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Behind The Shower Door

By: hyperforce

Page 1, After he arrives at the Titans Tower,Robin looks in his shower and finds Starfire and Batgirl in there.

On the Eleventh day of November,the one Teen Titan known as Robin has arrived at the Titans Tower in to hear the sound of running water coming from his room.

And when he had stepped into that room,Robin opened the shower door and spotted a princess from Tamaran whose Titan codename is Starfire and the Batgirl who is really Barbara Gordon fingering their pussies and kissing each other on the lips.

Then,after the girls turned and looked at Robin like their eyes were somehow accusing him of being peeping tom,the one Titan who really is Dick Grayson smiled,stripped off his clothes and said,"Now this is what I call one hot birthday present!"

That was before Dick stepped into the shower with the girls and enjoyed one hell of a steamy birthday celebration.

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