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Coldplay mylo xlyoto fanfic Green eyes

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Green eyes. One day Chris was playing piano in front of the crowed as usual he played the scientist there was a girl in front row Who has been obsessed with him for years. And loves each and everyone of the band members her name was Maddie she was usually bullied because she very passionate about there music, and finally she finally got to meet them. And it was the best night of maddies life. a few weeks pass by and she hears Chris is vacationing in the same town as her! she was stoked. so one day she was walking home and she seen this abandon building it was huge something she's never seen before ever she walked in the building out of curiosity and she goes too the second floor. while going up the stairs she hears a piano being played and she is pleased because it sounded amazing! so she finally came upstairs and she seen a man in this dark room with just a piano Maddie asked and said hi a little frightened. he turned around she seen his face there eyes locked and she was amazed too see it was Chris Maddie played it cool because she didn't want too make a fool out of herself she asked Chris what are you doing here? Chris replied and says this is where I do most of my practicing I always fly here my inspiration in my songs come right from this place Maddie was in shock her and Chris are actually talking he asked Maddie "would you like too sit?" Maddie was shocked and excited she replied and said I'd love too they sit together while he plays piano blissfully Maddie is amazed and him and here couldn't get along any better they shared a few laughs and cracked a few smiles at the time they couldn't take there eyes off each other the whole time as crazy as it sounds Maddie felt something like no other Maddie feels whole again being with Chris made her day she tells Chris in the eye Chris I was wrong.. He replied and says confused wrong about what? she replys and says you.. he says alot of people are. nobody knows the real me. this is the place I feel alive and could be myself in She replys and says the real you is amazing you shouldn't change it for anything in this world he stares at her with a smile Chris felt happy around Maddie. A happiness he has never discoverd and is pleased while playing piano Maddie reaches over too hold his hand he stops playing piano and they're amazed by how beautiful they both feel inside Maddie looks at his watch and sees the time! Maddie says too Chris Chris I have too go he finally blinks into reality and says don't go. . she replies and says I haft too meet me here tommorow at the same time? she says curious he replies and says okay love will do. Maddie leaves while Chris is just amazed by who she is an is happy he met Maddie so Maddie went home and is in shock ran straight too her room and sat in her bed thinking all night am I dreaming? Or is this reality? Why me who am I so great? Repeatedly in her head she was thinking why me.. She falls asleep with the struggle of the question why. The next morning comes and Maddie wakes up with a smile [she never does] Maddie looked in the mirror after getting prepped up. and says too herself today is the day of new beginnings. no more depressing me. Maddie walks too the building where she first met Chris again at the same time once again Chris is right there waiting for Her she arrives upstairs and Chris looks into her eyes and is stunned her beauty made his face glow. Maddie says too Chris while nervous hi Chris it is so great too see you again Chris replys Maddie I'm so glad you came she smiles and he smiles back he says too her when you left I sted here for. While longer.. and.... she replys and says and..... He replys and says and I wrote you a song. Maddies face brightens up and a beautiful smile and glow on her face with a sparkle in her eye. she replys in shock Sayings Chris you didn't have too oh my god Chris thank you so much and she hugs him she tried letting god he wouldn't let go he whispers in her ear and says "it was my pleasure.." and pulls away she's in shock and is amazed with a smile on her face. he plays her the song and the song is called green eyes. he ends the song with a beautiful piano solo he stops singing and says.. What do you think Maddie please be honest shes in shock his voice sounded like an Angels she had tears in her eyes and said it was beautiful no one has ever said those words too me he looks into her eyes and says every man should Maddie you're perfect.. and wipes her tears she laughs and says I feel like a dork Chris smerks and says love you're far from it she smiles and asks curiously Chris how long will you be here for? He says two weeks.. she looked down and said oh. Chris replies and puts her chin up and says im going too make this the best two weeks of mine and yours life.. Maddie goes silent while thinking horrible memories on her past relashionship.. Chris says too Maddie with a worried look on his face and says what's wrong? She replies Out of a daze and says oh uhm nothing's wrong puts a smile. On