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First Dates EP3

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

Jessica is newbies in town. then she met someone. and that someone is special.

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Yuri's story. First Day at meeting Jessica.

It was 9 a.m in the morning. Yuri woke up from her deep slumber and stretch a bit of herself. She let herself smile to what will be she do this day. Tomorrow was meant to be her special day. Yuri has planned all the activities in the head today. She looked at her watch and gets up from her bed to start it right now. "Better do all of it today so tomorrow, there will be a perfect day and no distraction," Yuri said to no one. She gets up and ready to go bath.


It's 11 a:m, Yuri just finish cook for her father for lunch. Her father is just an ordinary labor.

"Dad, I'm going out! I'll be come home late alright!?" Yuri took her purse and her bag. "Wait Yuri-ah! Your money!" her dad chase after her. "Oh. Thanks dad! Why are you giving me this?" Yuri is happy to see the money her dad want to give her. "Well.. I thought you're gonna need this. Beside it Sunday tomorrow right? I sense you will need some of it," Her father give her an excuse. Yuri bit her lips. Maybe her father knew about this matter.

"Well thanks once again dad. I really need this to buy things after all," Yuri kiss her dad and hug him. "I'm going out now alright? Oh, like I mention earlier I will come home late so do not lock the door alright? Bye dad!" Yuri walks out from the door.While she was walking in her own world, her father let out his sigh. "I wonder when she will recover her minds back,"


Yuri was walking in the residental like what she always do before. Yuri find it's odd. The surrounding become so beautiful than the day she has remembered.

"Ops, sorry Miss," someone run up towards her. That almost make Yuri fall backward but thanks to her work out, she manage to balance herself. She didn't manage to see the face of someone who stumble in front of her earlier but she can see how brown those hair. "I never see someone with brown hair before," Yuri shrugged her shoulder.


"Hyoyeon!" Yuri shout to her best friend. Hyoyeon let out the yawn.

"Yuri-ah," Hyoyeon look at Yuri. "Yah.. are you not having a good sleep? You got eye bags under," Yuri laughs at her best friend.

"Yeah I know. If it not because of you, I'll be sleeping earlier," Hyoyeon realized she slips up the words.

" I mean my customer. What are you doing here Yuri-ah?" Hyoyeon let out her awkward laugh.

"I need a favor from you," Yuri said. Luckily that Yuri not taken what Hyoyeon said earlier.

"What kind of favor?" Hyoyeon replied as she doesn't know what it is.

"Could you close the pub earlier? I want to decorate something. You know, since it has been a 100th day since we are together," Yuri said to her best friend.

Since this is just her routine because Yuri have a short-term memory loss, she just nod and agreed. Yuri hugged the figure.

"Thanks! I'll be coming back at..10 p.m? with some of decoration things? and Could you help me out too?" Yuri asked as her eyes becomes big. Hyoyeon nod.

"That is my best friend! I owe you!" Yuri got out without Hyoyeon could reply. Hyoyeon just shook. She walks out through over the door behind.

"Hyo, can I take this to my home? This is really cute!" Woori ask her. It's Yuri's yesterday thing she got to celebrate uncountless 100th day.

"You can take it but give me money like always. Its not fair that you take it for granted." Hyoyeon folded her arms.

"of course i will! what do you think I am!?" Woori crinckle her nose. Hyoyeon chuckled away.

"Oh what about other things here?" Woori look around. So is Hyoyeon. "Just sell what we can sell and give the money to her dad back,"

"You are such a good friend Hyoyeon-ah," Woori said. Hyoyeon smiles to the compliment.


"Hello Ahjussi!" Yuri greet the older worker in nursery.

"Oh Hey Yuri-ah! Want to buy something?"

"Of course. I'm here right now aren't I?" she smiles.

"Oh yeah. Sure. Pick up whatever flowers that you might need. I'll give you discount." As he know that Yuri visit his nursery.

"Really? Thanks Ahjussi!" she bend down to see if she can find what kind of flower she wants. As she continue to searching the flowers she might need for the special day, the light from some angle disturbing her. She look around if she could find where the lights comes from. Turns out the light was from the sky and it reflect to someone that holding a make up mirror far from the way she was standing. She straight up herself and thought 'its the brown hair lady,'

The brown hair lady enter the building that Yuri thoughts no one was there.

"Ahjussi, can I ask you something?"
"What is it Yuri-ah?"
"Do the building over there have someone? From what I know nobody was there before, right?" Yuri asks.
"Oh that. There's a company bought it and change it into the office building. From what I know it is a magazine company," the ahjussi continue what he doing before.

"So that's explain the brown hair girl. She works there. I thought I see a ghost,"

"I'm sorry. What?"

"Nothing. I'm talking to myself. So Ahjussi. This is what I pick up for my special day, I'm on my way to the DOCstore. Here is the money. And sent this to this address," Yuri handout the money and continue to search something that meant for her special day. The Ahjussi smile when she was out. A sad smile.

