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First Dates EP2

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

Jessica is newbies in town. one day she met someone. what happen when Jessica learn there is something special with this person?

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"Miss, Please. You can't sit here. My manager has warn me," the waitress plead her.

"What is your name Missy?"

"Er.. SeoHyun,"

"Alright Seohyun. Please tell me, who is the person that reserve the seat till you can't give me as your customer to seat at that spot?"

"I don't have the right answer for it. But my manager only said that I can't let anyone sit there. Since I work here a month ago, he just said that nobody should sit over there,"

"Call your manager please," She folded her arm.

"He's not here. He makes me in charge," Soehyun replied.

"Look, I'm your customer, and as your customer, I have a right to sit anywhere I want, so I choose that spot," she point to the spot. Before Seohyun could replied, she cut out with her hand in front of Seohyun face.

" Don't worry alright. I have money. I can buy all kind of your food but please make sure no cucumber anytime. And as a favor, let me sit there," Jessica making her way to the spot. Seohyun lost for words.

"This time, to show I have money and can buy your all kind of food, give me the expensive meal you have," as she slump herself on the seat. Seohyun pout but she did take Jessica's order. Seohyun ordered the people in the kitchen to serve the expensive meal they have.


After quite awhile, Jessica get her meal. She close her book she took earlier at mini library and try the expensive meal she ordered. Just she about to enter the meal in her mouth, a voice distract her.

"Can I sit here?"

Jessica was surprised to sees a lady has sit in front of her. She widen her eyes and blink couple times. She did want to meet her but this is really fast than she has expected. It means, maybe once in awhile but two in row, at the same time is just rare. Jessica gave a quick smile towards her as her sign she can sit. Although she has sit already.

"You know that the meal you eat now only served when someone on the date?" she gives a fact about the restaurant meal. Jessica slowly munched the food after she heard that. "So what? I have money to buy this expensive meal," Jessica sarcastically replied. Act like she knows about it but she actually don't know that. Jessica gives her glare after Yuri remark.

"Wow. I didn't realize that you have really beautiful eyes to start with," she gives a different replies than what Jessica expected.

"Oh..by the way, I'm Yuri," she extend her hand so Jessica can do the handshake with her. She confused with Yuri's tone there but she did the handshake after all. "Well then, I'm Jessica. Jung Jessica," she replied.

I give you my surname too so you can remember me for the rest of your life.

Yuri nod with 'o' shape appeared on her mouth. Jessica is amused to see how cute Yuri does with that nod and 'o' shape mouth. She look at her for a very long time though. She back to the reality.

"Well..thanks for the compliment then," with her unreadable face. Unconciously, she bring her hair to the back of her ears and eat the meal earlier.

"Yah. Your ears are red Jessica-ssi" another statement come out from Yuri. Jessica feels her face in the heat. Every time her ears get red, it means she likes it. It doesn't show much in her face but that's unique about her. You can know she likes it by her ears becoming red. Since she is new in the town, every one can't see it as the hint she likes it.

"Do compliment words always come out from you?" Jessica asks her while she try to cut out the food in pieces.

"Not always. Only if someone deserves it. And you; you really deserve it," Yuri answered as she folded her arms on the table and lean forward a little to Jessica. Jessica give a little smile and shook her head without looking Yuri's face.

"You don't have a date actually aren't you? I can replace him if you want," Yuri give a teeth-smile unleashed in front of her. Jessica scoffed. She found that this annoyed for her right now.

"Whatever that makes you leave this place immedietly," Jessica replied. Yuri raise her hand to take the order. Jessica could see the waitress, Seohyun's face has the awkward smile.

I think this is why she doesn't want me to sit here. Maybe this person has something to do with it.

Seohyun done with Yuri's order. Jessica take herself at her meal back. Yuri take a look at Jessica. She look Jessica mesmerizedly.

"You know what Jessica, you are my first date," Yuri suddenly said it when Jessica about to drink. The statement almost let Jessica spit out.

"You're kidding me right? You don't have a date at all?" Jessica wiped her mouth. Yuri shook her head. " I tell you the truth. I almost got my first date but turn out he has a wife," Yuri's face still smile even though almost all girls could be heart broken if their first date isn't work out. Jessica feels bad about it. "But anyway I forgive him and forget about it," she said. "Really?"

"Yup. Because of that, I have find a beautiful lady like you," Yuri answered. Jessica widen her eyes with Yuri's reason after. "Did you spoke the truth about yourself earlier?" Jessica asked.

