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Endless Possibilties

Short story By: PeaceLuver18
Fan fiction

I was always impatient, cocky and happy. I was always told to slow down by many people but hey, that's not my thing.

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"STOP RUNNING AROUND!!!!" Tails screamed and I skidded to a stop.

"I'm out bro." I responded and dashed out of my little brother's garage. I kept running, hoping for Amy to come around. She started chasing me and I couldn't help but smile.

"Sonic! Please, slow down." She begged.

"Never!" I yelled and that made her stop.

I didn't stop to see why, I just kept running until a car almost hit me. I jumped over and looked back to see the driver cursing at me, I rolled my eyes.

I had just come back from Mystic Ruins when I saw Amy sulking, just like I never slow down, it's not her style to be sad. I couldn't stop myself from stopping in front of her. "Hey Ames, what's wrong?" I asked.

"What do you care?" She replied bitterly and turned to leave.

I had always taken Cream, Elise and other girls on a journey with me and they loved it. But I had never taken my number one fan, Amy Rose. I was not going to let her walk away from me. I dashed after her and scooped her into my arms. She tried to wiggle free but I only held her tighter. She finally gave in and waited. I heard a gasp from her as I sped up. She smiled as the wind hit her quills and she closed her eyes but I did not allow that,

"No Ames, look at the possbilites." I requested and she looked to see the whole world as a blur. Everything but me.

"I see it." She breathed.

I smiled at her softly and came to a stop at her house. She got out of my arms and said, " I know why you like to run now. I won't stop you Sonic. I am truly sorry for trying."

"That's alright Ames, I may not slow down for you but I do want you to come with me." I gave her a cocky smile.

"How many girls have you used that on?" She asked annoyingly.

"Only you. I'm not ready for a realtionship YET Amy but when I am, I'm yours. For now you're my adventure buddy." I responded and held out my pinky as a gesture for a pinky promise. She curled her pinky around mine and agreed,

"Adventure buddy."

I smiled and kissed her forehead before dashing off. I'm Sonic The Hedgehog and I might not slow down at your command but You're welcomed to come with me.

~That's it! It might not be good but I just felt I needed to write it. Endless possiblites is a song from the Sonuc Unleashed album. I believe it is sung by Crush 40 but thanks for running with Sonic :) ~


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