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Rita's Lost Blastia

Short story By: Nikowolf
Fan fiction

A short Fan Story of mine that I wrote a few months back.

Submitted:May 20, 2011    Reads: 100    Comments: 13    Likes: 4   

Chapter I

As the group travels back to the Inn in Halure after a long day of hunting for Blastia Estelle smiles and looks at Yuri as Yuri continues his conversation with Karol, while Rita ponders in her thoughts. They finally arrived heading off to their rooms as they say night to each other, then Rita and Estelle drop onto the beds in their room.

"Today was fun. I must admit searching for Blastia in ruins are interesting." said Estelle smiling to Rita.

"Yes, it was quite interesting. I've never seen it so quiet though. Something doesn't feel right about all of this." Rita replied to Estelle then looked down and closed her eyes to think to herself. Fifteen minutes later Rita turns to Estelle and sighs to herself.

Only fifteen minutes passed and you are already out like a light. Guess you overdid yourself again Estelle. Well at least I can get out of here easily now.

Rita gets up and walks through the door then heads downstairs out of the Inn only to stopped in her steps by Yuri. He stares at her as if he knew she was coming. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

"I couldn't sleep." Rita looked away with a grin on her face as Yuri backs up some leaning on the railing by the stairs. "So you were just going for a night out."

"What does it matter to you what I do. I'm not a kid you know." Yuri sighes and crosses his arms.

"Yes I know, but just for the hell of it I'm going to takewild guess that you lost something." Rita shifted her eyes towards Yuri and smirked at him. "Congratulations captain know it all, you've figured it out. I lost something, something that doesn't involve you. Now if you'd be so kind and get the hell out of my way, I'll be going."

Yuri sighed again and walked pass Rita into the Inn stopping for a second. "Don't do anything stupid or die now or else Estelle will worry." Rita smiled shortly as Yuri walked back upstairs to his room, "like I don't know that already." Rita continued her way downstairs and then out of Halure to the field.

Luckily the ruins weren't that far from Halure. As Rita made her way to the entrance, she notices the Blastia next to a crumbled statue. "Of all places for it to be at...This isn't like me to forget a Blastia. I wonder if it's because of them, that I'm losing focus on what's important to me. Well any who, back to the Inn I guess."

"Aw, leaving so soon? Wouldn't you rather stay and play with me?" Rita turned around and saw nothing. She stood her ground and had her hand near her chain mail, "whose their? Show your face." Nothing spoke, and it was quiet again. Rita still stood her stance checking around her more, "look behind you girl."

"What!" Rita turned around but saw nothing again. She looked all around her but didn't see anyone in sight. "I must say you're very slow at seeing things when their right in front of you." Rita turned around and looked at what she thought was some Bandit...but it wasn't. It was something worse.

Chapter II

"You have the Blastia I see. It would seem my mind trap worked like a charm." Rita backs up a few steps putting the Blastia in her bag and taking out her Chain Mail. "What mind trap? What are you talking about?" The monster laughs and walks out of the shadows with eyes glowing red and four arms clenching.

"It's no surprise you don't remember anything. After all you're the one who just put the Blastia their before leaving the cave."

"I would never leave a Blastia behind purposely."

"Oh so you think. It's no matter now because you won't ever be leaving here again." Rita swings around her chainmail preparing to attack the monster. "You shouldn't underestimate me you know, oh flickering blaze burn Fire Ball!" The monster laughs and casts a barrier reflecting all of the Fire balls casted by Rita back at her. She quickly jumps out of the way of them placing her hands down to catch her self, "What!?"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, I think it was you who may have underestimated me. Your pathetic Artes can't kill me. Theirs no escape here now. You are mine to enjoy."

"Mm again, oh flickering blaze burn Fire Ball!" The monster casts its barrier again reflecting Rita's Arte back at her as she jumps out of the way to dodge them again. "Damn it, looks like I'll have to use a different arte then."

"Don't you get it yet? None of your Magical Artes will work on me."

"Then how about sword Artes?" The monster turns around growling. "What now? Who said that?"

That voice…

The monster stands looking blankly into the shadows while Rita glances at the monsters back showing a cross mark on its back. There! That must be its weak point, "oh flickering blaze burn, Fire Ball!" As the fire balls shoot towards the monster, it lands directly on the cross shaped mark on its back. "Rawhhh, why you insolent girl. I'll kill you for doing that!"

