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First Dates EP10

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

wow! she doesnt flinch at all..

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She look up and sees the girl she met earlier in the morning. She blink repeatly. "Let me guess. I told you that this my favourite spot all the time?" she said. She let Jessica find herself a spot beside her and look at the front.

"You did tell me... twice. But I still didn't catch it up. Your father told Hyoyeon, you are here. He saw you run this way and called Hyoyeon. To be more specifically, she is in my house right when your father called. He was a little bit surprise because turn out you never come near this place after the accident happened,"

"Ah really? and why you didn't even tell me that we have met before?"

"How should I say it? 'Hey Yuri. You got an accident year ago. After a year, we had met a month in the restaurant. You were treating me all the time'.. is that what you want me to say? " Jessica asked. Yuri look at her in wrong time. She actually was taken aback. She was seeing a flashback for a second. And that
flashback, she saw someone point out accidentally her mirror to her. and she bumped to someone that have brownish hair.

"Yuri??" Jessica waving her hand.

"I'm sorry. I think I just having a flashback," Yuri explained.

"What flashback? Your accident?" Jessica said.

"No..I saw a woman accidentally point her mirror to me. Arggh! I can't believe it. One year and I didn't realize it," She said as she rubs hard her face.

"You talk to the wrong person Yuri-ah. I'm here almost just two months. I got my free time one day, and the next thing I know, you introduce yourself
and we're become close. For your information, I'm kinda dumb. I know about the accident only yesterday. From your friend, Hyoyeon" Jessica said. Yuri
look at her disbelieved.

"Well..It's kinda dumb.."

"Yah!" Jessica hit Yuri's arm. Yuri was taken aback. She look up and down. Confused.

"I'm sorry. I forgot that you don't remember anything," Jessica pout and look another way. Yuri feels guilty. She bet she used to get by this lady everytime
she met her.

"I'm the one who should be sorry. It's because I don't remember you,"

"You shouldn't be. I was mad at you. It's before I know about the accident. I thought that Hyoyeon is your girlfriend," Jessica said. Yuri
let out the laugh.

"You don't have any idea how many time my boyfriend told me that," Yuri paused.

"I mean my ex boyfriend. Wow..ex boyfriend now?" she hug back her knees and hide her face.

"Are you okay, Yuri?" Jessica asked as she bring her hand behind Yuri's back.

"I hanck khigh" Yuri said between the knees.


"I can't even cry...why is that?" Yuri look at Jessica.

"it's a good thing you know. You don't cry for that guy anymore. Just like me," Jessica stated.

Yuri chuckled by that statement. "Just...a curious thing. Are you..like me, like me?"

"You tell me. Because I'm not the one who chasing," Jessica make a straight line on her lips. She brought her face to the front.

"are you telling me that I find you the very next day...and flirt with you?" Yuri asked her. she saw Jessica bit her lips.

"Jessica? Am I?"


"woaw! I'm totally sorry Sica. I didn't mean to flirt with you--"

"It's alright. You barely don't know." Jessica assured her. Although she feeling hurt inside. Maybe that was Yuri's character but she misinterpreted to something else.

"You know what? Let's go to my home. Your friends, my friends, they all are there. Waiting for you. Your friends gonna tell you what do you want to know. and you
remember that girl who bring the camera and recorded you? That is my friend actually. I'll ask her for help to record everything your friends would say. is it

"Oh..urm yes..I guess,"

"See? You are already comfortable. I don't see you freak out. Like that movie," Jessica said as she gets up. She offered her hands to let Yuri up. Yuri grab and she hopping. But that kind of move surprised Jessica. She almost tripped. Luckily Yuri quickly hold her waist. Their body overlap each other and their eyes were locking to each other. Yuri slowly let go of Jessica's waist.


"It's okay. Thanks for catching me." Jessica replied.

"So the girl that have the camera earlier..urmm...what do you say again?"

"Let's walk together as I explain it. Shall we?" Jessica lead the way.


"What are you telling me is..the video will keep telling what I do about yesterday..am I right?"

"Yes. You will have a normal life. We can call each other if you want. You can buy anything you want. You can work if you want. Or in the other words, you can be yourself back as a single person. oh. here we are. my apartment,"

Yuri look up. "Wait...this is just 3 blocks away from my house. Are you kidding me? this is the part where I bump into you..this earlier day! Yah! How could you not telling me that you just live here?" Yuri gives a big jaw to Jessica.

