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Short story By: Nehal khan
Fan fiction

A heart touching story of the bond of mother and her son.

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Those were the days when hope was scarce. It was really hard to replant the flower of prestige and let it grow and see it withered due to the scorching heat. but my life was lost somewhere near the horizon of darkness and all those seeds I bow were now turned into the withered flowers. I was in the bed for as long as I could remember. When I gained my conscious If felt like I dozed off for an hour or so but my entire body was aching with severe pain as If my body was pressed so hard by some giant bulldozers. I was covered with a green fluffy blanket, the mattress I laid on was hard but soothing to the back of my body I saw the time on the clock that was hung straight up to the front wall to my bed, The clock struck 8 but I couldn't examine If it was 8 am in the morning or 8 pm in the evening for I couldn't see any windows in the room except for a small wooden door existed which was shut closed and an old flower designed curtain covering them hideously. The room was a little colder with a scented air giving pleasures breezes to my face. The scent reminded me of something familiar like someone close to me has been wearing the same scent. I didn't know how I came here, who brought me here? Even it was hard to recall my identity. A chain of thoughts started intriguing me. I examined the room as attentively as I could suddenly a shadow behind the curtains on the wooden door caught my attention and somebody entered the room abruptly ripping off the chain of thought that I was battling from. The man looked more like 50 years old with a wrinkled face but a cozy smile. His glasses were fixed above his forehead yet his eyes were glassy and clouded with emotions. His hands were occupied with a register and a pen and He wore a white gown that is usually worn by surgeon or doctors. He stood right next to me, held my right arm and injected a syringe in the muscle.
"Hello, Roy." He said delightfully.
I nodded and asked,"Who brought me here and why I'm here?"
He shrugged ,"You will know it as soon as you are fine."
I gazed him scornfully with a rage of anger and mischief in my eyes. "But I want to get out of here right now and you can't trap someone like this", I protested.
"Relax Roy, We have not trapped you nor we trap anyone on here. It's a hospital and you are here for your treatment and once you are fine you'll be discharged" He said, with a soft tone.
"But who brought me here and what happened to me?", I said.
"You just relax nerves , tension is not good for your health, you will know everything once you are fine". Said he with a rough but convincing tone.
Before I could ask another question he hurried out of the room saying He had some other patients too for a daily check up. I saw him leave with a look of hopelessness. Another cloud of confusion rained over my mind leaving me flooded with panic. My mind started draining as If I was riding in the middle of the sea and a heavy storm hit my boat. My mind was half asleep now and slowly I was driven by the sleep. I could not remember what happened next but The following morning a sound nearby my bed woke me up. I opened up my eyes and saw a nurse standing next to me.
"Hello Sir, Good morning." , she said with an appealing smile.
"Good morning." I answered.
"This is your breakfast, Doctors strictly advised me to be there until you are done with this breakfast" She said, handing over a tray .
It was a plastic tray with different designs marked on it, it reminded me of different but not clear pictures. The tray contained a bowl of hot chicken soup and some crispy but salted potato chips and some tablets with a glass of water on the right corner of the tray.
I started with my breakfast in a meanwhile i gazed at the nurse and asked her how I came here and who brought me here? She stared at me with a sigh and said,"You are here for last 8 days, laying on the bed unconscious, some cops came in here and admitted you in the hospital. They found you laying unconsious on the sea shore", She said sadly.
"Me on the sea.shore?" I smirked scornfully.
"Yeah! they also found a dead body It was probably a lady, laying 5 meters distanced from you. She was wearing an Italian hat."
"Italian Hat??", I protested
All the memory revolved around my mind. The mystery wrapped up in an enigma was now revealing like a peeled fruit with its surface ripped off from. The vision started becoming clearer and more focused. The scent of familiarity was now showing me the picture of a lady.The events looked more ominous and my mind started filming down the scene of that day when I was with my mother Christine on a small boat. It was a lovely morning in New jersey and I decided to come along with my momma. I accompanied her after such a long time probably Six year since I left New Jersey for Oxford university. I graduated in Business studies to make my mom proud. Ever Since I lost my dad I always promised my mom to be the best child and will support her and make her proud. I loved her so much because she supported me and wanted to see me happy. She struggled a lot just to raise me and fulfill my desire, She sacrificed her comforts, Her joy and exuberance and put it all in my fate. I came back from England to meet my momma, She was so happy to see me become a gentleman. She planned a lot of things for me. she even showed me several girls who she wanted me to get married with. I spent the entire week with her and enjoyed every single second I spent with her.It was a lovely evening and it rained, As far as I remember it was the first rain of summer in New Jersey. weather was quite ecstatic and mind boggling I decided to go along with my mom on the sea shore. I pushed forward the boat and scratched it through the sand dunes on the shore and finally and dugged it in the water after a struggle of setting my boat off for sail I carried my mom up and helped her get into the ship. She sat next to me and felt like a queen siting in her respectful throne. I pushed out a plastic bad, dugged my hand inside it and got hold of an Italian Hat, I bought for my mother. I gave her the hat and asked her to wear it. She looked more like a princess in that hat. I started the engine and rode my boat towards north. There were many people surfing over the sea. I could see birds flying around the horizon. The sound of waves was pleasant, I saw happiness on my Mom's face. She was delighted sitting next to me, enjoying the weather.
"Don't go to further Roy, waves are at their pace getting high and weather in New Jersey is unpredictable so be careful." She said alerting me
"No Mom, nothing is gonna stop us enjoy the ride, I'm with my Momma no force can stop me." I said confidently
There waves were growing and I could feel the water slapping against my boat but yet I ignored it and rushed forward.
"Look Roy, I'm worried We shall get back to the shore. You can see the waves rising." She said raising her voice in a confused tone. I could see the terror in her eyes.
"Okay Mom, I'm going back to the shore", I said
I started turning my boat but the waves were too high, almost shaking our boat like an Earth quake. I held my Mom's hand tightly. Fear started hypnotizing my mind and tried as hard as I could to turn the boat But the water made it almost impossible. Our boat started spinning like a whirlpool. My mother cried and grabbed my hand tightly. I was surrounded by the constant jerks. I felt my hand parting away from my mom's I could feel the water filling the boat. I struggled hard to grab my Mom but my muscles ached and suddenly a darkness envisioned me and I felt a Thud in my head. I didn't know what happened after but I woke up laying on the bed in the hospital.
I shouted and screamed on top of my voice and sobbed. Tears flooded down my eyes. I threw away the tray from my hand and cried and shouted. The nurse standing next to me shouted,"Doctors, Doctors! come fast." A group of doctors came and injected me and I fell quickly asleep.
I woke up. after hours of uncomfortable sleep. I peeked next to me. There was a doctor standing with a register I asked him to let me go for a couple of hours to see my mom's grave. He allowed me and sent a nurse along with me who instructed me to follow her. I followed her and she finally stopped nearby a Grave yard and nodded a sign showing me my mother's grave I sat there and cried until my eyes ached. and promised her "I'll be what you wanted me to be and I'll make you proud mom", I wiped my tear streaked face and went back to the Hospital.


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