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Tokio Hotel (Bill Kaulitz) Ch.1

Short story By: Parks
Fan fiction

A story for Bill Kaulitz :)

A girl named Nami hates the band known as Tokio Hotel, how will she cope with her best frien taking her to their concert and meet N' great. Also how will she deal with seeing a group of girls she hates and who allways bullied her as a chiled?

read to find out :)

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~~'Ok back ground info'~~
My name is Nami, the first thing you're probably thinking is, this chick from Japan… no I am not from Japan I come from the boring U.S.A. Not mentioning that is probably the most boring place that you can ever step foot in….
I live in Germany, my family relocated here for my father's job when I was elf Jahre alt (elf Jahre alt in German means eleven years old ) in my house hold I am a black sheep, I don't do that things that my family does don't ask me why I just do. It the same at school, since people hate quote on quote *Goth people* I am a nuisance at school….I would rather take online classes rather than the regular ones... blahhh... I only have one friend and her name is Abbey. She has platinum blond hair in a pixie style hair cut, but really long on the sides. She is a major fan of the band called Tokio Hotel. I really hate them I can list two major reasons why too. 1- The whole school frigging talks about them main reason WHY I hate them so much 2- the lead singer looks like a girl, I'm putting that as nicely as I can.
~~'story start'~~
Its Monday the day I hate, I woke up to my alarm blasting Black Veil Brides' Knives and Pens. Groaning loudly I turned it off, I brushed the dark blue sheets off of me and walked across the hard wood floor to the marble tiled bathroom floor. Looking in the mirror at my hair I noticed it was sticking up everywhere god I love my hair …but right now not so much… I turned away from the mirror and went to my bathtub. I turned on the tap and waited for it to get hot and when it did I turned on the shower part and stepped in. this feels SO GOOD!! , I washed my hair and did the daily routine. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. I grabbed another towel and wrapped it around myself. I got dressed in a black tang top, red and black hoody with *Black Veil Brides* written in bold black letters, I pulled on a dark gray shinnies and red and black converses. I walked back to the bathroom and heated up my flat iron… after it got hot enough I started to straighten it. (Nami's hair is different shades of purple, black, blue, green, and gray…and when it's not straight it's really really REALLY curly)
I unplugged the flat iron and put it in the cupboard, walking out the bathroom door I grab my BVB messenger bag (it's really just a regular bag… but she put BVB on it with fabric paint) off the floor. Making sure that I had everything that I would need for school in my bag, I walked through the house until I came to the front door. After walking through it I locked it back.
~~time skip~~
Walking through the cord yard of my crappy school I meet up with Abby, she has her hair like she usually does. And she looked extra hyper… if there is a god please oh I beg you on my knees spare me! Abby ran over to me screaming….
"NAMI!!!!" she screamed oh god please, why must you abuse me!!
"Yes, Abby?" I asked tiredly
"YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT!!!" she said jumping up and down
"what won't I ever believe?"I questioned …..I can already tell that this is going to be a really long day -.-
She took a really deep breath before screaming "TOKIO HOTEL IS HAVING A CONSERT HERE IN OUT TOWN TONIGHT!!!!!"
I looked at her like she was from mars sometimes i swear that she is from mars…..
I sighed knowing what she was going to ask me and be for she could ask me THAT question I said "no"
Her mouth gaped and she stuttered "Yo…Yo...you don't even know what I was going to ask you!!" in a whining voice.
"Yes I do and YOU know why I said no"
"NO I DON'T!!"
"Yes you do"
"No I don't"
We could go on like this for hours.
"Ok at least let me ask you be for you jump the gun!"
I sighed "fine ask your question" I was only doing that to keep her from whining…..
"YAY!!" she shouted smiling, "Will you go with me to the concert?...I really don't wanna go alone…and beside you don't like me going to unknown places alone"
She had me there……hmmm I could go and have the chance to make them all mad and not want to come back to this town…. No Abby would hate me forever……oh god what do I do TT^TT I guess I will have to go to this stupid thing.
I sighed again and said "fine I will go, BUT only because I don't want someone to take advantage of you like that disgusting tom"
She smiled and frowned at the same time" he's not disgusting, he's...he's sweet".
Oh how little she knows…." He use's woman for sex he uses them and throws them away like they were garbage…I won't allow that to happen to you."
Abby sighed and said "you promise not to do anything bad?" I just had to smile "and lose the only friend I have in this god forsaken world ...hell no!"
Since we were about one hundred feet from the school's front steps and I know I just heard the bell ring…
"Umm Abby I think we need to go to school now before we get suspended for being late ...again ...."
"What, I didn't even hear the bell ring!"
"Honey you were screaming… that's why I didn't hear it until now…" I stated
In the distance I heard the tardy bell go off, I cursed mentally…
Apparently Abby heard it too because she grabbed hold of my arm and started to drag me to the school. "WAIT!!" I shouted, I finally caught my feet and started running alongside her.
