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Santa Pierce-Community Fan Fiction

Short story By: sosnh
Fan fiction

This is the 16th day in my writing challenge, and today I personally think I did a fantastic job in writing this small story inspired by the show Community #Sixseasonsandamovie #Savecommunity

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"This year I am inviting you all to my mansion for a feast!" Pierce told the rest of the group. The rest of the group took nervous glances at one another. "Pierce, I think I speak on behalf of the rest of the group when I say that we don't want to!" Jeff says, smiling at Pierce. Pierce smiles. "You're kidding right!" He laughs harder. "I'll see you there next Wednesday on Christmas. Bring presents or don't! Your choice." Pierce leaves, and the rest of the group sit in silence.

"So what are we going to do?" Annie asks. "I think we should. You know, the man may be all kinds of messed up, but he is actually a great dinner guest, and I should know. I lived with him." Troy said. Abed nods. "I agree with Troy. This would be the typical situation in TV shows were you would walk in with little respect for someone and walk out with all the respect in the world for them." Jeff face palms himself. "What about my kids?" Shirley asked. The rest of the group shrugged their shoulders, and walked off. Britta walked back at Shirley, who was taking offence to it. "Ask Pierce." She said. They left together to find him.

"Hey Pierce!" Britta called out to Pierce, who was eyeing a particularly attractive looking female with brunette hair a few feet from him. He coughs, "What?" "Pierce, Andre and the kids! I can't leave them." Shirley tells him. "Bring them. I anticipated that, Shirley. What do you take me for?" Pierce says, as the woman he was looking at leaves. He chases after her. "I guess that's settled then." Britta tells Shirley. "Let's go get yogurt?" Shirley asks. Britta nods, and they walk off together.

The semester ends the next day, and the holidays begin. Wednesday comes, and the group all arrive at Pierce's mansion. Jeff clicks the buzzer, and a butler answers the door. "Welcome. You must be friend's of Pierce. Please do come in." The butler gestures for the group to come in. One by one, they are seated in a large dining room.

The tables are lined with a Christmas inspired tablemat, and a beautiful fireplace, that ever so slightly warmed up the room. The curtain drapes were red and green in a changing pattern. Two more of Pierce's butlers came into the room and stood by the only entrance/exit. In unison they started playing a tune on trumpet's they had in their hands. The original butler that let the group in was on the other side of the room, and introduced Pierce, as he walked down a set of stairs, in a light blue suit. "Welcome everyone. Glad to see you all here. Wilson, please serve the first course." Pierce sat down at the far end of the table. "Sir, my name is Jerry! I have known you for many years!" The butler answers, rolling his eyes and leaves the room.

"So what is your deal, Pierce? Why did you want us here?" Jeff asks, catching the attention of Pierce, who was swirling some wine around in his mouth. "Well, if you must know, Jeff" Pierce begins. He gestures to one of the guards at the door to come to him. The guard hands him a small present, "I have asked that you come here for Christmas dinner with me, and to give you each a token of my appreciation at the end of the night. A Christmas present if you will."

The conversation does not go much further, because Wilson comes in with a carrying rack with plates on it. A few other servents come and hand the meals out to the guests. "Entree is served. Tonight the entree is a Prime Rib with Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes. Main will be served in around half an hour." The night passes by fast, vividly.

At the closure of the night, Pierce personally walks to each of his guests, and hands each one of them a specific present. "Open them!" He laughs. Shirley's children are first, tied with Abed and Troy, who fly open their gifts. The kids have a Nintendo 3DS each. Abed has Inspector Spacetime's real hat, and Troy recieved a iPhone.

The group looked simutaneously to Pierce, who was laughing. "Why?" Britta asks. "Well, Britta, I wanted to do something nice for all of you. You invited me into your group, and I know I have been a pain to deal with, so this is my gift you each of you. Now open your presents." He says.

Jeff opens his, and finds a bottle of fine wine. Britta has a set of diamond earrings. Annie opens hers and finds a gold plated Bracelet. Andre is gifted an Samsung Galaxy Notebook. Shirley has a ticket for $10 thousand dollars. She freaks out. "Pierce! What is this!?!" Pierce laughs. "Shirley, we started out our path the rockiest. You have always disliked me, and I want to apologize. Your sandwhich business was a fantastic investment, and you remained a friend, even though I could be hard to get along with. You deserved it."

As everyone leave's, they hug Pierce. "Thank you so much!" Shirley and Andre tell him. The kids hug him as if he was Santa. Everybody loved the gratitude he showed them for the night.


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