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No Thank You (Tokio Hotel Fan Fic) Chanpter one!

Short story By: Parks
Fan fiction

Well, i have been debating wrather or not to post this short story fan fic on here...seing as how its is a little on the crazzzy side and probably wouldn't EVER happen! But hey, a girl can dream cant she? You will learn about the characters all through this short serie, so have fun, and if you absolutly love it then tell me how you feel about it!I loveeee to read reviews! This is sort of old so forgive me if its a little bit crazzy :)

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I awoke to my friends Carrie and Yasmine screaming I my ear for me to wake up! I just closed my eyes and mumbled sleepily "I don't wanna get up!' Then all of a sudden my covers are pulled off of me. Then feeling very cold, I absentmindedly reach for my non-existent covers. Opening my eyes I realized that I didn't have them anymore. I looked up and saw Carrie with one hand cocked on her waist and my covers in her other hand. "Carrie!" I pleaded "please, please gimmie my covers back!!" she gave me a look, and said "no, you need to get up your sleeping your life away. And it's 5 in the AFTORNOON!!"
I looked at her then I turned my head to my bed side table. Witch unfortunately held my clock that always ends up being replaced because I smash it. And I was starting to wonder why I hadn't smashed this one yet. Well it did indeed show in a blinking neon blue light 5:00 p.m. I turned back to Carrie and asked "what's so bad about sleeping till 5?" She went all steely eyed on me and I knew that was the wrong thing to ask her. Carrie opened her mouth and said "what's wrong is that we have a lot planned for today and you have missed out on a lot of things!, so get up and go take a shower. Then come down stairs so we can all talk about what we will be doing tonight." I looked at her with a face that clearly said 'what? What are we doing tonight? 'I opened my mouth to speak, but before could even ask a question Carrie beat me to it. "Go take a shower NOW!!" I rolled my eyes at her, but go up any way. "Fine I'm up. Happy?" Carrie and Yasmine said at the same time "YES!!" I went into the bathroom and turned on my portable radio * witch I always kept in there* and turned on my favorite song by Tokio Hotel "Automatic" And when bill got to my favorite part of the song and I sang/screamed along with him "THERE IS NO REALLL LOVE IN YOUU!" I heard Carrie and Yasmine laugh at my antics.
After my 30 minute shower routine was completed, I got out and dried myself off and blow dried my hair. I put on my "good" jeans and my "good" shirt and a vest, and put on my high top converses. I put my semi long hair in a pony tail and started doing my makeup. After I finished doing that I took my hair out of the pony tail and started to flat ironing it. *this process usually takes well over 45 minutes* I used flat iron spray and hair spray so it would say in place. I went into my room and looked at the broken mirror that was hanging o the wall and said to myself 'well this is as good as it gets!' I walked down the stairs, and found Carrie and Yasmine sitting in the living room I look at them and say" Happy now?" Carrie scowled and Yasmine looked at me with amusement in her eyes. I knew what Carrie was going to say before she even spoke, so I prepared myself for the battle that was yet to come. After a few moments of pure silence Carrie spoke, "Have you looked at the calendar lately? " To tell the truth I had not, I had no idea what day it was. I never kept track of the days anymore. But when I walked over to the calendar that hangs on our wall, I noticed that it was the 21st, my friends noticed the face I made when I turned to them.
They just laughed at my expression. Yasmine started to speak, the finally talking said "I can't believe that you forgot your own birth day, Chelsea how crazy can you get?" I looked back at the calendar then turned my back to it. I took my time walking back to my friends. I looked at Yasmine whose dreadlocks were everywhere. I opened my mouth to speak, closed it again and finally said "ok I admit it I forgot my birth-day, but you can't blame me, I have been putting extra hours in at the animal shelter! " *ok let me explain a little, I work for an animal shelter/ hospital, that is a good 300 miles away from our house and is in the nearest town. I get paid about $68,000 k year so that about $121 dollars an hour so I would get paid $605 a week that's not a lot but oh well. Carrie is a doctor she make's loads more and is the main source of income. Well she makes about $250,000 k a year*see told u * and that's way too much math for me. Yasmine make a little less than me and she works as a manga ki well she makes about $65,000 a year.
