he doesn't pay attention to me, I still love him. I got to go Mom. Team 7's waiting. I love you."

Sakura stood up and her heart was empty. It had no feelings, no meaning, no love, no joy, no pureness.

As she walked, it rained. Her eyes were drained out like she hadnone. She walked by team 7 who wastalking about their next mission. "HEY SAKURA!!!" shouted Naruto. "Fuk off, Naruto" Sakura replied quietly. "Hn.." Sasuke was suspicious. Kakashi saidtheir mission was canceled anddisappeared into thin air. "S-s-s-Sakura?" questioned Naruto nervously. "No...there's no one by the name of Sakura Haruno anymore. She died. She had no joy or loveness in her heart. And now she's become dark." Sakura started to walk off, but stopped. "By the way...forget that there was ever a team 7." And she continued to walk home. Naruto and Sasuke were stunned of what she just said. "Hey..teme?" asked Naruto. "What dobe?" answered Sasuke. "Is it just me or is Sakura weird today?" No answer came from Sasuke. He just walked away. "Oh Well!!! Time for RAMEN!!!" yelled Naruto.

(With Sakura)

She was in the bathroom for hours. Then all of a sudden...KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. She came down to answer the door. "Sakura are......" Sasuke was at the door and he couldn't believe the new appearance of Sakura. "What.." Sasuke began."Too weird for you? Well, I don't give a crap, so get over it!" Sasuke just stood at the doorway still in shock. He remembered how joyful and full of happiness Sakura use to be. And now her green tender eyes are gone. Their all red and filled with hatred. He can see it. Her beautiful blossom hair are all black. "W-W-What h-h-happened to you?" scaredlyasked Sasuke. "What do you mean? I dont want stupid pink hair. I don't want green eyes. And No Sasuke, I am not a fangirl anymore.I don't like you. I never did." She said with her face towards the ground and her back was to Sasuke.Teardrops started to fall out of her eyes. "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SAKURA I KNOW? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SAKURA I LOVE? I LOVED HER PINK HAIR. I LOVED HER GREEN-HASEL EYES." Sasuke was now furious. "What Sakura? My name's Destiny." And Destiny (Sakura) looked up and she had a smirk on her face. Sasuke came running and hugged her from behind. "I love you Sakura-Haruno. Where are you?" He said quietly. A drop of tear fell off Sasuke's face and landed on Destiny's neck. She cried quietly. "She waited for you for 3 years. And you always make her sad. You ignore her all the time. Now...she's tired off falling for someone who isn't falling for her back." Destiny said with regretness.

"I never stopped thinking about you Sakura. You know your the one for me. You know I love you. I just couldn't show it. I couldn't let anything hurt you. Itachi, Orichimaru, anyone..." Sasuke said. Destiny broke the hug and faced to the floor. "Well... it's too late." she said looking up with madness in her eyes,"YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST LEAVE AND THEN COME BACK AND CONFESS YOUR LOVE FOR ME? I WAITED AND WAITED FOR 3 FUKIN' YEARS FOR YOU SASUKE!!!! YOU LEFT ME WITH NOTHING. Just emptiness in my heart." Destiny said with swelled tears all over her face. "I know you don't really love me...just-just-just leave Sasuke-kun..." Destiny said sadly. "NO!!! YOU THINK THOSE 3 YEARS WERE EASY FOR ME. ALL I COULD EVER THINK ABOUT WAS YOU, SAKURA. JUST YOU!!!! I COULDN'T CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING, BUT YOU!!!"yelled Sasuke. Destiny looked up at Sasuke and saw tears and smiled,"Well...now that we both got those thoughts out of our heads, I guess we'll be moving on. I'm leavin Konoha and you can now have your freedom of me nagging on you all day.

Sakura took a bag filled with supplies and walked out the door. As she walked out a picture fell out of her bag. Sasuke picked it up and it was a picture of them when they were 12. "So, what you're saying is that you don't love me anymore." Said Sasuke. "No....no I don't and I never had."Destiny replied. "Then why was this picture in your bag" Sasuke asked holding the picture in the air.Destiny turned around and smirked, "Hn...That probabaly was from Sakura. She probably misses you very very much. Hahaha, but she's gone."

Sasuke said, "I know your not the same Sakura I fell for and know, but I know she's still in there somewhere. If she is in there, she has to know that I love her. And I want her back. I want to be with her forever and on. Get married, have children, and die together, I want true love with my true love. Sakura, I beg you to please forgive me. I beg you to not be sad and be your happy self. I would do anything for you." All of a sudden,Destiny's hair turned back to pink and her eyes were as green as ever.Then she ran toSasuke's arms. He held her tight like nothing can tear them apart. Her smile was back, "Sasuke? Promise you'll never leave me again?"Sasuke smiled with relief and joy. "I love you Sakura.....I promise," he said whispering into her ear. She smiled and kissed him, "I love you too Sasuke-kun."


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