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Perceiving the Inevitable

Short story By: kjforce
Fan fiction

Things may perceive to be as is...but given thought, maybe not...We live in a world that sometimes changes faster than we could ever imagine...

Submitted:Feb 21, 2014    Reads: 17    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

~~Different Space...Different Pace ???

The World and this Planet as we know it has changed over the years , but not as much as in the past ten years. We were told to recycle and limit the waste, but not everyone took heed. Saving the environment became a cause, but that too fell by the wayside, as many thought it was a waste.( no pun intended )
There have been wars between countries that just don't make sense and no amount of talking has done much good. Our government is corrupt with crooked politicians and gas has reached $ 24.00 a gallon.

The banks own most of the properties, thanks to foreclosures, because people can't pay the mortgage due to loss of jobs and cutbacks in companies...Some companies even sent the jobs overseas. Ownership of home is a thing of the past , the dream is now just to be able to afford rent. Some people have had to move in with parents or relatives to survive.
Food is now an expense that needs to be addressed…and most of it comes from a country we cannot even pronounce. Don't know if you noticed but much comes from China…there are so many preservatives and additives that are causing health issues and insurance companies do not always cover the visits to seek medical help.
Education why bother, it's a waste of money, we can hardly afford the necessities of life and education is now a luxury. .even if you educate, there are no jobs…besides just how much education do you need to dig ditch Teaches can't be creative and are told they must stick to the pre-scheduled program, no deviation whatsoever, they are not allowed to reprimand because that would be considered "bullying" or " profiling"...so they go to work every day, just putting in their hours, hoping someone else will come forward to fixing the problems and change the system.
Marriage is a thing of the past, as no one wants to make a commitment, divorce has become too expensive. . many people have chosen not to have children as the quality of air is not good, health care is not an option too expensive all the way around, and what future would they have anyway ? Living versus Existence?
Crime has become the chosen occupation , stealing, killing, tops on the list , and then there's scamming from those that have,it matters not if stranger or family ,whatever they want.. it's not like the police can intervene. .what with all the legal loopholes the criminals are back on the street within 24 hours. .we issue police with guns and then punish them if they use them…
This is my story of how my family and I were able to get out from the situation we were in, and move forward into the " new world".
When I and my partner of life were told we had won the " Planets Lottery" we jumped for joy.... We would be leaving this planet and going afar, to the planet next to the big red star.
The new planet, we were told has clean air, free of disease, with lots of pure water and foods grow there, free of pollution and pesticides.

There are no wars from what we are told, and there are jobs for anyone willing to work. Healthcare is FREE.. and you can own property. Education is open to everyone.. even free college if you qualify. We are so excited to have this opportunity to start a new life without stress or strife, a future for our children.New friends, new jobs. I know that we won't sleep tonight…we board the craft at sunrise.

Oh how happy our lives will be... for my partner, and our two children... " Adam and Steve " on our new planet they call EARTH !!!!!

.This is just a thought from my head , purely fantasy, perhaps.just a dream ? or perhaps it's a glimpse into reality of the future ?

Looking forward to what your thoughts are, comments/critiques are always welcome....


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