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deidara is facing a dragon wanting to kill him for revenge. will it win or will a friend of the dragon stop it?

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The bright yellow and red dragon triple the size of a human had pinned deidara down to the ground and sneered showing its blood stained teeth when it heard the breath get knocked out of deidara. The dragon stared at its prey with its yellow cat like eyes that where so full of hate it looked as if deidara was starring into hell. caught in its knife sharp claws that where digging into deidara skin making him want to scream in pain and agony the dragon leaned close to his ear and whispered in a half growl "there is no use fighting I cant be beaten in my own territory." the dragon pulled its head back and roared into the dark night sky. The once peaceful meadow now was coated in craters from him and the dragon bombing and beating each other down into the grass. Blood stained most of the grass that was not dead form the battle turning the dark green blades of grass to look as black as the night sky. The dragon looked back down at its prey and deidara knew this would be the end if he could not fight the beast that was out to kill him. Deidara was coated in his own blood due to the deep scratches on his body that where slowly beginning to swell from the dirt that was pushed into them whenever the great dragon punched him to the ground and with out the clay that was used to make his bombs due to the dragon taking it and feeding it to a huge mutant earth worm that it had summoned. The great dragon looked back at its pore victim stuck in its sharp claws trying to think of a way to get away and laughed at the fact that he could not get away from his death that easy. The dragon stopped laughing and said "there is no one here to help you now." the dragon lifted it's head and opened it's jaws ready to sink its teeth into his neck and kill him. "what's going on here?" a figure came out of the darkness and appeared to look at the dragon yet deidara could not see the figure due to the blackness of night. The dragon stopped and turned it's head and looked at the figure that it could see due to its night vision eyes and spoke to the figure that had gotten its attention "I am sorry you have to see me in dragon state but I needed to fight." the figure came closer yet deidara could still not see. "so it's you." the dragon nodded its head and all signs of hell seemed to disappear from it's eyes as the figure said "there is no need to beat on him any longer … I am here to ease the pain." the dragon let go of deidara and walked a few steps to the figure and changed. the dragon started to change into a girl with long hair and the girl ran to the figure and hugged them while deidara found a tiny piece of clay and decided to end the fight for good. The girl looked back and saw the bird coming and pushed the other figure out of the way as she disappeared in a cloud of fire and smoke. Deidara then saw the figure that the dragon girl had saved from the blast was gaara who was clearly not happy with him for attacking. With the light gone he saw gaara rush to the girl and then stare at him for a moment and before he knew it deidara was surrounded by sand and crushed by gaara's sand coffin. Gaara held his fallen friend in his arms hoping the blast had not hurt her to badly until he hear her say "sorry I was stunned for a second cause of that idiot." gaara set her down and she sat up and tried to look at herself but couldn't. she made a ball of fire with her left hand and saw that she was coated in blood so she healed with her right hand until she was not a bloody mess then smiled and said "never thought you would find me in dreams until you just did and in the worst spot possible due to that idiot." both laughed and gaara helped her on her feet. "come on gaara lets get out of here before a wolf or something like that comes and tries to kill us." both laugh and head off into the darkness of the dream.


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