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Yami Marik - My Bloody Valentine

Short story By: Hell R
Fan fiction

A surprise song-fic written for my best friend Blacky. Based on the song My Bloody Valentine by Good Charlotte.

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The dark figured smirked as he pressed against the cold glass of the two story house, watching the sleeping figure in the bed across the room. How had he managed to get onto the second floor windowsill? Even he didn't know…but he managed it…and was now happily watching the girl as she slept, tossing and turning in her sleep.

He had lost track of how long he'd been waiting to claim her as his own but he knew it was far too long, desperation had set in so badly that he was now stood outside as it began to pour down with rain just so he could watch her and make sure she was safe.

The water ran through his spiky hair before sliding down his face and the back of his neck, sending a cold shiver down his spine. They had been out earlier that night…on another date…and once again he had followed to make sure they were ok and the male in the relationship didn't dare hurt her.

Marik couldn't help but feel like the alpha male of a wolf pack, watching over the others to make sure they stayed in line whilst getting into all sorts of mischief himself.

As he stood pressed against the cold glass his mind trailed back to the conversation he had been having with Bakura that afternoon, the same line running continuously around his head.

"If you can't have something you want, you make it yours" the white haired male stated whilst smirking darkly.

That had to be the best piece of advice he'd given Marik…or anyone for that matter. Bakura wasn't well known for his advice.

After a few more minutes of contemplation the blonde chuckled as he came to a final decision, one that couldn't possibly fail if he timed everything perfectly. Glancing down to the softened ground below him, Marik carefully pushed away from the window to climb down. He had to be as careful as he could, no use making a plan and hurting yourself before even getting started.

Walking across the soggy grass he glanced over his shoulder towards the dark brick house before smirking contently at his own devious plan, all he needed was more patience than he was used to using but eventually everything would work out perfectly.

~ Oh my love

Please don't cry

I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life ~

Bakura raised his eyebrow as he watched his best friend scribble down on yet another piece of paper that will be added to the mass scattered around him, the floor was littered with various bits of paper that had a variety of scribbles on. Bakura was beginning to wonder if it was a good idea giving Marik the advice he had…he seemed to be going more insane than he already was.

"Seriously…what are you doing?"

"I'm scheming" Marik replied not looking up from the piece of paper he was scribbling on "isn't it obvious?"

"No…you look like an overgrown ten year old scribbling on paper with a crayon for their mum"

For the first time in the past forty five minutes Marik looked up from the paper giving Bakura a stern look.

"Really? ...You're going for the age joke?"

"How can I not?" Bakura laughed "that's the main thing I can dig at with you...that and the fact that you make Sonic look in style"

Marik's stern look changed into a glare as he flipped off the white haired male and continued looking down at his sheet of paper muttering something about Bakura being a dick.

"I don't know why you're asking what I'm doing anyway; you're the one who said it would be a good idea to get the boyfriend out of the way so I can take her for myself"

"I was being sarcastic" Bakura rolled his eyes "you probably don't need to stoop that low"

"And you didn't?"

An air of silence filled the room between both boys, Marik's comeback had absolutely no answer to it and Bakura wasn't willing to even try and waste time thinking of something that would make sense. As if sensing the stiffness in the air and wanting to break it from its own lack of breath Bakura's phone began to blast out his favourite The Devil Wears Prada song, Don't Dink and Drance.

Although not verbally heard you could feel the atmosphere change as both males sighed in relief at the disturbance, checking the name that flickered on the phone Bakura chuckled flicking it open and mentally thanking his fiancé for having perfect timing.

Getting up out of his seat Bakura decided he'd leave Marik alone and let him continue mumbling to himself.

~ I ripped out his throat

And called you on the telephone to

Take off my disguise

Just in time to hear you cry when you

You mourn the death of your bloody valentine

The night he died

You mourn the death of your bloody valentine

One last time, singing ~

It had taken a while but Marik had finally come up with a decent enough plan to get the girl he wanted, how did the guy from that movie do this so easily? But that was an awesome movie…with all the killing and the 3D stuff, Marik smirked in thought as he remembered his favourite scenes from the film before shaking his head and focusing on his idea.

They would be leaving any second now for their date and he couldn't waste him time getting distracted by pointless, but awesome, films, spotting the targets car drive past Marik chuckled and started his bike making sure to leave at least two cars ahead of him before stalking them.

~ Oh my love

Please don't cry

I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life

I don't know much at all

I don't know wrong from right

All I know is that I love you tonight ~

Dark blue clouds slowly moved in front of the shining full moon, the brightness of the moon making the cloud's colours change to a lighter blue and white mixed together. The reflection of the moon sparkled off the ripples of the lake giving the water a majestic glint like there was a thousand stars dancing on its surface.

Dustin had set up a little romantic picnic that looked over the lake, there was even a little candle holder in the centre of the rug to light just to make the atmosphere that little bit more romantic.

