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The Meaning of the Word "No"

Short story By: PhoenixDaIdijit
Fan fiction

A tribute to Lily Evans Potter

Author's Warning: If you susceptible to angsty or tragic events, then i do not recommend you read this. You have been warned.

*A Phoenix Production*

Submitted:Mar 27, 2008    Reads: 101    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

"I love you"

The three words that she had been waiting for her whole like.

"I love you."

Should she take this chance? This chance of a lifetime? Of a billion lifetimes?

Her wraith-like spirit burned ever lower-the light in her beautiful green eyes gone because of him. Her vivid red hair now seemed to mock her lifeless, pale face.

"I love you."

How many times she had dreamt of this, imagined this! How many times, she had paid for it, hurt for it! Ah, the pain had tore her apart....who says that it will not this time?

"I love you"

His hazel eyes captured her all often. Oh, she knew that she was in love with him. From the time she had first saw him....however much she was in denial in the beginning, she knew, deep down that she was in love. The real question was, did he love her? She thought he did. They all turned out to be shams. The love? A sham. The passion? A sham....

And now, he was standing behind her, pleading for many things, oh so many things....with merely one, simple sentence, comprised of three trite words.

"I love you."

But she had been hurt too much.

Gouged, bitten, ravaged by his wiles. Beaten by his lash of cunning. Pierced through the hear by his blade of sly trickery. Everything worth, leeching out by treacherous, unrequited love.

"I love you."

A pair of strong, warm arms enclosed her. A musky, shaven chin rested on her head. Unconsciously, she allowed her body to sink into the security of his embrace, the domineering warmth and heartbeat. Resting there, she remained quite for what seemed an eternity. Then, she turned around, a sad smile tracing her features. Placing two, lingering hands on his handsome face, she leaned her face in, and gently kissed his well carven mouth. Pulling away, her eyes shining with tears, her hands slipped down to her sides, and she pulled herself free of his arms.

Staring into his hazel eyes for one last time, she whispered,

"You must understand the meaning of the word 'no', James Potter....."


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