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The legend of Majora

Short story By: Hellios
Fan fiction

Basically a re-telling of the origin of Majora's Mask

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Thousands of years ago there was a creature that lived all alone in a destered part of the world. the earh was not bare, but tiled with marble stones, as if it were the floor of something much gander than a palace. Broken colums and pieces of rubble laid scattered around the land. IT was pure white stone with few plants growing from between the cracks.
The creature was large, the size of a bear or bigger. It had the face of a dragon with long golden fun flowing smoothly over it. the being had armor in plates over its back and he had a long thin tail that was spiked at the tip. The beast had large claws and fangs with silver piercing eyes that moved slowly over the land. He was alone in his kingdom, but on this day, the wind carried a strange scent.
The creature looked down the path narrowing his shining eyes on the spec in the distance. After a few moments he saw that it was in the shape of a man. "A human?" He questioned a loud in the silent void of his kingdom. "I have not seen a human in this land for years." the voice of the beast was a near growl but still soft in the silent land. The beast took a few tentaive steps forward and then looked at the man.
The human walked slowly up to the beast. He wore a dark cloak over his tunic and plate. A band wrapped around his head with a long feather trailing from its biding. He held a band over hsi shoulder that led to a bag across his back and the man moved swiftly and fluidly right at the beast. Then when he was little more than ten yards from the creature, the man in the cloak put the bag down and sat on smal pike of broken stones. He looked at the beast that eyed him with a cold and calculating gare.
"May I rest her for a moment?" The cloaked man looked at the beast with a small smile on his lips. He was young barely more than a boy. "I will only stay a short while." He leaned against the rock and looked up at the beast.
The creature regarded him then spoke in his soft growl of a voice. "I have not seen a human in my land for some time." He towered over the young man. "Why have you come?" Then after a moment of silence he spoke again. "Do not tell me human, let me guess." The beast moved to the side showing off his large hard armor. "Here in hopes of getting a wish granted?" He looked hard at the man. "You would believe that rediculous legend?"
The man looked puzzled at the question then spoke with a smile. "What legend?" He dusted his cloak and it shifted to the side revealing his platemail to the beast then back. "I am just a traveler."
"Do not lie to me boy." The sharp growl came out in a harsh and echoing sound.
The cloaked man simple looked at him. "I am not lying." the mand put his hand on the bag in front of him and rested on it. "Tell me the legened."
The beast lowered his head to level with the man. "It is said that whoever wears my armor will be granted one wish. they will gain incredible power and have life eternal." The beast snorted at his own tale. "Humans make up such ridiculous stories..."
The cloaked man looked puzzled again and then searched the are around them. it was baren no life other than the two of them was in sight. No sound but that of their breath. Not even wind. "What humans?"
The beast spoke solemly to the man in the cloak. "Many humans have some." The beast looked away as iff remembering them. "Swordsmen, adventures... Military men looking for glory..." He looked a bit amused by this now. "Men, women... sometimes even people seeking freindship." The beast focused on the man again clairity returning to his eyes.
The man in the cloak looked back into the beast's eyes. His were a vibrant blue... as if the sky were reflected in them on the clearest day. "There is no one here." He spoke with a level of calmness that seemed un-natural.
The creautre raised its claw and gestured at the man as if it were obvious. "I ate them all." He looked at the man in the cloak again and smiled at his lack of reaction. "They were all greedy humans." He let a slow breath and tilted his head trying to read the man. "They wanted to kill me... to steal my armor, so I ate them one after another." The beast didnt seem to care about the story now. It even seemed a little sad over it.
The man in the cloak sat ther with a look of mock fear on his face. "That was a scary story..." He smiled at the beast again. "I'm shaking."
The beast laughed at his actions. He was starting to like this human. "Tell me your fondest wish. I shall grant it to you human." He beast stepped back from the man and looked him over still smiling.