and says I'm glad you're here Chris.. he says I'm glad you're here Maddie.. she smiles and he tells her Maddie can I show you something? She replys sure anything! He grabs her hand and says come with me.. So She follows they walk a few flights of stairs all the way on top of the roof of the abandon building he opens the door and let's her in she looks around and sees the whole city along with a sunset and beautiful clouds with flowers all around and a bench Maddie is in shock and she says too Chris Chris.. This is fucking beautiful! Chris chuckles and says thank you so are you. Maddie blushes in complete silence he holds onto her hand and says sit they sit together on the bench and he says too her Maddie you can call me a twat but you look so familiar. Maddie says too Chris.. Chris I was at your concert just a week ago you looked at me while playing the scientist and I cryed like a dork Chris laughs and replys and says love you arent a dork and I remember that' while playing the piano that day and looking into your eyes I never wanted too look away.. she blushes and says I never did look away. And they both laugh. she leans on his chest while he strokes her hair and watch the sun set. she says too Chris in a low key tone and says Chris I'm so happy I've met you he holds her tightly and says I couldn't agree more Maddie. she rises up and sees that it's pitch black outside and she looks at Chris Chris knows what she's going to say and is devistated he replys Maddie why do you have to go home she doesn't answer his question just looks down and says I haft too.. she gets up and says goodbye Chris I had so much fun he replys and says Maddie we haft too see each other tommorow please she turns around and says meet me Here he says okay love. She turns away walking with tears in her eyes she walks home and opens the door falls too the ground and crys thinking too herself I know the outcome he's going too leave me I can't fall in love not now! she wipes her tears and thinks too herself tommorow I must keep my distance and make every momment non romantic! she wipes her tears gets up and walks too her bed and falls asleep the next morning Chris text's her and says meet me At the park? She replies sure see you there! She gets dressed and leaves too the park while she arrived she sees Chris playing with kids and he. Couldn't look happier she avoids eye contact and he looks at her and smiles while saying come here! She smiles and comes too him she was reaching for a hand shake and he reached for a hug she says ookay...awkwardly he pulls away and says everything okay Maddie? she smiles and says yes everything's fine he looks her in the eyes she looks away.. he says maddie. She looks at him and says yeah? Chris replys worried and says something's wrong I know it she looks away and says nothing's wrong Chris lets keep on moving.. So meanwhile they were at the park having a great time acting like kids for the first time she and he enjoyed themselves with someone they both care about and that was eachother. While on the swings she's. looking at the sky and Chris is just fascinated because he's with someone he adores he couldn't stop stareing she looks down and smerks and says too Chris are you going too do that all day? Chris blinks into reality while Maddie is just laughing he laughs in embarrassment and says sorry and continues too swing time goes by they take a walk.. Chris says too Maddie Maddie I had such a marvelous time love Maddie replies and says I agree Chris I had so much fun I felt like a little child they share a laugh and he try's to hold her hand she moves her hand folds her arms he looks at her with a weird look he says too her in a tone Maddie look at me! she doesn't look at him he says again MADDIE LOOK AT ME. she looks and says WHAT CHRIS. he says too her Maddie what had gotten into you? she looks away Chris looks down in sadness she replies and says Chris I'm just not really in the mood for this okay. He looks at her and says Maddie if it's something I she cuts him of and says no Chris its not you it's me... Chris replys and says Maddie please tell me whats going on? She replys it's just too personal. I can't tell you.. Chris looks away in sadness puts his head down as they walk too their cars her says too Maddie. I hope everything's okay love have a safe drive home & awkwardness is in the air she smiles and waves goodbye.. Chris drive too the abandon building and writes a song called low. he text's Maddie the next morning and says Maddie please meet me at the studio at 3:00 I have something too show you. Maddie sees the message but it's way too down too reply she puts on a casual outfit and walks too the studio she goes upstairs and he looks at her. And says sit she sits and says what did you want too show me? he says Shh. Plays the song low and hes singing the chorus she starts too cry bursting out in tears as he finishes the song he holds her while she's crying and says Maddie what's wrong? She says that song that song he cuts her off and says that song is how you feel right? She looks up at him and sniffles and says how did you know ? chris replys