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Cannonball! Stargate Atlantis

Short story By: MajorShipper
Fan fiction

John, Teyla, Rodney, and Elizabeth go swiming on a special occasion.
John/Teyla Rodney/Elizabeth pairings

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"Hey Teyla, I'll be in the water" John declared as he dived in. Teyla started to say something then realized he couldn't hear her under water.
Teyla sighed, she had allowed them to talk her into coming here, someplace called 'Texas' on Earth. They had gotten into a beach side hotel with a pool. She had asked why it had a pool if the ocean was just a small distance away and Elizabeth had explained that their was a difference with the water and swimming in a pool was more fun than swimming in the ocean. At that, John had broken in and said the opposite thing.
She shook her head at the memories, then looked over to her right and saw Elizabeth sun tanning and next to her, Rodney was struggling to put sunscreen on by himself. At that she giggled and turned back to the pool where John was swimming 'laps', as he had called it.
She looked back at the Mckays and saw that Rodney had submitted to having Elizabeth put it on the sunscreen on for him. She grinned so large that she thought her face would explode, then looked back at the pool where John had stopped swimming and was standing in the shallow end.
As soon as she caught his gaze, he waved her over and shouted, "Teyla, come on in the waters great!"
She sighed and said, "Very well, I will get in soon." That was good enough for him and he went back to swimming.
Elizabeth leaned over and said, "I thought you weren't getting in?"
Teyla grinned and said, "I said I would not get in the small pool with the hot water." She thought back to then, she had stuck her foot in, only to pull it out immediately.
"Well, if its any comfort, I won't be getting in the hot tub either." Elizabeth said with a laugh. Teyla laughed along with her, she hadn't seen her laugh in a long time.
Still laughing, Teyla stood and pulled off her swimsuit cover to reveal a deep, sea green bikini.
John and Elizabeth had insisted that she go shopping and that she buy this swimsuit.
She walked over to the swimming pool, ignoring the looks she was getting from some of the people, and sat on the edge of the pool.
John swam over and said, "Come on in."
She shook her head and said, "Give me a moment." He looked at her for a moment, then without a word, he grabbed her foot and yanked her into the water.
She came up and sputtered, "Why, why; what was that for?"
He just grinned at her and said, "Well, Mrs. Sheppard, have you lost your sense of humor?"
"You, you-" she broke off. He just looked at her for a moment then, out of the blue, she sent a huge wave of water his way.
"All right, MOVE!" Rodney exclaimed as he stood next to pool preparing to jump in. John and Teyla hurriedly moved out of the way as he did a belly flop in the water.
"Rodney, you got me wet!" Elizabeth said, "I didn't plan to get wet!"
"Sorry, I had to break up the warring newly weds." Rodney declared.
"We are not newly weds!" John exclaimed "We got married months ago!"
"But this is your honey moon!' Rodney shot back.
"It's yours too!" John said.
"Boys, boys, don't make me get in there!" Elizabeth shouted over their arguing.
At that the fighting boys stopped talking and started splashing each other. Elizabeth looked at Teyla and winked at her, then jumped in with a splash. That made it a one for all fight.
Teyla grinned, she had a good life. She had a husband, John. She had good friends, the Mckays, even Rodney. But last of all, she was going to have a baby, she thought as she rubbed her very small bump. Ah yes, she had a good life.
The End


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