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Supernatural - That's Not How It Works!

Short story By: Hell R
Fan fiction

Hell has a hissy fit over two legends being mixed on the case she's working on.
I don't own anything based from Supernatural but I do own Hell...but not Blacky.

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People chattered amongst themselves both inside and outside of the dorm room, the death of a local college girl had spread fast throughout the campus and many people wanted to try and witness the body bag being wheeled out of the room on a gurney by paramedics.
'Sick bastards' I think to myself before turning to look back at the blood covered wall.
It was just another pleasant day at work as a hunter for me, this small scene was nothing compared to some things I had seen and I was only twenty. It was a strange feeling being so accustomed to blood and coming face to face with death at such a young age when there were still some people my age who couldn't cope with a simple horror film, I was the second youngest in the group of four. Being only a few months older than Blacky, my birthday being on the 7th of January and hers on the 1st of October, I was still younger than our travel companions the Winchesters. Sam being twenty two, whilst Dean was twenty six.
We were all working on a case that involved the legend of the Hook Man, some priests' daughter was being targeting by this spectre apparently.
It was Sam's job to comfort the hysterical girl whilst the rest of us looked around the room for any sign of…well…anything that could lead us to making the bad guy disappear so we could move on.
The rest of us were looking around the room for anything peculiar…at least…more peculiar than blood writing on the wall…
I could hear Blacky and Dean chattering away behind me, I wasn't entirely sure what about but I was too deep in thought to even care right now. No doubt if they came up with anything they'd inform me and Sam at some point, part of me believed they were talking about seeing if there was enough room in the closet to have some fun.
I swear those two are hornier than rabbits.
A presence made itself known next to me and I didn't have to look to know that it was Sam; it's not easy to mistake a 6'4 guy for anyone else.
"You already finished comforting her?" I ask not taking my eyes off the writing.
"I've done all I can do, she's still hysterical"
"Well that's not a surprise…her boyfriend got killed by an apparent hook man and now her room mate by…who knows what"
"What do you mean who knows what? It was the thing we're hunting obviously"
For the second time in about ten minutes I looked away from the wall to look directly at him, give or take a slight tilt upward of my head.
"No…just because this thing is literate and has a thing for blood doesn't mean it's the Hook Man" I roll my eyes as if I was making the most obvious statement in the world.
"Really? The boyfriend and the room mate of the same girl get killed and you're telling us there's no way it's the Hook Man?"
"Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying"
Giving the room a quick once over I decide that everything that could be done had been, Blacky and Dean had checked for anything they could get away with without anyone noticing them acting weirdly so I had no need in there any longer.
"It doesn't matter right now…there's nothing here for us, let's go"
Turning on my heel I walk out of the room just making it down the corridor of the dorm hall before Sam grabbed hold of my wrist and half spun me around whilst stepping to the side so we were facing each other.
"What do you mean there's nothing here for us? We're here on a case" Sam insisted, giving me this stern yet somehow cute look.
Shaking my head clear of cuteness thoughts I look at him with an equally stern look "This is a separate case"
"How can you say that? Same vic-"
"Yeah yeah" I pull away and wave my hand dismissively "same victim, same case blah blah blah"
"Exactly…you can't just leave when he's struck twice"
"That WASN'T the Hook Man!"
"How would you know?"
An exaggerated groan left my lips as I stomped my right foot like a child being refused sweets, I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.
"Because Sam…there's no legend of the Hook Man writing on walls…he always preys on sickening teenage lovers being sickeningly romantic in their sickening cars somewhere discrete where mummy and daddy won't catch their precious hormonally stressed out children making out and doing grown up things"
Completely ignoring Sam's weird looks I continued my small rant…something I was notorious for amongst the people who knew me.
"Never does he stalk anyone or come into an area with a higher population of two" to emphasise my point I hold two fingers out towards him "let alone come here to kill someone of less importance than an amoeba and then write on the wall"
"Maybe he decided to be original and took the idea" he shrugged nonchalantly.
"No Sam! That's a completely different legend! The Hook Man and the murderer who wrote "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" are two completely different legends! You can't just mix them up it doesn't work like that!"
Sam glanced around uneasily as I raised my voice, earning weird looks from the people around us. Opening his mouth he went to say something.
"AND" I yell whilst pointing at him "I don't care if that wasn't what was written!"
That being said I spun around and briskly left the building, leaving behind a bewildered Sam Winchester.


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