Maddie I may have only known you for four days but It's like I know you for years now. He wipes her tears and says tell me what's on your mind she replies and finally gives in Chris in the past i was dating this guy I've gotten very attachted too him and I fell in love and he vanished from my life. As If I was a ghost. And invisible.. She crys again and when I see you I don't want too go through the same thing. He embraces her and says Maddie please don't cry.. I will never hurt you please believe me I won't I promise she rises up and wipes. Her tears he smiles and she smiles.. She says Chris you're amazing thank you. He replies and says Maddie I L... She cuts him off and says Chris i got too go too the hospital my mother has been admitted he replys and says is she okay? She says I don't know.. With a worried tone and Chris replys don't worry Maddie Its going too be okay love. She smiles and says thank you. and leaves he watches her go with a smile on his face he turns around back too the piano gets his book out and writes another song called proof.. Maddie goes too the hospital to see her mother and she goes up too the doctor says too him doctor what's the problem he replys an days Your mother took a cat-scan and they recently discovered a tumor in her stomach she Looks at her mother and crys and says too the doctor you're JOKEING! !the doctor replys and says I'm afraid I'm not I wish was was your mother has a year and 6 months too live. She falls too ground in tears her mother is asleep she crys desperately wanting closure.. The doctor already left the room and she feels so lost and depressed Maddie feels as if she has nothing too live for anymore. She is back at square one before Chris came into her life three days goes by Maddie has been stuck at home ignoring Chris's texts and calls she's been sitting in bed crying and Maddie feels hopeless. So Maddie goes too the building know Chris wouldn't be there. She walks there and when she arrives he isn't there.. She goes up to his piano and starts playing she sheds a tear while playing but stays strong Chris walks in silently and starts singing too the beat she is playing on piano, she turns around in fear! And laughs in shock shes speechless and says I'm sorry I didn't mean too touch your pian he cuts her off and says Maddie that was a beautiful song.. She replys and says well your lyrics made it all with a smile upon her face Chris comes next too her and sits down they sit face too face on the chair he says too maddie where have you been? She says Chris I found out my mother has cancer.. Chris goes in shock and says Maddie I'm I'm so... She cuts him off Dont worry about it I'm fine and so is she Chris replys and says how long? Maddie replys with a weak tone and says A year and 6 months.. He holds her and says Maddie it's going Too be okay she finally looks into his eyes he looks into hers and there lips lock there kiss was passionate and they both felt the sparks flying while kissing there eyes were shut. They stop and both pull away She lyes on his chest.. And Chris well Chris couldn't be happier. Maddie couldn't stop smileing and Chris. Is high off life. he replys Maddie.. She replys and says yeah? He stands up on the chair so does she Chris starts playing proof all Maddie did was smile and the end of the song Chris whispers and says I will do anything love too keep that smile on your face for all eternity.. and again they kiss. this time she's feeling his hair while he embraces her tightly. They unlock and they laugh while looking at eachother they couldn't help but be so happy at the momment.. one week went on and they did everything together from singing DANCEING kissing and every restaurant and place you could have gone too! One week left too go repeats in maddies brain and in Chris's as well the next morning they meet eachother and go to the beach. They lay on the sand with a sheet and look at the stars what more could you ask for? Chris looks at Maddie and says too Maddie Maddie.. He says Maddie replys yeah Chris? Chris replys and says Maddie I love you. Maddie took a minute too sink that in and says Chris I love you too. And they kiss they pack everything up and go to her house when they arrive she opens the door and couldn't help but kiss him minutes to by from kissing they went too the bed she rips his shirt off while kissing and un tied his belt kissing passionately and agrressive then ever she moans and says Chris.. He moans while thrusting she shouts! Constant and are both drenched in sweat Chris kisses Maddie and bites her lip kisses her all the way down and thrusts they couldn't hold it in any longer they finally finish after everything they lay side by side nude. She turns too him and says without breath I love you. Both can't even breathe he replys and says I love you more. They share a kiss and she lays her head on his chest and they fall asleep peacefully both Chris and Maddie couldn't ask for anything else in life.. When Chris wakes up Maddie is already gone she left too the hospital too see her mother surprisingly her mother is doing better then ever her blood tests are. Smoooth and is