"I did say it! Remember? I said "You live 3 blocks away from me?" and you even say it to me "is it a bad thing?" ," Jessica widen her eyes disbelieve.

"Am I?" Yuri said with serious tone.

Jessica cover up her mouth as she let out the cutest giggle.

"You are really funny person Yuri-ah," she shook her head remembering things she have been doing together with Yuri.

" Ah..wish I could meet you before the accident," Jessica mumbling. She look at Yuri and see Yuri smile. She thought that Yuri didn't caught that words.

"Yeah. I wish it was too," Yuri mumbled.

"What?" Jessica asked.

"Nothing. Just something came up in my mind," Yuri replied.

"Oh my god! finally!" A voice behind said it and quickly hugs Jessica.

"hey! watch it you..short person!" Yuri quickly turn around the petite body and almost in the act to slap her.

"Yuri stop! She's my friend, Taeyeon," Jessica quickly stopped Yuri.

"Well well well..who is this?" Taeyeon who cover up her head earlier suddenly bright up after Yuri listen to Jessica.

"This is Yuri. The one I talk about a month ago. Unfortunately, I turn to your girlfriend to talk about her because you are busy with your all compose
lyrics and sing your song,"

"You talk about me?" Yuri give a wide smile.

"Hey, even though I didn't happen to be there for you, doesn't mean I don't know what happen to you, my boo,"

"So you know all about what happen around me eventually?"

"Of course I know, my boo,"

"awww...You know what Taeng, Fany--"

"Sorry for the interruption. Can we get to your apartment?"

"Are you jealous? To see our interaction?" Taeyeon trolling Yuri.

"What? No. No.. no no no no.. NO,"

"That's seven 'No' there. It's kinda weird actually. You are the lady who doesn't know anything, but you act like she's belong to you,"

"Okay! Stop there little Kid. Yuri, come upstairs. Everyone wanted to meet you,"

Taeyeon and Yuri look at each other. Jessica lead the way.



"Miyoung-ah! I miss you!!" Taeyeon quickly hugs her girlfriend.

"What are you doing here? You supposed to be work,"

"If I get to choose between love and work. I would choose love, baby,"

"Aw~~ Come here my midget," Tiffany said. and Taeyeon made a wide grin look.

"Hey, Midge--"

"Only Tiffany...can call that nickname," as Taeyeon glared at Sooyoung.

"What? I'm your best friend! I call you midget all the time!"

"That is the past. After you kidnapped her to this place, you have no permission to call me--ah, so this is your girlfriend huh? Hi! I'm Tae--" Tiffany cover up Taeyeon's mouth. She knew every time her girlfriend introduce herself, every single girl will fall in love with her. She should believe Sunkyu but just a precaution. .

"She's Taeyeon, my girlfriend. She want to say Hi. Say Hi to her Sunkyu,"

"Your girlfriend is the one who kidnapped me!" this time Sunkyu stopped her.

"Oh hi! I'm Sunkyu,nice to meet you," as Sunkyu wave at her.

"You should meet her cousin. She's really has white skin than her," Taeyeon try to troll Sooyoung. Sooyoung bit her lips and start to glare at Taeyeon. Taeyeon only smirk on her.

"Maybe you should give Sooyoung's cousin to this one."

Tiffany introduce Seohyun.

"She told me that she uncomfortable with guys. She's really beautiful right? She's so innocent and pure and I mean.. look at her. Okay. Can I adopt her Tae?"

Taeyeon blink repeatedly. "Are you sure? She's a 22 year old lady,"

"Guys! Do you forget? Yuri's here," Jessica made all of them look at her.

"We know. We just need to act normal so Yuri will never feel she needed a special treatment," Hyoyeon said.

"Already?" Yuri raise up one of her eyebrows.

"We just need to fix the way you scared Seohyun. Above all.. you are normal actually," Hyoyeon explained.

"What? who Seohyun?"

"Alright! Perfect time for record all the scene everybody!" Tiffany screamed.

"Why are you excited one?" Taeyeon said.

A:N = Continue... another one or two chapter last. :D


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