As Marik scanned his eyes across the scenery and shuddered, this was absolutely disgusting. How could anyone think THIS is classed as romance? It was a little too cheesy for his liking. Now came the boring part which was sitting and waiting for them to finish acting like love sick teenagers and get this picnic over and done with, but on the plus side…he did have a great view down Blacky's top from up there.

~ There was police and flashing lights

The rain came down so hard that night

And the headlines read "A lover dies"

No tell tale heart was left to find when you

You mourn the death of your bloody valentine

The night he died

You mourn the death of your bloody valentine

One last time, singing ~

Once they had left the lake side Marik waited for them to pass his hiding spot before jumping down and rushing to his bike, he had to admit that he was having fun stalking his prey like a common animal. He was certain that animals felt the same satisfaction when watching the meat they were about to pounce on, if he had a tail it would be wagging right about now.

As they pulled up outside her house Marik stopped around the corner whilst making sure he could still keep the car in sight, the last thing he wanted was to get this far and lose sight of his target. Following Dustin was his only choice since he had no idea where he would live without trailing him, on second thought Marik started to think that maybe it would have been a good idea to find out where he lived before going ahead with this plan, it would have saved him a lot of time and spy work.

He surveyed them as they stood in front of her front door and kissed goodbye, she was holding him close with her arms wrapped around his shoulders while he had his hands placed on her hips. Marik couldn't stop a shiver running down his spine as disgust ran over him; it should be him up there and not that asshole. Who did he think he was invading Marik's territory?

Catching his thought trail before he got caught in a mental rant Marik double checked on the 'happy' couple to find that they had parted ways, Blacky closing the door of her house and Dustin getting back into his car. Now she was out of the way the next part would be easy, all he had to do was get him out of the way and she was free for the taking.

~ Oh my love

Please don't cry

I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life

I don't know much at all

I don't know wrong from right

All I know is that I love you tonight

Tonight ~

Looking down at the dead body of Dustin, Marik couldn't stop his lips curling to the right in a dark smirk as the warm blood ran down the hilt of the dagger and onto his hand. That was the most enjoyable part over, now all he had to do was write the note. For some reason he had imagined this part would be a little more difficult since he didn't have a pen and the card he had brought with him was only a small piece.

Throwing the neatly folded clothes that were placed on the wooden chair onto the floor Marik sat down at Dustin's worn down desk and set the piece of card down, the small piece of white card had been covered in blood splatter which, as Marik had just realized, saved him the bother of decorating the front. Leaning down he dipped three of his fingers into the pool of blood next to him whilst opening the card with his free hand, sitting back up Marik look down to the card and began to write a small message.

~ He dropped you off I followed him home

Then I stood outside his bedroom window

Standing over him he begged me not to do

What I knew I had to do

'Caus I'm so in love with you ~

Tears filled Blacky's eyes as she read the note Marik had just handed to her, he currently wasn't sure if they were tears of sadness or happiness…he guessed the second though. Who wouldn't love the gesture he just did for her?

Folding his arms he waited patiently for her to finally look at him and show some kind of reaction, women usually loved this sort of thing didn't they? A lovely romantic card where the guy expresses how they feel and their deepest emotions…plus there was blood…she always loved blood.

The silence beginning to fill the room made Marik shift uncomfortably, he was hoping that she would have at least yelled at him at this point…instead she just stood there…staring.

"Marik…" her voice came out in more of a gasp "how…why would you do this?"

He couldn't stop his eyes from rolling "Isn't it obvious?"

"I can't believe you did this for me…it's so…so"

The blonde haired yami tilted his head slightly whilst looking at her expectantly "Yes?"

"So sweet! No one has ever done something like this for me before…but what if you get caught?"

He closed the gap between them and wrapped his arms around her waist "Don't worry about that, you can't arrest someone who doesn't technically exist"

"But…there's still your light, he could become a suspect"

"Blacky relax" Marik smirked, trying his best to be reassuring "everything is taken care of"

~ Oh my love

Please don't cry

I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life

I don't know much at all

I don't know wrong from right

All I know is that I love you tonight

Tonight! ~

"And that is how Marik won me over" Blacky beams happily whilst picking up her cup "I'm glad he worked so hard otherwise I wouldn't be where I am now"

I watch as she looks at the engagement ring on her finger with a twinkle in her eye I hadn't seen before, I knew she was content and couldn't help but let a soft laugh pass my lips.

"I'm glad that you're happy" I smile leaning back in my seat "I still remember when Bakura first murdered for me"

Another soft laugh left my throat as I rest my hand on my extended stomach and look at a Valentine's Day card that was framed on our fire place. The white card with elegant black writing and lace around the border, the white decorated card still had the distinctive shape of bloody hand prints covering the sides…there's definitely no denying that it makes you feel special when a guy would kill for you.


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