He knew about Yuri's lost memory and he can't break that girl's heart anymore after what he done. He did tell the truth before, when Yuri come to his nursery. Yuri never hand out the money after she asks to send the flowers she needs to the address. He got mad and told Mr. Kwon about it. Only then he knows, that Yuri can't accept the new memory in her life. "I wonder what his father said to her that make her pay me now unlike before," then the Ahjussi shrugged his shoulder.


On her way to the store, she stop at the restaurant.

"Welcome to SunSun restaurant!" she politely bowed to Yuri. Yuri found someone unfamiliar to her. And for the girl in front, Yuri comes to her for the 34th time now. Maybe more than that because Seohyun work here a month ago. "Who are you? Where is Sungmin and Sunny?" Yuri ask her.

"I-I'm Seohyun. I will be in charge to take care of this restaurant because Sungmin oppa and Sunny Unnie is not here, they're on vacation," Yuri just chuckled when she found that girl nervous. Yuri thought maybe because it is her first time.

"Ah really? Never mind then. Could you give me a favor?" Yuri ask her.
" Well, sure." Seohyun pretend to don't know what is it.
"See that seat over there?" Yuri point out.

Seohyun nod as she sees the seat. She has predicted it. She bit her lips and nod quickly.
"Don't. ever. let. someone. sit. over. there. Because I plan to decorate something at those seat. I'll be on my way to buy things"
The same line where Yuri has said to her.

"Oh o-okay. I will," Seohyun reply.

"Thanks Seohyun-ssi. I'll be back again at 5 p.m. I trust you for this!" she shoot her eyes and point her finger towards Seohyun. Once again, Seohyun nod eagerly. Yuri find it amusing that a girl in front of her got nervous. Yuri gets out after that. Seohyun waves her hand to Yuri nervously.

Seohyun look at the seat. She remembered back a month ago when she was hired to this restaurant. Since Sunny and her husband, Sungmin getting busy, they let Seohyun to handle the restaurant. Her manager said if there is a lady said she need that seat, Seohyun has to let it be empty. But she break that one day, and for that, she has seen the unusual behave of Yuri(just think of one she always did when she gets angry.). She didn't know that Yuri could do something like this because of the seat she has demand earlier day. So every single day now, Seohyun need to say the seat has reserved. Although Yuri could never come back to claim that seat after.

It's 3 p:m now and Yuri finish with buying things.

"Thanks! We meet again!"
"Yeah Sure! What ever!"
As Yuri brought the cute things in a box. They never care about Yuri's mind loss. As long they got the money, they willing to make her buy the same thing over and over again. Except for the Ahjussi in the nursery before.

Yuri walks towards the restaurant and waving her friendly manner to Seohyun when she look at the window, someone just sit over the seat she claim before. Seohyun on the other hand keeps thinking it's okay since she will forget it after. But she really don't want to see that behave Yuri did a month ago. Surprisingly, Seohyun sees the different behave of her. Yuri put some of her things in the corner and walk out to the lady in front. Yuri actually smile and having a conversation with that lady. And then Yuri raise her hand. "This is it. Seohyun, just one day and it will be over," Seohyun gulped.

"Can I have one cup of what this lady drink?" Yuri said. Seohyun smile awkwardly and the lady earlier saw it. With that, Seohyun walks back with the order. "Thanks God, she is not listing something,". Seohyun back with a cup of coffe. Yuri actually smiles and mouthing "It's okay" to her. Seohyun bow once again. "I'll definitely need to prevent that lady to sit over there again. But is Yuri unnie just smile at me?"


Hyoyeon waiting impatiently.
She never late like this. it almost half an hour now. Hyoyeon thoughts.

"Sorry! Case of emergency!" Yuri rush out to Hyoyeon's pub with her things on a box.

"Wow! What happens now Yuri-ah? You never late like this, you know?" Hyoyeon asked her. Yuri gently put her things on Hyoyeon's bar.

"I know. I just stop by at that restaurant and I just meet this..beautiful lady..She got this eyes you know, mesmerized eyes." Yuri gestured with her hands.

"Wow, that's new to me," Hyoyeon raise her eyebrow.

"I did get out earlier, but somehow I just stop across the restaurant until she leaves. Luckily she didn't notice me at the opposite road. Then the second beep in my watch wake up me and I realise that I have a boyfriend and I'm here to design my decoration," Yuri stick her tongue out.

"You are weirdo," Hyoyeon remark.

"Just start already with this, I have special gift for you if you are helping me~" Yuri sing song the words.

"Aww~ you didn't have to Yul," Hyoyeon said. She knew she didn't get at all because--

"When we are finish the date, I will get the thing that you want," Yuri finish her sentences.
Hyoyeon could just rolls her eyes and give a smile. She help Yuri eventually. Eventhough she will rip it off on the next day.

A:N = And then, as the part two is going on..


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