"Whatever that makes your ears red," Yuri stick her tongue. Jessica was taken aback once again. "You like it aren't you? Actually..my brother has a girlfriend that when she likes something, her ears--" Then Yuri's wrist watch give a 'beep' sound repeatly. Yuri look at her watch. "Ah. I forgot that I gotta stick with my plan. I didn't realize it's passed 15 minutes already,"

"And the food, I did not have the time to taste it," Yuri mumbles. "Even though my first date attend to get 15 minutes only, I'm happy with this conversation," Yuri said to Jessica. She called the waitress and then put the money inside the bill book. "Yuri, you shouldn't --" Jessica try to prevent her.

"It's okay Jessica-ssi, since you are my first date, I should treat you. I got this," she smile and stands up after that. "I hope we meet again, Jessica-ssi," she said.

She walks out from the restaurant and goes to the place that Jessica doesn't know she headed. Then she realized.

Oh my god. She left me hang up once again. oh What the hell, at least I know her name now. Yuri.

She smirked.


Where has Yuri been? It's been the second time already she did this.

Hyoyeon look at her watch. Finally she sees Yuri figure enter her pub.

"Where have you been Yuri-ah? you late about 20 minutes."

"I'm sorry Hyoyeon-ah. I just on my way to the store when I got distract by beautiful woman I ever seen in my life. Really," Yuri tell her. Yuri put down the box contained decoration thing on Hyoyeon's bar. She try to decorate the bar for her special day. Hyoyeon find it odd that decoration thing are now, is less than the last she brought yesterday.

"Beautiful girl? Where did you meet her?" Hyoyeon ask. Try not to suspicious about it.

"In the restaurant. She sits beside the large window. I don't know. I just have the urge to greet her. Oh. she said her name is Jessica. Jung Jessica, " as she rephrase how Jessica would say it. Yuri chukled a little when she remembered it.

"Her name is Jessica?"
Finally with her name huh? If I'm not mistaken, yesterday, she said that the girl has beautiful ey---

"Yup. She really have beautiful eyes to start with. I swear I could fall in love instantly if I don't have him. Give me that riben, Hyoyeon-ah," Yuri ordered her.
oh. It's the same girl then.

"why your bought things for your special day so..few..?" Hyoyeon ask about it finally.

"Well..I kinda treat the girl too..so, I have few money to spend in this decoration, " Yuri stick her tongue and shrugged her shoulder a little.

"Wow really? you don't treat your best friend here, yet you treat that girl?" Hyoyeon feels betrayed but feel curious to know who is this girl.

"Althought it just for 15 minutes, I can see her face so white and so soft and--"

"Yah. You talk as you wanna do that 'thing' to her," Hyoyeon shows her annoyed face. Yuri hit her lightly.

"Probably. If I don't have him,"

"Pervert!" Hyoyeon hit back her friend. Yuri back to her decoration.

Should I test this? I'm sick of torn this decoration off the wall after she finish all of this. The worst thing happen is she could cry.
"Yuri-ah," as Hyoyeon hand out the riben to Yuri.

"What is it?" As Yuri pin the strings to the wall.

"Your boyfriend has someone else," Hyoyeon revealed to Yuri. Yuri stop what she was doing and turn around to look at Hyoyeon face..

"You know what Hyoyeon-ah? I tell Jessica that my boyfriend has someone else too, but I don't know it's for real," Yuri laughed awkwardly.

"Yuri. I'm sorry to say this to you," Hyoyeon acted as she pity her friend about Yuri's boyfriend has someone else .

"It's okay. It means I just need to go home and relax now. No need to do something for him anymore," Yuri just sigh away with a sad face.

She was perplexed a bit when she doesn't see any tears on Yuri's face.

"Yah! You should cry now. Why dont you cry?" Hyoyeon ask curiously.

"Are you expecting to me cry? You should say that I shouldn't cry! What kind of friend are you?" Yuri hit her shoulder playfully.

"You don't wanna cry? Seriously you don't wanna cry?"

"Why should I cry over a guy that prefer someone else? Besides, it means I can date that girl. Don't you heard me? I could instantly fall in love with her if I don't have him. Now I don't have him,"

Hyoyeon let her jaw dropped to heard what Yuri said.

"What?" Yuri ask her as that matter is not that serious.

"Nothing! Good for you then. Yes, show to that guy that you don't need him. You have found beautiful girl," Hyoyeon replied nervously.

"It is right? Now help me torn this decoration. You should tell me before I decorate this thing in your Pub," Yuri replied.

"I'm sorry then Yuri-ah," is all Hyoyeon can say.

A:N = Did you get confuse here? next chapter it will be Yuri's story.


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