healthy.. Maddie is very pleased her and her mother had a conversation she told her mother all about Chris maddies. Mother is pleased too know she found him her more says too Maddie Maddie does her make you happy? Maddie replys and says mom happier then ever. Her mother replys and says if something happens too me make that relashionship last no matter what.. Maddie sits back down and thinks too herself how is this possible he's leaving in 4 days... Sh looks down and sighs while her mother went off too surgery Chris text's her and says Maddie are you okay babe? She texts back and says yes I'm okay Chris how are you? He replys and says never better I'm off for a jogg Maddie I love you she texts back and says love you... erases the text and never replys Maddie can't he over the fact how immature she has been this week.. And is dealing with the fact he is leaving while she is in love.. Her mothers out of surgery and Maddie had left Maddie returns home and sees Chris isn't there she crys on her couch.. She feels hopeless and stupid for giving in how do I stop myself from getting Hurt? She accepts the fact Chris is leaving and will spend every moment she has with him left. Chris comes back too her apartment and he. Smiles and says Maddie you're home how was it ? Maddie replys and says it was Good she's doing great! Chris replys an says that's wonderful. Maddie says too Chris sit down Chris Chris does down what is it? Love. Maddie says what's your plan Chris! Was this your fucking plan all along? Chris looks at Maddie like wtf and says Maddie no I never planned this what are you talking about? She replys and says oh you know just what I'm talking about! What's your plan leave me here brokenhearted while you live for you life Chris is this how it goes? She says with tears in her eyes. Chris replys and touches her arm he says I'm coming back Maddie I'm not going too leave for good as much as It kills me haft too leave. she crys and says how long are you leaving for???? Chris replys In low tone.. Uhm.. For 5 months I'll be on your when I get off I'll return Maddie please dont cry he try's to hold her she replys DON'T TOUCH ME! and crys why are you wasting your time with me Chris!! Why! He says I wouldn't want too waste my time with anybody else but you! Maddie He says fuck! knowing he screwed up. she moves away from Chris.. Chris looks at her with puppy Dog eyes oh come on Maddie i I I I didnt mean for this to happend please stop crying i hate seeing you like this it kills me Maddie I love you and my love for you can't separate us apart you're the one I love for the rest of my days you the persons I look forward too waking up too everyday Im not leaving without you. She crys and screams in loud town WHATS THAT SUPPOSE TOO MEAN CHRIS! And crys Chris comes closer too Maddie grabs her hand and says look Maddie I want too spend the rest of my life with you will you marry me? Maddie looks up at him so meny thoughts ran through her brain how she only knew him for a week and some out days but it feels like forever how she loves him so much and finally it hit her what her mother said... She finally speaks and says Yes! <3 chris says madddie you just made me the happiest man on earth and they lock lips passionately kissing.. An happier then ever two days pass by she returns too the hospital this time with Chris maddies mother is astonished with Chris and is proud of her daughter when she heard the great news and gave them her blessing doctors say. Everything looks good so they return home after there visit. Maddie packs her bags as she goes with Chris on tour and settle down afterwards she and Chris get a phone call saying maddies mother has code blue. Maddie bursts in tears while rushing too the hospitals she arrives and her mother is expirenceing death she comes in the room crying. Holding her mothers hannd her mother looks at her and whispers I love you.. She sobbs and try's too speak and say she loves her back but fails. Once for all the doctors step away take off the machines and sounds close the door and she has pasted... Maddie has no words only tears Chris comes in the room and hears maddies sobbing he embraces her and sheds a year aswell she holds Chris tightly while crys... Time goes by she plans a private funeral with her and her brother and Chris Maddie is In shock and cant explain her hurt.. though Maddie knows Chris is right with her every step of the way a day goes by and today is the is the Chris and Maddie leave too Chicago on the bus.. They wake up looking at eachother with a smile and feel amazed and beatiful happy an loved inside they get ready and finally leave.. while on the bus Chris announces the news too the band and Phill. They are so proud of Chris and are pleased Chris announces her into the car she comes in...guy looks straight at her and she looks at guy thinking this is her ex boyfriend.. is shock she walks back out in silence guy looks down. chris goes after her while she's walking away Maddie! He yells. She turns around and walks towards Chris. And says I'm sorry Chris I can't get on that bus no way.. Sorry hes wondering why and says Bloody