She points toward the monster. "So you do have a weak spot. I must hand it to you; you're pretty strong but not to smart. You were so easily distracted I was able to find your weak spot right on your back!"

"I'll kill you wretched human! No one ever attacks me like that and lives!"

Rita runs toward the monster and uses her Chain Whip smacking him directly in his eye as he yells again. She then maneuvers around him and starts to focus on her Arte but as she does the monster swings his two arms toward her knocking her off her feet and against the wall leaving a crack in it with some rock pieces falling.

"Enh, damn you making me lose my focus."

"You won't get a second attack on me. You were lucky before but now you're all mine. It's been far too long since I've had a good meal. I;m going to eat you slowly and make you suffer more pain then anyone has ever experienced with me!" As the monster leans down toward Rita drooling some he opens his mouth showing his sharp teeth stained with blood.

Enh, why can't I move…Is it really over for me…

"Azure Edge!" The monster leans back growling as Rita is picked up and moved to a safe spot, "hey, you alright?"

Chapter III

Rita looks up opening her eyes only to see Yuri holding her. "Not dying on me now are you?" Rita continues to stare at him then looks away. "No, but can you put me down now?"

"Sure, but can you walk?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. He must of using a mental paralysis on me. Now put me down will ya!" Yuri lowers Rita down as she dusts herself off some fixing her clothes.

"So, why are you here?" asked Rita as she stared at the monster some. "I was curious about something you did earlier, so I followed you. This wouldn't happen to be what you're looking for is it?" Yuri pulls out a Blastia as it shines bright. "Yeah, that's exactly what I left here! Why do you have it though?"

"You told me to hold onto it, remember?"

Rita looks down with her hand on her face some thinking, "I did? I don't even recall doing that though." Yuri looks over at the monster as it thumps the ground with its giant foot shaking the ground a little.

"My guess is this monster here screwed with your mind and eyes making you think and see what wasn't even real or even happening in the first place." Yuri stands in front of Rita and faces towards the monster. "If we work together we can kill it. I'll try to distract it some and you aim your Artes toward its back."

Rita grabs her chain whip and stands next to Yuri as they stand readying themselves. "Alright let's finish this so I can go sleep."

"You didn't even have to come here in the first place. You could be sleeping."

"Let's go!" As Yuri dashes towards the monster and attacks him Rita runs around try to get a good position to attack the monster in its back. "You insolent fool; none of you will escape here alive!" Yuri attacks it again as Rita continues to run around it. "For someone so big, you sure are weak."

"What did you say?!" The monster swings his two arms towards Yuri as he jumps back dodging them swinging his body around some from the force. There, now's my chance to get him again. Rita runs back a little from the monster and stops to position herself towards the monster preparing to cast her arte. "Do it Rita!"

"Oh flickering blaze burn fire ball!" As the fireballs shoot towards the monsters back it hits directly on his weak spot and sets him on fire as well. "Rawwwwh it burns! You stupid girl! I will not die because of some pathetic Humans!"

Rita smirks and prepares to cast again, "oh flickering blaze burn fire ball!" Rita shoots out more fireballs toward the monster hitting him directly on his face knocking him over the side of the cliff. "No, no, noooooo!" Rita falls over some as Yuri walks towards her and puts his hand out. "Need a lift?" Rita looks up at Yuri and then turns away. "I guess" She puts her hand on Yuri's and stands up. "Here, this is yours"

Yuri takes out the Blastia and gives it to Rita. "Oh, thanks. I just wish I knew what I really did." She puts it away in her bag and starts to walk out with Yuri. "I'm sure you'll remember in time. For now let's just get back to the Inn and rest."

Rita looks down some and smiles a little to herself. "You know Rita, if you told me what you were doing. We'd be asleep in the Inn right now and you'd have your Blastia." Rita smirks at Yuri and looks away. "Well I may have still gone anyways because I wouldn't have remembered giving you it."

"I guess you're right." Yuri sighs a bit then continues walking with Rita towards then Inn back in Halure and as they arrive they both go to their rooms and head to sleep till the next day of more adventures and travels.


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