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First Dates EP1

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

Jessica had moved into the new town. there she met someone after free from her works. what happen next?

inspired by 50 first Dates. spoiler alert: vice versa situation.

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Jessica finally got the time to relax from her work. She was transferred to other side of Korea a week ago. Since she transferred in this state a week ago, she never gets to enjoy the view of the state. A year that will take Jessica to stay here and she need something to distract her from missing her best friends in the other side of Korea.

Jessica looked over the restaurant across her new office. She was attracted by the view of the restaurant from a far.
Jessica has entered the restaurant. She slowly scanned the restaurant all over. She walks slowly. The right view is where everyone relaxing their nerves by drinking coffee or tea. She looks to the left and there, she sees two row of books. "Wow. They have mini library too?" Jessica talks to herself. She's walking through the mini library. She was up and down scanning all the books while pouting. She takes one. "A Little Mermaid," Jessica smirked. "I guess this is the heavy-read one. I can't see any kid around here," she looks to the left and right. She walks out from the mini library. She is now searching for a spot to sit on. Jessica found a spot. When her feet walking towards the spot, there are two arms blocked her.

"Excuse me?" Jessica asks the person.
"I'm sorry Miss. This place is not for sit," she said.
"What? Why?"
"There is..err..someone who claim this is her spot," she said again. Jessica scoffed.

"Well.. she is not here right now. Right?" Jessica put her hand at the waist.
"Y-yes. She's not here but this spot-"
"Since she is not here yet, why can't I sit there? Beside..that sit got a perfect view. Of course you don't want to loose a customer right?" the person who blocked her look worried. She just worked in this restaurant a month ago. All that her manager said is do not let anyone near the spot.

"But the manager said to me that I can't let anyone near this spot,"
"How long you've been work in here?" Jessica asked.
"It's nearly a month," she said. Jessica is thinking of something.
"Let's make a deal then. You give me sit here and I will order everything that you've got in this restaurant. How about that? You don't have much opportunity like this. I think your manager will be delightful to have a customer like me," Jessica tries to win her heart.

"O-okay..I guess," she finally loose. Jessica smiles more.

"Thank you. May I?" Jessica pointed the sit with her chin. The person who blocked her gives her to pass.
"Oh yeah. Bring me coffee and a sandwich and don't put any cucumber in it," Jessica sit at last.

"You said that you will order everything. But why just coffee and the sandwich?" the waitress feel betrayed.

"I didn't say it's for the short-term am I? Beside, who's gonna eat that much meal in one day? If I got this sit, I will order different meals every day. That's what I meant," Jessica answered.

The waitress just walk away with Jessica's ordered.

Jessica sips her coffee once again while reading her novel. She was into the story when someone's voice startled her but she just did a poker face.

"A Little Mermaid? My favorite story. It's about a mermaid that made a deal at Octopus for her to change into a human right? For the man she loves?" she smiles as she looks straight to Jessica's eyes.

"Yup. You are right. But this one I read here is the heavy one. Not the light story that every kids had read. The Octopus has a name. Ursula anyway," Jessica smile and back to her read.

"I see. You have seen the movie actually right? Because I'm basically.. you know.. based on that movie" as she continues it by shrugged her shoulder and raise her eyebrows.

"When I was a kid so yeah," Jessica replies without looking at her. She sipped her coffee again.

"You know, it's kinda rude to keep reading when I'm trying to have a conversation with you," she said. Jessica has shooted her glare. But oddly, that girl seems doesn't move from her sit after that.

"Look..I'm sorry to interrupt your reading. But I was hiding from some friends. At least pretend that you have a conversation with me.. 10 minutes top," she said again with smile.
Jessica knows something. She got this kind of treat when she sits beside the large window at her favorite restaurant before. All over the other side of Korea. She knows very well that she is beautiful but she is not attracted over to someone yet. But somehow for this one lady in front of her, she's thinking of letting her go for once.

"Okay then. 10 minutes top. Starting now," Jessica said as she turns the page of the novel. Then the lady starts to call the waiter to bring her a coffee that Jessica had. Jessica could see the waiter have a plain smile but she couldn't care less.

She sip the last coffee when she look at the outside someone bring a bouquet of Tulip flowers. "I like Tulip flowers very much. Because tulip..she gives me nothing." she said suddenly. Jessica just nod lightly without looking at her. But then she realizes that the lady said Tulip is her favorite flower. So did her. Jessica looked at her face. She's smiling. She got Jessica's attention eventually.

"You like Tulip flowers very much because it gives you nothing?" Jessica questioned her. She nodded quickly.

"What do you mean?" Jessica ask again.

"Well..for me, tulip is very special one. She doesn't have a good or bad smell to start with but she turns beautifully. I mean, she totally gives me nothing instead I need to look at her closely to see if she worth to love or not. I love to chase someone like that." she smiles again.

Jessica nod slowly with the pout. Try to digesting the meaning of it. "How about you? Why do you like tulip?" She asks Jessica.

"How do you know I like Tulip too?"

"Well..you do response to me suddenly when I said I like Tulip. And your eyes are shining like this," as she copied how Jessica's face turns earlier. Jessica let out her chuckled eventually. It is rare for someone to let her chuckled like this. Except for her ex boyfriend.

"Yes. I do like Tulip but I don't have a definition why I love it. It's just so beautiful when I get to see them close." Jessica tells her. Before Jessica start questioning her again, the lady looks at her watch.
"10 minutes has already gone. Thank you for your time Miss. Enjoy your reading," she went off, living Jessica puzzled.

Did she.. just did that to me?

When Jessica is at home, she found herself being amused by that lady. No one did that to her. She's the one who would say 'your time is up mister.. or miss. Now go'. But somehow this lady just gave that attitude to her.

"I shouldn't let 10 minutes passed like this again. I will make you regret what you do today. Wait..what is her name anyway?" Jessica bit her lip and close her eyes thinking how dumb she was for letting that lady go without knowing her name. A ring comes from her cell phone.


"Hello? Shikka! It's me! Taeyeon here! When will you come back to work? We miss you~,"

"Yah Taengoo! I'm sorry that I got you guys miss me so much. Taengoo, I have a bad news. I think I'm gonna live in this state for a looooooonnggggg time," Jessica try to joke.

"What?! No!!!"

"Yah! I just live in this place a week ago! And I still have a year to do something here. Beside you know that I'm still back on to you,"

"Waa~ I thought that you'll be leaving me~"

"Stop that fake cry. You have Tiffany,"

"I know that but lately she keep avoiding me~"

"I think she have PMS problem. You too sometimes Taengoo-ah,"

"I believe it is because of that. So what's new Shikka-ssi? Found someone that you fond of yet?"

"Nothing much. There are guys or some girls will tried to put the moves on me. Ah! There is interesting woman I want to talk about. I just visited this one restaurant--"

"Err..Shikka, Sooyoung is on her way now. Talk to you soon okay! Bubye! Love you!" and then Taeyeon hang up.

Aish. I just start talking. Why everybody seems to let me hanging up? First, that lady and now Taeyeon?


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