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First Dates EP11

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

Just watch that video!

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it was 2:00 a.m and Yuri was standing at the balcony of Jessica's apartment. A lot of crazy happen in one day. Tiffany has it recorded in video camera. Yuri can't seem to be asleep while everyone has made to dreamland. She was thinking about something.


Jessica was reaching for her pillow when she find out there was nothing in her bed. She wakes up and see all of her friend and new friend was sleeping over her apartment. Taeyeon and Tiffany is under beside Jessica's bed, spooning. Sooyoung and Sunkyu asleep under at the end of her bed. Sooyoung's arm becomes Sunkyu pillow while Sooyoung tuck themselves in side with Jessica's blanket. She walks out from her bedroom and see Seohyun sleep on the couch. Hyoyeon and Woori on the floor.

"So it was both of you who steal my pillow," Jessica folded her arms. She realized someone missing. "Where's Yuri?" she asks to no one. She rubs her eyes, thinking that maybe she hasn't notice that Yuri probably asleep at some corner of her apartment. it's pretty crazy. From 6:00 p:m to 12:00 a:m, they start to talk and talk. Non stop. Even Yuri's dad have to call Hyoyeon to say that Yuri's dishes need to throw because some insect has fly over to it.

"Yuri," Jessica called. "Yuri, where are you?" she calling again. "I'm right here, Sica-yah,". the voice from outside assured Jessica that Yuri was standing at her balcony. "Oh there you are. You can't sleep?" Jessica asks as soon she sees Yuri.

"I can't. there is so much to see. I can't believe that this town has been change, a lot. You see over there? " Yuri point it out. She smile. "What about it?" Jessica asked. "The building beside Sunkyu's restaurant. Actually that building is kinda old and someone said it has to gone from people sight. But no, the building still standing strong. And even they put lights on top of it," Yuri replied.

"Hmm..interesting.." Jessica replied.

"Wanna know something Yuri? The building you point out, actually is the place where I work." Jessica smile while looking at Yuri.

"Woaw..that is something new..I guess. Have I ever ask you what are your job is?"

"You asked me about it but never knew where is the place I've work. When every time you came to see me at the restaurant, we only had a chat that last for half an hour. That's top. The short time that you spending with me was 10 minutes."

"What exactly did we talk about?"

"Our life mostly. When I remember it back, I was totally stupid for not noticing it. You're always mentioned about my eyes being pretty and always have the way to get to know my name. But the way you are asking me are really making me think how sweet talker are you to me. And I just can't think of any that you are really...special,"

"You said I'm flirting with you right?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I just assumed that you are flirting with me--"

"the way you saying this..Are you fall in love with me..?"

Jessica look away. Yes I did Yuri-ah. Jessica's monologue.

Suddenly a hug took Jessica from behind.

"Thank you for loving me, Sica-yah. I guess I never find someone that can love me like this. Even if I did found a guy, I think they will just take advantage from me," Yuri put her face on Jessica's shoulder. Jessica's heart beating so fast.

"I hope I can remember this scent of yours," Yuri added.

"Stop. I c-can't Yuri," Jessica's voice crooked.

Yuri let go of Jessica and sighly. "I know. Probably one day--"

Before Yuri finish her sentences, a pair of lips just shut her up. They were Jessica's lips. Yuri was stunned but then her arms automatically snake around Jessica's waist while her eyes close slowly. Jessica's hands cupping both of Yuri's cheeks. Jessica unleashed herself that late night. She deepen her kisses through Yuri. It just took a month for Yuri to take Jessica fall in love with her this deep. She hungry for Yuri's lips.

Then both of them needs the air. their forehead glued together. "I love you, Yuri. Do not forget about me,"

"I love you too, Jessica,"



"Aigoo.. so loud," Taeyeon turn off the alarm. She sees her girlfriend sleep soundly beside her. She try to kiss her cheek when--


Everyone get shock by the scream. "What!? What happen?!" Seohyun bolt up from the couch. she asked the question to no one.

"Where am I?! Who are you? Thank god Hyoyeon is here! Why is that girl sleeping beside me intimately!? What happen?! Who is she?!"

Jessica's head had to endure the pain she got after she fell on to the hard floor. She sleep on Yuri's shoulder that night.

"Calm down Yuri-ah," Hyoyeon yawned and stretch herself.

"Aww.. my head~" Jessica whining. Yuri felt guilty.

"Look. I'm sorry for jumping out from you. I was shocked. Today meant to be the day I celebrate with my boyfriend and when I woke up I see you sleep on my shoulder. Are you okay? Let me take a look of your forehead. Where does it hurt?"

"You don't remember me? At all?"

"What happen? Am I in hangover?"

"You need to see this Yuri," Tiffany give her the video camera.

"How do you know my name?"

"All your answers is in this. Just play it,"

"Hyoyeon.." Yuri call out.

"It's okay Yuri-ah. Just take a look,"

"I'm gonna be in my bed.Thanks for the night though," Jessica said.

As soon as Sooyoung and Sunkyu come out, Jessica lock herself in her bedroom.

"You're the one who's screaming earlier?"

"Sunkyu! You're here to? What are you doing here? Where is your husband? Is your husband okay with this?" Yuri said.

"Yuri, you should watch the video before you start questioning us,"

"Wait. Did you say Jessica sleep on your shoulder? I thought you asleep beside me. We thought that when you woke up, you see my face, you will not freaking out and you will ask me where are we and I give you this video camera and you will know the truth. But what happen? What are both of you doing last night?" Hyoyeon asks when she realized.

"I don't know too! That girl sleep on my shoulder. Oh her name is Jessica? No. that's not what I meant to ask. What the hell? What happen?!"

"JUST WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO!" Taeyeon, Tiffany, Woori simultaneously said it to Yuri. Looks like everyone doesn't seems quite wake yet.


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