hell. why what's the problem! Maddie. Crys and says I'm sorry I Can't say.. But i just can't I really am have a safe trip see you soon. Chris runs after her And strokes her face Maddie I can't leave without you they look eachother in the eye as his cold breath is flowing in her face she kisses him. and he holds her hand guy looks out the bus in the window and sees them kissing he quickly shuts it in panic.. will asks guy Guy what's wrong? You seem scared and worried? Guy replys and says oh it's nothing.. Chris and Maddie walk back in the bus guy and Maddie make no eye contact or conversation what so ever. Chris introduces her too the band member chris says guy! guy isn't looking.. He says it again hey guy! guy turns around yes Chris? meet Maddie.. Maddie isn't even paying atenttion they shake hands awkwardly hi he says she smiles. the close the door and begin too drive off to Chicago the night comes along and maddies come out of the room on the bus along she sees guy sitting on the couch in the dark. She sees him he sees her and she turns away and leaves he whispers and says Maddie.. She turns around slowly and sticks her head out uhm.. Yeah? He chuckles and says Maddie you can't hide from me forever you know. She smerks and walks too couch she sits down and says guy... It's been so long I've always tried too practice what I was going too say to you when I seen you but now.. It's just different guy cuts Maddie off and says Maddie I'm sorry okay. I was dumb and I was young i didn't know what I've done I'm so sorry.. For hurting you but you can't tell Chris please Maddie Maddie replys and says I would never bring that up too him what we had was in the past now I wouldn't want too bring that up again. he chuckles and says yeah you're right Maddie Im Glad you're with Chris. Maddie happily says and why is that ? guy replys and says Because Chris is a great guy and is lucky too have you as his girl. Maddie Shockly says thank you guy I appreciate it.. they look eachother in the eye guy leans in for a kiss she looks away and pulls away awkwardly nervous she becomes clumsily and laughs all nervous like guy just sits there in shock of what he almost just done.. Maddie says uhm.. Goodnight guy guy says slowly. Goodnight. She walks away as he watches her go.. Guy stays up longer thinking about what he had just done and is beating himself up for it.. guy doesn't know what too think he couldn't have gain feelings for her again not possible no. sadly guy accepts the fact he has feelings Once again and is Beating himself up for this.. He falls asleep with the struggle of his emotions. the next morning they wake up and are in chicago Chris tweeted a picture with himself and Maddie in the picture he announced the good news on twitter News reporters found out the good news it's all over town guy and Maddie are a bit more talkitve with each other this day yet still feel awkward about last night. Chris takes Maddie for a momment from a conversation with phill and sits her down Chris announces that he told everyone the news about there engagement Maddie is upset she wanted it to be private and Maddie is even more upset for Chris not too bring it up to her untill after. Chris never thought Maddie would react that way Chris says too Maddie I'm sorry love I never knew you would be mad about this they would find out eventually. Maddie looks at Chris and laughs while saying oh Chris I can't even stay mad you And Chris smiles with. Shine upon his face They kiss While smiling Chris bites Maddies lip and Maddie groans they start getting aggressive and touching everything they could possibly touch Chris has his back up against the wall while still kissing and they're playing with each others hair Finally guy and jonny walk in for an object they say oh uh sorry in panic Maddie looks at them in shock and is embarrassed They stop making out and Chris is off the wall after a few laughs of embarrassment Chris leaves the room while Maddie is still afraid too come out because of what the boys saw Chris comes out and laughs! they all start laughing while is just sitting there with a blank reaction the boys were all curious how he wasn't laughing because guy usually laughs the most? but still they kept those thoughts too themselves. few hours go by they arrive at the stadium and start practicing and getting ready for the show eventually Maddie comes out the room she walks in the stadium and sees the band on stage practicing Maddie is astonished of how big the stadium actually was guy couldn't look Maddie in the eye because of what he saw nor talk too her. Maddie had a thought of why and Chris feels the tension of guy. And is Curious. Maddie says too Chris Chris is always this huge! and loud :/ he looks at her and says always Maddie. Jonny starts laughing because it sounded so dirty and they all share a laugh while guy is just sitting there tuning his bass. still nobody knew why.. neither did Maddie! So the show is almost on and they're getting there outfits fitted. Maddie is backstage wondering why guy is so upset with her think he was perfectly fine yesterday? it could be possible he still has