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Our first kiss in the medow

Short story By: moonbeamergirl
Fan fiction

I was dying to read the part of Edward's and Bella's first kiss in Midnight Sun. Now it's not happening, so I did it myself. Please read and tell me what you think!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own Twilight. You'd know if I did, 'cause Jacob would've died a slow and painful death a long time ago. But he didn't, cause he belongs to Stephenie Meyer. And if I did own Edward, you people would never know about him—I'd keep him all to myself...for the rest of eternity... --gets lost in daydream--

Submitted:Mar 10, 2009    Reads: 3,805    Comments: 44    Likes: 18   

Edward POV

"And I was thinking there was something I wanted to try." I said. I took a deep breath, both to calm my nerves, and to stop her intoxicating scent from overpowering my instincts.

Why was I nervous? Was it because this could be the last moment we shared together? Or were my nerves over what I was about to do? That I was actually going to kiss the girl I had been waiting a century for?

I took her face, beautiful, flushed and warm, into my hands. Bella stopped breathing. Her eyes were wide with excitement, or perhaps fear. Her heart beat loudly. I could feel her pulse vibrating in my hands as I cradled her neck. She seemed all the more vulnerable and fragile now as I held her, leaning in close. I closed my eyes and finally pressed my lips to hers.

If my heart could beat at all, it would be racing even faster than hers. I never knew joy like this could exist. I felt like I was in heaven; just heaven. There was no hellfire in my throat. My thoughts concerned only Bella. Not her scent, not her blood. Just her. The girl I loved.

Bella responded to my kiss with one of even more passion. Her lips moved courageously against mine, tempting me to wrap my arms against her and hold her to me forever. Allowing myself to give in to her, I opened my lips slightly against hers, and took a breath.

I had thought the scent coming off her neck was tantalizing. It was nothing compared to what had ignited in me when her sweet scent was even closer, when I could taste her so strongly in my mouth. I cut my breath off quickly, and closed my lips, refusing to allow myself to be tempted to kill her.

Perhaps I wasn't as strong as I thought.

Bella, of course, noticed that I had frozen, and broke away from me. The longing to hae her return, to embrace her like that again overpowered any burn I had felt when she had been so close only moments before. Had I misread my feelings? Of course, her blood taunted me constantly, and ignited my thirst beyond anything I had felt in my entire existence, but my thirst was the last thing on my mind when she was kissing me. I had wanted nothing more than to kiss her longer. To move my lips down to her throat. To stroke her hair and face, and never let her go.

My passion for her outweighed everything.

So I would have to be careful. I would have to control myself, and be able to let go,e ven though every fiber of my being told me to never let go.

"Oops," Bella said, breaking my concentration.

I quickly pulled my face into the calm mask I often wore. She would no doubt see the passion and excitement that shone so vividly through my eyes.

"That's an understatement." I retorted.


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