We rushed across the grass and through the doors and slid to a stop at our lockers to get out our books for math. Slamming the locker doors shut we raced off to math, (my worst subject in school in 5 years this is the first time I have made a B in math) we entered just as the second bell rang. Our teacher Mr. Kenneth looked at us with a smile and said wistfully "glad you ladies could make it to class almost on time, no take you sets" the rest of the class smirked and laughed.
Mr. Kenneth turned around to the bored and started writing problems out.
He turned back around and said "five extra credit points to the person that can answer this question correctly" the problem read "12*14/3=jsonp1267294947359 204-12=jsonp1267294947359/ 2=jsonp1267294947359
The class groaned...wow that is so easy and I'm bad at math…. I worked the problem out in my head and raised my hand when I got the answer.
I took a deep breath and said "124?" Mr. Kenneth smiled and said "yes that is the correct answer." The class started to whisper and Abby gave me the peace sign. Mr. Kenneth gave the class a look and they shut up.
~~~ Fast forwarded to Nami's house~~~
I was pacing I bet you want to know the reasons why huh?
Well I can list them: 1.Ally's late, .She was supposed to be here at 3:15, I really don't wanna go to this thing….yah you can call me a worry wart I don't care.
At about 3:55 Abby FINALLY got here "what took you so long?" I asked angrily
She flinched "sorry I had to go to the store to get the last part of your outfit" I sighed and said" I am sorry I just thought something might have happened to you…" "Aww that so cute you really do care about me!!" I gave her the duh face.
I looked down and noticed she had like 5 bags and my eyes widened to the size of 2 whole dollar coins. And I stuttered" tho…thos...those aren't for me are they?"
Abby smiled lightly "No, only some" she replied, she took the bags over to my bed and dumped them out, and these were the item that those god forsaken bags held.
(This is Nami's outfit)
Dark blue long sleeved top with a white spaghetti strapped tang top
Black skinny jeans
Black, white and dark blue converses, a black, white and dark blue tutu.( you know those things at hot topic that are multicolored like pink, purple, blue, green.etc).
A white hat with black and dark blue pin stripes (you know the kind of hat that painter n the old days wore?) and a blue, white and black studded choker with the words "dead inside" handing down in the shape of bones. And lots of black, white and blue bracelets on one wrist and a fingerless fishnet glove on the other.
(Abby's outfit)
Bright blue fish net with a black spaghetti strap tang top over top
White skinny jeans
White, bright blue, and black converses, a black, white and bright blue tutu, a black studded choker with the initials "b.k., t.k.,g.s.,g.l.," ( you should know what those initials mean) lots of blue, white, and black bracelets on one hand and lots of rings on the other. Along with a set of black cat ears with white and blue skin (You know the skin that is usually really light pink or white depending on the cat's coloring)
I paused and looked up from my bed.
"You bought all of this stuff?" I asked
"Yes I did, do you like it?"
"Like it? I love it!!" I yelled hyperly oh no some of Abby's hyperness has rubbed off and me!! TT^TT
~~fast forwarded to the concert grounds~~
"OH YAH!! I all most forgot!!" Abby shrieked
"What? Did you lose something?" I asked
"No silly!! I also bought back stage passes!!"
Oh see now I feel dumb…… I looked around at the other people who had gathered around the double doors that led to the back of the building where this stupid band was holding this stupid concert. Some of the guys were checking us out, sneering and holding their cocks as if they were getting hard… they even think about hitting on us they will find a steel pole shoved up their ass's. Some of the girls were glaring at us ...probably because their boyfriends were staring at us. Then I noticed a bunch of girls that go to our school…SHIT!!... I poked Abby to get her attention since she was busy looking for those guys that she dragged me here to see. I poked her again and she finally turned around.
"Nami!!! I see them I see them I see them!!" she yelled happily, pointing in the direction she spoke of...they were about 20 yards away….how the hell she can see that far away is beyond me.
I started to think about those girls again and how much they hated me and would do anything to make me mad and or hurt Abby knowing she is my only friend. Next thing I know they are walking over to us smirking, the leader who I all to well as Barbie ( yes this bitch's name is Barbie horrid I know)from past encounters come up to me and says " well, well, well what do we have here girl's, little miss emo girl, mommy and daddy finally kill them self's so you could leave the house?" in a snotty tone, I growled a warning signaling for her to back the fuck off, but does she take a hind NOO of course not. She continues and looks at Abby her smirk grew wider and the other girls I know as Mabel, Anne, Twisty, and Pamela started to laugh.
"What did you have to do to get those passes Abby? Fuck your daddy?"
Abby looked like she was about to beat the living hell out of Barbie, so I intervened by stepping in front of Abby.
"Oh still need little miss emo here to protect you? Can't you fight your own battles? Or are you still a little baby clinging to mommy?" she snickered