We decided to live to gather a while back to help manage the land and stuff.* Carrie looked at me like a was crazy and we all know I am so yah it doesn't really matter now does it ^. ^ . "Well Carrie you never said what we are going to do tonig-"Carrie cut me off by saying "We are going clubbing!" and this is what my face looked like "0o0" *yah I'm not sure if you know this but I may be hyper and crazy but I am not under any circumstances a CLUBBER , just thought I would let you know that* I was very startled and told Carrie " now you damn well I don't like going to clubs were people can put crap in my drink like a date rape drug or something!"Carrie gave me a stern look and said "come on Chelsea, it's time for you to change! You just turned 21! You won't be 21 forever you know! In 4 or 5 years you will be settled down with a husband and 5 or 6 kids! You won't be able to go clubbing!" I sighed and sat down on our blue and black couch. "Fine, I'll go. But I am not going to drink any alcohol; I hate the taste and the smell of the stuff." "Ok you don't have to drink anything if you don't want to" Carrie said. "And by the way we will be going to Gothic rock" our arguments were interrupted by the ear piercing scream of our doorbell.
~~~~~Bill's prove~~~~~
We had been on the road for at least 12 hours, and it was the worst 12 hours of my life! The lights and the toilet on the bus did NOT work AT ALL! And I really need to use the toilet! I think the others do to. They must be, because they keep folding and unfolding their legs. "Man this sucks! The lights go in and out and the toilet has stopped working!" said Tom, I think tom has said that a million times already >.< ! I usually don't worry when we will get to our hotel BUT this time is WAY different! I got off of the couch and went up to the driver and asked "do you know when we will be getting to the hotel?" I think I startled him because he spit out the coffee that he was drinking and slammed on the brakes, which makes me glad I had decided to sit down. He looked at me and said "oh I'm sorry Bill you startled me! " I couldn't help but laugh, and I was glad that we had stopped in the middle of nowhere! Because that would have caused a wreck and stuff! "It's ok! I was at fault." I said.
He laughed too and answered my question" well we are about 2 hours away from the hotel, why?" I sighed sadly "the toilet it broken and the light in the restroom don't work and I think everyone pretty much has to use the toilet" and now that I thought of it I should not be too happy that we are in the middle of nowhere. "Well the scanner I had installed picked up a house out here a few minutes ago. The people that live might let you guys use theirs" he said looking at me. I said ok and thank you, and went back to the guys on the way there I heard the bus start back up. "Why did the bus stop?" I had a feeling Tom would ask that question. "I startled the driver" I replied "oh" after that tom went back to listing to his iPod. I sat back down on the couch and tried to get comfy, but I quit when I noticed in the distance the shape of a very big house. And that house must be at least 3 floors high. I jumped up with excitement.
The guys just looked at me with surprise. "What's got you so jumpy?" Georg asked, "WE CAN GO TO THE RESTROOM NOW!! " I say excitedly….. I think that they would have done the happy dance of they didn't have to use the toilet so bad hahaha! We got closer and closer till we were finally in front of the house. "Wow……..that is a HUGE house!" I think it was Gustav who said that I wasn't paying that much attention to anything but the thought of asking the people living there if we could please use their toilet. The four of us get out of the bus and walk up to the house, when we ring the doorbell all we here is this loud scream! We cover our ears in shock. "Ok that was a little bit scary!" I say. The next thing I know a girl with black and brown dreadlocks opens the door. "Sorry about that, we have been meaning to change that" she says. And from some were in the house were all hear a girl shout "NO WE HAVENT!! IT'S SOPOSED TO SOUND LIKE THAT!!!" the other girl looks over her solder and say's "SHUT UP CARRIE" she looks back at us and states "Sorry about her I know it's hot out there please do come in" she say it with a smile so I can't help but smile too. "About before we were wondering if we could use you restroom, please." I asked hopefully "sure I don't see why not" YES!! I almost shouted it! "We will just have to ask the owner first, because this isn't my house I just live here" she says. We walk to a living room. It was probably were we heard the other girls shout come from. When we walk in we see 2 girls one of them is sitting on a couch.
The girl that walked us to the living room walked over to the girl sitting on the couch. I wonder at first what she was going to do. She took the girl by her shoulders and shook her really hard, "CHELSEA WAKE UP!!" the other girl who I now know as Chelsea snapped awake," Wait. What happened?" she asked, the other girl growled "You went to sleep!!" she turned to the girl that was most likely Carrie and said "you were supposed to keep her awake you know" I wonder when we will get to use the toilet .NIEN!! I told YOU to let me sleep!!" come on come on come on come on COME ON ALLREADY!! "Well any way it doesn't matter now! These guys want to know if they can us our rest rooms!" FINALLY!! I shout in my head. "Yah, yah, yah I don't care" Chelsea states, Oh I could so kiss her…. Yah I would probably kiss her…. The girl named Chelsea turns to us and says "There are a set of restrooms on this floor and the next. You can take the elevators up to the second floor and push the B buttons and it will take you directly to the restroom. There are 2 of them so yah go for it". We all say thank you to her and go to the elevators.


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