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Bella goes too Volterra and runs into five of the Cullens who dont realize who she is and doesnt care because they are just raising the clock to save Edward's life.

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Alice's POV.

We are racing through the crowds,only thing covering us from the sun is our long sleeve shirts and pants and umbrellas.We all missed bella but why?Why would he do something that could hurt us for eternity?Something that could kill Carlisle and Esme,who are desperately trying to stop us from the sun's light.Suddenly I black out.Urggh!What vision could be so important that it couldn wait?

Vision Starts

A girl on a red robe runs up to Edward who was getting ready to come out of the shadows,by his arms and pulls him into the clock tower.He thrrows himself to the wall,effidently shocked that someone he didn't know saved him.The girl took of her hoodie just to reveal that she was a vampire.

Vision Ends!!!!!!!!

I tell the vision to my family,then we start looking for this certain girl.Just then,a girl gracefully moved crossed Rosalie,a little too gracefully to just be human.Rosalie snatched the girl by her arm,turning her around quickly.The girl immediatly responded by swinging her hand just to slap Rose.Then she untiend her robe and pulled out five others.She handed one to each of us and we quickly put them on.

"Your'e the girl from my vision"I whispered to the totally delacate girl in front of us.

"Yeah and would you look at that,the itty bitty Cullens came to save little Eddie.Oh and in a second I am going to go get him."She said holding up one finger.She put the finger down and started running in a human speed.She grabbed Edward's arm just as he was about to step out of the shadows.We quickly walked into the clock tower where my vision had just finished.

Bella's POV.

Staring at Edward made me rethink about what would have happened if they didn't leav,they didn't break my heart."Who are you?"Emmett's booming voice nearly brought tears to my eyes.Just as I was about to explain,I heard one of them.the one who hurt me,the one who said he loved me,the one who cheated on me,the one who hurt me.Alec.I remember everything perfectly.


I stood in the driveway of the abandoned Cullen home when there was a tap on my shoulder.I turned to see five vampires with blood red eyes staring at me."Excuse me,but who are you"Asked the male who was standing on the end,next to a girl who smiled at me with a childish grin.We all became friends instantly and ended up coming to my place and figured out that I had so many talents,took me back to Volterra to Aro,Marcus and Caius.After realizing I could kill anyone if I wanted to,even them,They asked me to join their guard.I even tually left because of the hunting styles,Alec and I were dating at the time.When I came back,however,I came back to see Alec all over Heidi,kissing her and anywhere else possible.


"Aro wants to see you all"He said staring at the Cullen clan."I should go"I whispered.Just as I turned,Jane grabbed my arm."He wants to see you too,whoever you are"She said.So I walked behind the Cullens and in beside of Jane,who kept staring at me suspiciously.Then she gasped,realizing who I was.I was about to run,But I was now in the Volturi's lair with the Cullens,My two exs',and the volturi and the volturi guards.

I am seriouly fighting for my life!


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