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(z) Xena: Sins of the past

By: lost love long forgotten

Page 1, A Warrior who travels with her best friend trying to redeem herself from her past misdeeds.

"Doing good is hard." thought Xena who was trying to bury her past along with her old warrior'scostume looking sadly at the weapons she had held high over her head while taking over the world before she was changed by Hercules and his best friend. Suddenly she hears some people screaming in the distance and hides in some bushes behind treewhen some raiders come through holdingvillagers hostage when one of them says "Give us the girls and we'll let you go back to your pathetic village." One blonde girl comes up to the leader of the group and says "Take me and let the others go." "No." sneered the first person as he raises his whip to hit all the villagers Xenacomes out from behind him and grabs his hand before kicking him across the face several times and knocking him down. Suddenly all the other raiders are coming and surrounding this one woman who fights them all with her amazing martial arts skills to knock some out and kill others.

One of the men hits her from behind knocking her to the ground, to the spot where she had buried her weapons only moments before. She slowly moves her hand towards the hilt of her sword before quickly puuling up her sword to meet with the sword above her head. She grabs her chakram as well and throws it at the other mens' swords breaking their swords to pieces. "Your with Draco." says Xena as she does a circular motion hitting the wrist and knocking her attacker's sword into a nearby tree branch. "Tell Him Xena says hello." The last thing the leader of the men hears before being knocked out. Xena grabs her costume from beneath the leaves she had buried it under and starts putting it back on securing her sword to her back. She then follows the villagers back to their village to get some water and leave.

Sitting in a chair in one of the huts The blonde girl comes in. "You have to teach me that kick. and where did you learn to fight like that?" She asks many questions before asking "What's your name? I'm Gabrielle." "Xena." In walks Gabrielle's father "Your Xena aren't you? We would all like it if you would leave." "Don't worry I'm planning on leaving anyway." "Father, you can't make her leave she saved us all from a horrible fate." The father leaves talking to his wife when Gabrielle turns to Xena "Where are you headed?" Xena replys "Amphpolis, and don't even think about it." "What?" "Following me, you don't wanna make me mad now do ya?" Gabrielle is trying to think of a way to follow Xena when in walks her soon-to-be husband Perticus. "Hey, Gabrielle why don't you wait outside with me we don't want to be associated with the likes of her." "Now, why not she saved us all, Why don't you go outside and I'll meet you out there." Xena's gotten up and started to get her things together when Gabrielle says "You have to let me go with you did you see the guy they want me to marry?" "He looks like a gentle soul that's rare in a man." "It's not the gentle soul part I have a problem with it's the boring life of a farmer i have a problem with."

A few minutes later Xena's riding her horse Argo along the rocky path to Amphpolis when the horse has a feeling of danger. "come on girl, you can make it across the bridge." Xena jumps off the horse, to try to lead her across the bridge when Argo gets loose and runs off Xena just keeps walking when a blind cyclops steps in front of Xena. "Looks like the number I did on your eye has helped you lose weight." Yells Xena from the ground."Yeah, it has but now I can't eat." "You should rent yourself out to villages to protect them and in return they can throw you a sheep now and then." "It's hard to get used to the taste of mutton when you're used to human flesh. anyways why would anyone hire a blind cyclops?""Most villages need protecting now and i think a cyclops even a blind one would scare most people away." She looks up and the cyclops is about to smash her, she jumps to the opposite side grabbing her trusty chakram and throwing it. The chakram bounces offa rock and breaks the belt that's barely holding the pants to cyclops up and down fall his pantsthe cyclops trips and falls to the ground and Xena gives a shrill whistle Argo comes running back and she leaves for her home village.

Draco was practicing his fighting. He had four of his men pick out bows and arrows with different colored feathers. "Ready, aim, fire!" He yells and there the arrows go while he dodges them when the arrow with a green feather almost hits him. He barely caught it before it killed him. "Who has the green arrows?" He says angrilylooking at all four men when three of them turn leaving a young man to face Draco's wrath. "Ares has smiled down on you. You have a gift." He turns walking away his second in command following him telling him what happened with Xena.

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