feelings maybe she grins and calls herself stupid! She sees guy is the first one finished getting dressed he sits down next too Maddie and waits for the boys in awkward silence maddie just sits there.. Looks at him with a curious face and says guy? What the fuck. Guy smerks while looking into her eyes Maddie what's the problem? she says what's your problem you've been acting really distant was it something I done guy says no Maddie It was something I done.. and Maddie remembers it was about last night. She speaks and says I understand but I'm gonna be with you for a while lets just stay on each others good side he reaches and smiles trying to hold her hand guy hears Chris humming down the hall and backs out. and sits far away from Maddie Maddie well Maddie doesn't know what to think but holy crap. And plays it off cool. when Chris comes Chris asks Maddie with his eyebrows raised well love be honest.. She checks him out and says Chris you looking fuckable And he laughs historically And she laughs aswell guy chuckles and it was a good momment to share finally will and jonny come out and Chris tells them the story about what Maddie said and they all start laughing so they finally start Maddie is the crowd a few fans next too her greet her and are extremely happy for her. she couldn't be more happier that his fans are happy for them. so they enjoy the concert and as he's singing Chris says EVERYONE MY FIANCÉ IS IN THE CROWED SHOUT IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY FUCKING HAPPY AS IM! She laughs and smiles the crowd goes wild with excitement whistles xlyobands and fireworks it was magical for Maddie once again. She couldn't stop smiling he finally sings fix you Maddie starts crying for her mother a fan comes up too Maddie and puts there arm around her shoulder and swade while singing Maddie felt closure and felt so lucky too be there. Finally the concert ends and everyone leaves Maddie goes back stage before they even ended Chris sees her on the couch and sits next too her he holds her and says I love you Maddie. She grins and says Chris I love you too they smile and Chris says to Maddie So what was you and guy talking about with a smile she sits up and panics uhm.. You know! Small talk how he gets nervous before the concert and warms up.. Chris laughs and says oh okay love I'm going too get changed love you. she waves bye and says love you too. everyone's all ready to go back on the bus except for Chris they all have a chat with Maddie Maddie says too the boys you guys Act like ive known you guys forever I love that she says with a smile they all chuckle and smerk jonny says to Maddie we couldn't be happier for Chris we see the love he has for you in his eyes and guy says I agree. jonny continues and says and if he's happy we'll so are we. Maddie smiled and is over whelmed on how nice these guys really are She smiles and says awh thank you Guys you boys Are just lovely. Chris finally comes out the dressing room and they all head out on the bus next stop is to Florida. Chris and Maddie have there own room Chris without a shirt on in bed lyes next too Maddie. She lays her head on his chest while they watch tv an announcement comes on about Chris and Maddie they look at each other laugh and change the channel Chris says to Maddie is it just me or has guy been acting really fucking weird. Maddie gulps and says yeah I dont think he's use to the fact of a Girl on tour. chris denies and says no I'm gonna have a talk with him. Chris walks out the room sits down guy and Chris says guy what's been going on? Guy panics and says what do you mean Chris. Chris says you've been acting really weird lately and distant towards Maddie you seem unhappy. guy replies and says that's not true im very happy for you Chris. he shuts his eyes for a second and gulps he opens his eyes and was going to tell him why but he said to himself I will ruin everything so guy backed out. Chris says if something's bothering you guy I'm here just let me no. guy shakes his head and says okay and walks back to his bed. And so does Chris Maddie asks Chris what happend? Chris told Maddie what happend and she says something's wrong he just won't tell me.. Maddie wants too tell Chris but is afraid of what will happend an how he hates that the Man she was dating broke her heart and him knowing its guy she's afraid she'll break the band, so she just says dont worry Chris its gonna be okay and they fall asleep while Chris holds her. and whispers goodnight my beautiful treasure she smiles and whispers goodnight. The next morning they arrive and Florida once again they perform and practice she's I'm the crowed again and again goes back stage when they end they sit down with Maddie and ask did you like the show Maddie is speechless and says like? I love it's always different so whatever they go in there dressing rooms and come out Chris says guys me and phill talked he said his family lives down here so he said we can all have a 4 day vacation here! He looks straight at me and says Are you excited Maddie smiles and says yes Chris im so happy ive never been too Florida ! they go too the