The man looked at the beast blankly. "I dont want anything."
The beast looked taken aback by this. He growled out in shock. "What? You want nothing?" the eyed the man harder and shidted toward him. "then why do you wear such thick armor?" He paced around the man. "I can see it under your cloak, boy." He growled loudly at him again. "You are a warrior." The man rested his head on his hand and looked at the beast soulfuly and looked pained at the beast's behavior. He sighed under his breath. The beast spoke again softer this time. "If you have no wishes..." He could tell the young warrior was being truthful. "Then why have you come here?"
The man leaned back casually. "I was told that there was a terrible man eating monster here." the Villagers of the nearest town had summoned him to their aid after the rumors of this beast became more evidant. "I was asked to get rid of it." He paused a moment and took a breath. "No... that is a lie." He stood and took the long bag from the ground over his shoulder. "In truth, I was drawn here by the strange air of this land..." He waved his hand slowly throught it. "You cant say that it is moving, yet it is not still either." He paused and thaught for a moment more. "It seems to be filled with energy..."
The beast scoffed. "You can sense that?" He smiled at this human. "How wise."
"So here I am..." The cloaked warrior continued. "Faced with a beast that admits to eating men." He looked over the beast with some pitty. His must be a lonely life. "How long have you lived here alone?" The man looked over him again... He was impressive but not evil. "You cannot die... yet you cannot really live... Ignored by all the universe... in this stange still air... for time unknown." He wandered around the beast lookiung it over. The creature held its ground but fidgeted here and there as the man spoke. He began to feel the depth of his words. "For thousands of years... tens of thousands... Forever?" The man put his hand to the beast's side. "That sounds... so sad."
The beast backed away and growled loudly. " How dare you pitty me!" He stomped the ground hard cracking the marble. "I am a fearsome man eating monster!"
The man spoke slowly. "there is no one left to eat." At his words the beast froze... Then began to look around and fidget more.
"Traveler... Why can I not leave this place?" the beast leveled with the man once more. He was calm and sounded more sad now than angry. "Bound by space... bound by time... for thousands of years..." Then the beast straightend. "It is stange that I had not noticed this before." He looked around more still shaking a bit and pacing. "I wonder why I cannot leave..." The beast looked at the man. "I am... tired of being alone. I want to sleep soon..." the words echoed in his heart. The beast began to shine as the cloaked warrior watched. "The hopes... the dreams of them all..." The beast could feel the desires of the people he had killed and devoured. He could fell something new. Hope.The beast turned to the warrior. "Make time flow for me."
The man pulled a lute from the long bag he was carrying. The heard the beast's wish in his hear. He would make time. the cloaked warrior picked the first cord. The beast's tail twitched. "Rythem... Melodie... beat..." He spoke softly plucking one cord on each word. "This place is the only stage you have... dance." He began to play the sweet songs he knew from long ago. The beast moved in time with the Music. His tail flicked and his body moved. The beast was dancing with the sweet sound of the lute. The air moved in small vibrations. The wind formed. Time was born. He danced for three days and three nights. The spirits in him danced with him. On the morning of the fourth day the beast feel down and died... and his world died with him.
The only thing left of him was the armor of legend. It laid on the ground before the cloaked warrior walked to it and pulled the feather from his band. "You made time move, my friend." the feather in his hand slowly turned from soft plume into a hard edged blade. The point of the feather turned into a hilt and grip. He slashed the Armor in two with one move and then sat down next to the smaller half. He began to carve the soft bone like amror. Later that day the armor had become a mask. Purple and heart shaped to represent the beast's hope and spiked on the edges to mark how dangerous he was in life. The manwatched as all the power of the pieces of armor not in the mask flow into it. It colored in ornatly with large yellow eyes and red and green markings over it. "Your power will be safe in this mask. It will not harm another my friend." The cloaked warrior pushed the mask into the darkest shadow to hide it from any who would use it. "Good bye Majora."


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