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Bella saves them:Part 2

Short story By: grandturkrocs
Fan fiction

Just part 2 of Bella saves them.I didn't think I needed to write the summary again.

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Alec's POV.

Why did that girl remind of Bella?My Bella.God knows how much I miss her.Everyone knows,actually.What happened with Heidi is that we were just hanging out and kissed.I knew all week that Bella was coming back that day,yet I couldn't stop myself from kissing Heidi.I pushed her up to the wall,thinking that she was Bella.

Heidi and I were close,and her,Bella and Jane were like a pack so it litterally killed her when Bella screamed that she hated both of us,and never wanted to see us again and left.Jane didn't talk to me for months,but talked to Heidi 2 weeks later.All of us missed Bella tremendously,but now is not the time for this.

The Cullens hurt her so badly,but she didn't want them to die.The whole family knew this as a fact so knowing that Bella's dominant side was just as bad as Caius,she had no problem hurting us,so I knew that Aro,Marcus and Caius would play the right cards so she doesn't kill us.

Trust me,if Bella killed us I am so sure that the Cullens might take over,leading to her doing something she would regret for the rest of eternity,killing them.Who was this girl though.Jane kept staring at her as we faced the family as if she knew her.My thoughts were interupted by Aro's voice.

"Carlisle,my old friend,how nice to call you my friend again,how are you!"

"I am great Aro.Why did you bring my family down here.Clearly Edward did not expose us."Carlisle said,straight-forward.Aro then looked at the mystery girl.he studied the girl,his eyes tracing up and down her body."who are you?"He finally asked the girl.The suspence was killing me.

Bella's POV.

I removed my hoodie and took off my shades,facing the men I called Dad and uncles only.Only they could see my face and they stared at me,their daughter."Bella?"Asked a shocked Caius.The look on the Cullens face was priceless.I drew in a deep uneeded breath to prevent myself from giggling but failed after I saw Felix's,Demetri's,Heidi's and Alec's faces.

"Yes Caius"

"Your'e not here to kill us,are you?

"No.Did you do anything that I should kill you for?"


"Bella sweetheart?"Esme's loving voice blocked out Caius's and my converstaion."Yes?"

"Did you li..liv..live her?"I laughed,at how she said it."You are saying that as if it was a bad thing"

"Bella,can I talk to you for a minute?"Asked a voice I knew too well.Heidi.I turned to look at her.Her eyes were pleading,I didn't even want to look at Alec but did anyway.His eyes were hurt.I had to fight the urge to go run over to him and press my lips to his.

It was how I always coforted him.Wrapping my arms around him and listening to whats wrong,doing everything in my power to fix it,and in the end,after it was fixed,two words would make it the best night ever.

Happy Sex.

"Sure''I said and we both walked to my old room.It still looked the same,with the purple walls and black skulls and bones that I drew and painted myself.The purple comforter on the big,king sized bed.The black sofas that we walked over to too sit."Whats wrong"I asked after staring at her hopeful eyes.

Brace yourself bella.


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