hotel and it's after twelve everyone's asleep Maddie comes out the room dressed casual and sees guy dressed aswell. She sees guy and screams out of fright. And says omg guy you fucking scared me ! He laughs and says I'm sorry I didn't think my outfit was that bad. she laughs and says no no its actually nice he says curious uhm Maddie why are you dressed ? She says oh I was going downstairs to the beach too clear some things off my head he says with eyebrows up really? Because I was going to do the same aswell. she laughs and looks around and says shall we go together? with a smerk guy laughs and says we shall madam in a funny accent they laugh and go downstairs too the beach they walk together and he says to Maddie in low key guy says maddie you've been on my mind so much I can't think straight anymore. Maddie in shock says why guy? guy replys and says maddie when I leaned in that night I just couldn't control myself you are so beautiful and I miss your taste your smell and all of you. Maddie doesn't know what to say so she says nervously why guy you left me I didn't leve you. Guy says is a sad tone Maddie I left because I had to I couldn't handle love I was so young and so we're you. But I'm older now and I could handle anything I could Maddie Maddie I don know what to do. Maddie felt scared because Maddie had tiny feelings for guy aswell. She was just as worried as he was guy holds her hands and says I love you Maddie. Maddie crys and turns away and walks. Guy puts his head down and has tears in his eyes aswell. Guy says I'm so horrible i know she turns around and says no guy you aren't horrible you're amazing but I love Chris I can't hurt him like that I'm sorry but I can't I wish too stay friends with you but you can't be like this anymore or were going to have trouble and I don't need that Maddie wipes her tears an walks back to the hotel. while guy is still at the Beach Maddie has constant tears streaming down her face she walks back in the room while it's dark and sees Chris on the couch. Chris looks furious an over whelmed with anger Maddies eyes go wide and is shock to see Chris up. Chris has a view of the beach And Maddie asked Chris Chris what are you doing up boo? he replys oh I don't know I can't sleep dealing with the fact of you holding hands with guy? Maddie freaked out because he knew she looked out the window and she could see where her and guy was. she goes silent in fear.. Chris says to Maddie Maddie why? What fuck did I do to deserve this Maddie? Maddie is studders and says c c c Chris its not like that! Please it it it was a big misunderstanding let me explain Chris gets up I don't want to hear it Storms in his bedroom and slams the door! Maddie sits in the couch crying. With her eyes shut regretting every momment. guy walks in sees Maddie crying he says Maddie what happend? Maddie looks at guy with a frustrated face and addititude saying because of you my relashionship with Chris fucking ruined he seen you holding my hand outside and now he thinks I'm cheating! She crys he sits next to Maddie puts his arm around her and looks around he doesn't know what to say but don't worry. She stops crying gets up and leaves out the hotel room. guy feels guilty so he knocks on Chris's door he says chris can can you open up please? he says scaredly Chris opens the door with a mad look on his face. Saying What! Guy says Chris sit down they both sit down guy tells Chris Chris I think it's time to let you know.. Chris cuts guy off What's there to know you've been fucking my fiancée? He says sarcastically Guy says not quite see a while back. Uhm me and Maddie use too date... and uhm ugh one day I just left because I fell in love with Maddie and I couldn't handle heartbreak Chris is sitting there remembering when Maddie told him about the man who left her and it was guy Chris is in shock and is aggravated. Chris says to guy so it was you who did that.. guy says sadly yes. I regret every momment and when I seen her again Chris it felt so wierd it brought me back feelings one of the reasons I joined the band is to keep my mind off of Maddie. I ran away and she came back it's just hard to deal with Chris says so why was you guys holding hands? guy says I grabed her hands she had no idea I was gonna do that I just couldn't help it I told her everything she cryed and you know what she said Chris she said I can't because I'm in love with Chris so don't be mad at Maddie put the blame on me. Chris looks around and just blurts out wow... where did she go? guy says I don't know Chris but I'm so sorry. Guy puts his head down in shame Chris gets up silent and walks out the door to find Maddie. he first runs down too the beach and he sees Maddie crying he screams HEY. She turns around with a confused face and says what? he runs after her he they're finally face to face Maddie says Chris please look along time ago me and.. Chris cuts her off and says sh guy told me everything Maddie in shock says so wait.. You. Aren't. Mad? Chris chuckles and says of course I'm but i Love you to much to let that ruin us. They finally kiss and aggressively he takes off her shirt she