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Bleach: Blood on the Rose

Novel By: LovelyImperfection
Fan fiction

Retsu Unohana is the Captain of the 4th Division. She is highly respected in the Soul Society. However, it seems Sousuke Aizen wants to challenge her in a twisted game to test her strength and composure. Her past is revisited against her volition in the middle of the night. A past which includes a former love. It seeps into her reality and threatens to destroy the very fabric of who she truly is. Will she rise above this melee or go down in flames?

Submitted:May 7, 2013    Reads: 63    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

"Bleach" is in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM my very own. All of the characters (sans a handful of characters) were created by Tite Kubo and Viz Media, who owns a copyright of the series. If anybody deserves all of the credit, it is indeed Tite Kubo. I am only writing this as fan of the series.

* A good portion of this story was written on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Back then, nor any of you out there, knew Aizen was going to be incarcerated and sentenced to a ridiculous amount of years in prison. I already know of this fact so please do not criticize me with facts I already have knowledge about.

Chapter 1

A cold chill slowly crept inside of Soul Society. The Shinigami are sleeping soundly. Crickets chirp as they raced discreetly across the grass. Some would pounce on the strands while others sat in place. The moon sat above the barracks of Soul Society as if the eye of a God is peering into the life of each individual. Tonight, however, it is high above the 4th Division's Captain, Retsu Unohana. The raven haired beauty is in a peaceful slumber nestled inside of a Fusuma made for a Queen . Her body lay on a soft tatami mat made of the finest rice straw available. Though the troubles of the ill and wounded are never over, she utilized this time to recharge. Suddenly, her mind flickers a very brief image of a young woman screaming in agony.

"SETOUUUUUUUUUU!! Setou...Setou.." a female voice yelled then echoes as the body of the young man falls to his knees after being stabbed in the stomach.

The scene quickly jostled Unohana out of her sleep. Her eyes are wide open as her pupils trace where the scene had come from. She laid on her back. Her face stiffened, her guard up. It takes fifteen minutes for her guard to simmer. She closed her eyes again in search of sleep.

When dawn breaks, Retsu rises with renewed energy to plow through the toils of the day. Her mood remained cheerful. Her dream was nothing more than a nuisance. If Retsu showed any sign of feeling slighted, she did not let it show. She is briefed by her Fukutaichou, Isane Kotetsu, about the patients who are waiting for assistance. One of the handful of patients happened to be one of Unohana's colleagues, 6th Division Fukutaichou, Renji Abarai. He has a deep gash wound on the right side of his abdomen in need of being examined. These objectives were only the beginning of a hectic schedule. Retsu takes matters in stride, making sure all of her patients receive the utmost of care. She commands 7th Seat Hanatarou Yamada to take care of Renji's flesh wound. The origin of his gash was from a fierce spar with his superior, Byakuya Kuchiki. Kuchiki wanted to measure Renji's strength for vague reasons left to be understood. Without hesitation, Yamada immediately goes into action. He placed his right palm over the injury. A green aura engulfs the area in need of the most attention. Yamada's spiritual energy heals the gash in a matter of three to four minutes. He quickly wrapped a gauze around the wound.

"There. That should take care of that flesh wound of yours Abarai-Sama. I advise that you please be careful of your in--"

"I have work to do. I can't sit here to look at the sky all day. " Abarai barked as his left hand pushes Yamada aside.

When he is en route of exiting, Yamada tries one more time to reign Renji in.

"But -- But" the 7th seat stammered.

"No Buts, kid." Renji barked as he brushed past him.

He exits the 4th Division barracks without giving Hanatarou a chance to warn him. He thought he shouldn't submit his newly healed abdomen to strenuous activity. He felt he needed the time to rest so his injury could heal properly. Retsu watched the scene unfold entirely. Hanatarou felt spurned; frustrated. He didn't like the nonchalant attitudes the Shinigami gave him after helping them get back on their feet.

"Why does this always have to happen to me?! I'm so sick of this!"

"You shouldn't be sick of anything, Yamada-San. You're doing an exceptional job." Retsu said.

Her slender right hand perched on his shoulder. This startled the 7th Seat a bit but hearing her adulation made his worry dissolve.

"Tha-Thank You, Unohana-Sama!" Hanatarou said in gratitude while gesturing a solid bow to her.

Retsu walked away from her subordinate but not without giving him sound advice.

"HOWEVER, you should not expect any praise from anyone. Healing is a thankless job. Please heed to this."

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Unohana-Sama! My deepest apologies!" Yamada replied as he gestured another solid bow to her.

He exits the scene with a boost of confidence and a smile on his face. The young 7th Seat was ready to overcome every obstacle coming his way. Though his acute shyness will never dissolve, his determination remained intact.


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