I gave her a death glare and she shut up, "Let me tell you something Barbie, you need to back the fuck off before I slit your throat from ear to fucking ear." I said deadly.
"Do you think you scare me little miss emo? Well you don't" she said shakily.
"Apparently I did or you wouldn't be shaking" I replied smirking.
"Yah well I bet you two STOLE those 2 back stage passes from people who actually deserve them!!"
After she said that I noticed to body guards walking over to us, shit... I hope they don't think we stole these. They came up to us, "We need you ladies to calm down, and Tokio Hotel will be coming through here in 5 minutes." They were about to leave but Barbie bitch just had to say something.
"WAIT these girls stole those back stage passes!!!" she yelled after them.
They looked at Abby and I and asked if we still had our recites. Abby looked in her pockets and pulled out the recite and handed it to the body guard with the beard, he looked at it. "All right you ladies are clear, now if you will all move to the right please so Tokio Hotel can come in." I looked behind me and saw those guys looking and us with a look that clearly said 'when are they going to move?'
We all moved, and they walked past us and everyone started to scream for them, they gave me a look that said 'why aren't you screaming for us too?' and in turn I gave them my most evil glare one that I reserve for the annoying brats at school. I think I scared them. Good it teach them to get my best friend interested in them and have her dragging me out here just to see you lame ass's -.-
One of the body guards started to speak after the guys went in, "All right people how many of you guys actually have back stage passes?" about 15 of us raised our hands. "Ok "he said "You all can go inside, the rest of you know where to go".
Everyone else left except for the 15 of us, Barbie and her gang of bimbos when in before us followed by everyone else, Abby and I were the last ones to get in.
Abby was ecstatic, me not so much… I was in a place I really didn't want to be, meeting people that I really hate. We walk to a part of the room were there wasn't a lot of people. We stayed like that for about a good peace full minutes UN till tom decided to come over followed by bill must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Call .them. Fags. Grin. And .berret .Nami. You. Can .do. It. there .you. Go.
"Hello ladies, enjoying your self's?" tom half asked
Abby smile grew and she said "Yes I am so glad we got to come ;-)"
Why the hell did the two I hate the most out of this dumb bad have to come over here!! WHY!?!
"So what's your names?" bill asked finally getting over to us
"My name is Abby and this is my best friend Nami!"She answered
"It's nice to meet to beautiful ladies such as your selves" they both said smiling and holding out their hands.
Abby shook theirs and said the same, the brothers turned to me and I sent them another glare, Bill raised is eye brows and Tom smirked "It's nice to meet you Nami" I glared at them again and this time Abby turned to me with hurt in her eyes I couldn't take it anymore especially when she whispered "Nami you promised" shit I sighed and waved no way in hell was I gona open my mouth and risk something bad coming out." You don't talk much do you?" bill questioned
I sighed and cleared my mind of any negative responses "I do talk, am trying to keep from doing something stupid and be regretting it later" I said swiftly
"Oh and what might that be" Tom asked
I stuffed my hands in my pockets and looked around the room and not to my surprise I saw Barbie bitch glaring at me. I raised one eye brow and shook my head. I looked back to Tom and Bill and turned to Abby who was looking at me with eyes that said 'please, please don't say the reason why!' I was not about to let her down. I look at them and say "I'm not really into you're guy's types of music…" I said that as nicely as I ever could.
They looked shocked and hurt at the same time, I looked away as they started to say something, but when I wasn't watching Barbie had snuck over and interrupted the conversation. "If you don't like them, then why you are here?" she asked with a smug smile. I glared at her hard, why the hell does she have to make my life hell why did I ever do to her? "That's none of your damn business Barbie Bitch" I said with my voice dripping with venom. "Ladies, ladies please don't fight"
That voice was really grading on my nerves, Barbie bitch and I were still glaring at each other when the next thing I know she's pulling at my hair. That does is, all those years of tae kwon do my parents made me take are finally going to come in handy!! I grab her hand put her arm in the crane position. "You just made a really big mistake Barbie Bitch; you fucked with the wrong person this time." I said darkly. Abby gasped and tried to pull me away from Barbie bitch but failed. I twisted her arm till it nearly snapped in two, and she started to scream. "LET GO OF ME YOU DEMON FROM HELL!!" I smirked and let her go, "Don't touch me and we could have avoided this little brawl". A soon as I let go of Barbie bitch, Abby grabbed my arms and refused to let go. "Nami" she whispered, I looked at her and said out loud "Sorry Abby but that was the last straw."
The next thing I noticed was there were guards rushing in our direction. One of them came up to me and said "I need you to come with me", the other guard grabbed Barbie and walked her crying form away from us. Tom spoke up "wait Tobi! Miss Nami was just protecting herself, when that other girl grabbed a fist full of Miss Nami's hair!"


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