takes off his shirt he nibbles her ear kissing her neck holding her tightly he puts his hands lower to her butt and holds on tightly she moans quietly as he kisses he neck there lips meet again as he the take of there pants etc. And start to make love he thrust fast and hard as she feels his swear drip down on her chest she groans and says oh Chris I love you he thrusts faster and they both groan he kisses her from up all the down he pulls out and kisses Maddie passionately in the sand they say I love you at te same time and put back on there clothes they kiss again and finally they walk back home straight to there room and fall asleep. knowing that's everything's okay. So Maddie wakes. Up and so does Chris Maddie says to Chris Chris I got an idea my love he says oh really what is it I want our wedding to be here. he says Maddie why ! She says because you love Florida I love so lets get married here! He likes the idea and says okay Maddie whatever makes my beatiful love happy. she smiles and leaves too prepare a wedding mean while guy has already told will and jonny everything and they are so shocked and just go along with everything guy goes up to Chris and says Chris are we good? No hard feelings please. Chris smerks and hugs guy and says never guy. he smiles and says okay cool. Chris tells the boys they're planning the wedding here it's going to be private i just want you guys and phill there okay? They look at each other and say okay so two days later Maddie was working hard on the wedding to make sure it perfect they only have two days left tommorows the wedding at the time Chris has never bought maddie a wedding ring so he goes out with jonny to a jewelry store and looks for rings he searches around and finally finds a 45 carrot silver diamond ring he shows jonny and says whataya think? jonny laughs and says Chris ideal like we're husband and wife looking for rings they both laugh together and smile and Chris says no seriously jonny I like this one this looks like Maddie would love it! So they buy the ring and he returns to the hotel. Maddie is already home showing guy and will the wedding plans and details and decoration Chris and jonny walks in and Chris says now you would think she would be doing this with her friends but she does it with two guys and they all laugh later that day they all run down to the bevy and rent a boat the sun is shining Chris and Maddie side by side while looking at the crystal blue water. They kiss and he says Maddie I say this a lot but Maddie I love you she laughs and says I love you too Chris and they kiss again so while miles way from land they are near a part of sea where dolphins and fish are. they put on swimming suits and jump in the ocean while Chris and Maddie jump in they hold hands while swimming and see the fish and dolphins! The boys and Maddie had an amazing time so time goes by they get off the boat and they all sit with towels on the sand and watch the sun set. They never seen it so beautiful Maddie and Chris put there head on each others shoulder and lay as they watch the sunset. it finally turns dark and they go back to the hotel room mean while Chris doesnt know Maddie found this amazing lace dress while being out all day so they wake up with smiles looking at each other Chris says Maddie are you ready to steal my last name. She smiles big and says yes in ready to be a Martin. They laugh and get ready they go to the church and Chris sees everything is already decorated Chris asks jonny and says jonny will you be my best man? Jonny is happy and says if course Chris they hug each other and get ready for the wedding in the room Maddie ours on her wedding dress she looks in the mirror and crys wishing her mother was here.. She hears a voice while crying and her mother came to her saying sweety you look beatiful she says mom! Omg thank you while crying tears of joy I'm so glad to see you she says her mother says you look beautiful I'm so proud of you and kisses her forehead she whispers I'm with you always sweety. And fades away saying I love you and Maddie said it back Maddie wipes her tears and gets ready and is nervous they open the door and she sees Chris and Chris sees her Chris is stunned and doesn't know what to say how beautiful she looks. While walking down the aisle there eyes couldn't look away from eachother she finally meets him and the priest says do you Chris Martin take maddie Wilson to be your wife for rich or for poor for better and for worse for sickness and health and for love and happiness Chris says smileing "I do." the priest says do you Maddie Wilson Maddie cuts him off and says yeah yeah I do they laugh and they out on there rings the priest says you may now kiss the bride. So they kiss and that's that they walk out of the church into the car and leave with the boys. long story short Maddie and Chris are still together happier then ever 4 years later Maddie for pregnant and had a little boy named Moses. The band is still together and just came out with a brand new single and Maddie for what she wanted and so did Chris. The end.


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