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She Really Does Have What's Going On(for Ousma's Music Video Contest)

By: hyperforce

Page 1, This story is based on the song \'Stacy\'s Mom\' and happens to be my way of answering one particular question.What would happen if Stacy\'s mother catches the boy masturbating in the bathroom instead of Stacy.

Now,I bet that all of us who had allowed ourselves to watch the music video of the Fountains Of Wayne's hit song entitled 'Stacy's Mom' on MTV and VH1 had already noticed how it had ended.But that was before an alternative version of that one scene had just popped into my head and made me want to write the story that you happen to be reading right now.

You see,it was in the video that Stacy had ignored the sign on the bathroom door which had said 'Ocupado'--which happens to be both Portuguese and Spanish for 'occupied'--on it,open that door and catch the boy masturbating.Of course,she had quickly closed the door and started to laugh which had showed that she had thought that he was jerking off on his own dick to her own image and not that of her mother.

But suppose we would ask ourselves this one question.What do you think would happen if it was Stacy's mom who had discovered the boy masturbating in the bathroom and not Stacy herself?And if you would allow yourselves to ask me,the answer in my own head would be that after she had splashed around in the outdoor swimming pool and gotten enough exercise,Stacy's mom had climbed out of the pool and gone into the house to get a Q-Tip for her ears.

But when she--just like Stacy--had ignored the 'Ocupado' sign and opened the bathroom door,Stacy's mom had discovered the boy pumping on his cock.Now of course,that would've caused Stacy's own mother to get so pissed that she had to force that poor kid to stick his cock back into his pants and get his ass out of there.

But instead,Stacy's mom had taken one good look at the kid's Kong sized schlong and became so turned on by it that she had slowly licked her lips,take her black bikini off and pump her fingers straight into her wet pussy.Then,after she had placed the other hand on her firm breasts,smiled and asked,"Well,Stud?What are you waiting for?Get your ass over here and fuck me!"

And after he had stripped off his clothes,the boy had kneeled down and began sucking every last drop of juice out of Stacy's mom's moist snatch with his hands on her naked thighs.Sure enough,while that was going on,an unsuspecting Stacy had walked over to the bathroom door and was about to knock on it and ask her mother for something.

But just as she was about to do that,Stacy had suddenly heard the sounds of her own mother letting out the moans of pure sexual delight which had made Stacy unzip and stick her hand inside her shorts and push her fingers into her own clit.And while Stacy was doing that,both her mom and the boy had laid themselves down on the bathroom floor before the kid had placed himself on top of the Rachel Hunter lookalike and drilled his finger right into her asshole while she was sucking on his huge cock.

"Oooohhhh,God!Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss!Do it to that skanky bitch!Do it now!I really do want to hear someone fucking the living shit out of that mother of mine!It turns me on!Do it naaaarrrrgggghhhh!",that was what Stacy had said after she had unzipped her top and started carressing her tits and before the boy had taken his dick out of her mom's mouth,put his hands on the Rachel Hunter clone's bare shoulders and shoved his whole gigantic dick deep into her soaking wet cunt.

And as soon as she had laid her hands on her newfound fuck buddy's bare back and let out a scream of pure and untamed sexual pleasure,both the boy and Stacy's mom had finally came and stopped to catch their breath.Meanwhile,outside the bathroom door,Stacy had also came and placed her head against the door to rest for a little bit.

But that was before she had heard her mom say,"I better go back outside and make sure that Stacy doesn't worry about me.",which had forced the embarressed Stacy to quickly get her ass off the floor and haul it back outside before her mom had the chance to open the door and see her there.

Now,as for what had happened to the birdhouse as a result of Stacy's mom getting a massage,the boy had tried to apologize for that incident with the lawnmower,only to have her say,"It's okay.It really wasn't your fault."And when she had asked the boy to return the next day and do her lawn,he had looked at Stacy's mom,let out a smile and nodded his head in response before heading back to his house with images Stacy's mom dancing bare ass naked in his head and the knowledge that she really does have what's going on.


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