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First Dates EP4

By: Tanillah

Page 1, this someone is very special. jessica doesn\'t know it at all.. until someone mentioned about what happen

Oh yeah, What I think I skipped in this story was this part. I don't know how to elaborate the sentences so i give you a short review of it. You know how Jessica's late reaction to her surrounding? I took the personality in her real life into this story. Let's say, in this story, Yuri often sees Jessica on her way to the pub like she was always did. Seohyun let it be since Yuri never do anything trouble in the restaurant anymore when Jessica came by to the place. Hyoyeon doesn't bother it too because every time she tells Yuri the fact she was left by her boyfriend, she will tell her the story of Jessica. And her father too was relieved, that finally Yuri has some new stories to share with him everyday and came back earlier than she was supposed to do. Mr. Kwon know about Jessica through Hyoyeon. They even don't bother to see who is this Jessica as long as Yuri can do normally things, actually 65% of it. ahaks.. Jessica and Yuri never mention their name unless when Yuri become dorky, using her name as a third person and Jessica follow along. Jessica thought it was Yuri's personality being a cute, dork, the woman killer every day. And that's why Jessica expect that Yuri is a normal person. But the truth is, every time Yuri sees her, Yuri actually attract by her without knowing Jessica is the woman she end up talking with everyday. understood?? Well.. I will continue it in part 4 of this story. Almost a month of seeing each other, Jessica has fall in love with her. She kept that fact since she wants Yuri to be the one asking her for the real date.

Part 4

Jessica had sleep over Tiffany's lap. She's been over cried about Yuri who is actually forget about her.. Actually it was unintentional.

That evening, Jessica didn't get a dinner at the restaurant because Tiffany visited her out of blue yesterday so she wanted to be at home quickly as possible. When she on her way to her home, she fine Yuri come out from the store where she got those decorate things. She's thinking to make a surprise to Yuri so she waited at the corner. Yuri was not aware of Jessica and she just walks away. Jessica was perplexed and thinking about calling her but she wants to know what Yuri did exact everyday so she followed her.

"She's going to the Pub? What is she doing in the Pub? What's in the box?" Jessica talk to herself. Yuri entered the pub. Jessica found that she hugging a person and that makes her feel so jealous. "You came early today," she remark. "What do you mean I came early today?" Yuri chuckled. Jessica burst out to the door. "Yuri!" Jessica shouted to Yuri. Both of Yuri and Hyoyeon was shocked by that. Yuri and Hyoyeon look to each other. "Are you with someone else? is this your girlfriend?" Jessica pointed to Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon point to herself and Yuri pointed to Hyoyeon too.

"Hyoyeon? My girlfriend? Are you crazy err.. lady? I have a boyfriend," Yuri remark. After a moment of silence, something came over in Hyoyeon's mind. "Ah! Jennifer! Nope. Jamaica! nope. What's that.. ha! Jessica! You're Jessica right?" Hyoyeon widen her eyes as she questioning the lady. She is what Yuri said. Her eyes is so beautiful and when she glare, she is no joke. She can be mad but looking cute at the same time. No wonder Yuri looks so attracted by her. "You knew her?" Yuri asked Hyoyeon.

"Yuri..What are you saying?! And you have a boyfriend? Then, what am I to you?!" Jessica was shocked by question that come out from Yuri's mouth. Yuri look at her up and down as she tilt her head a little. Yuri is a bit perplexed. Hyoyeon quickly butt out. "Err..Yuri, I need to tell her something. Just don't start anything without me okay?" Hyoyeon said and Yuri replied with nod. "Come out for a sec with me, Jessica-ssi?" Hyoyeon dragged her eventually.

"What's that? Why is she looking at me like I'm a stranger? is she just said she has a boyfriend? I mean why she hitting on me when she has a boyfriend!" Jessica finally burst the thought. Hyoyeon sighed. She supposed to know that this will coming soon enough. "Look. I'm sorry for not telling or meet you or warning you about this. Yuri is..special," Hyoyeon try to explain.

"I don't understand. Yuri look perfectly normal to me," she look through the window and see Yuri browsing the box contain something like thread, ribbons, cards. "What is she doing? Is she celebrating something? It's for her boyfriend isn't it?" Jessica asked Hyoyeon. She scoffed. She wanted to burst tears right there but she don't want to be weak for a second time. Enough what happen 2 years ago. Crying on a guy that left her alone. "Yup. She does. It's for her boyfriend," Hyoyeon said. Jessica look away and folded her arms, thinking how stupid it was falling in love with Yuri. "B-but that's what she do everyday. Her boyfriend never exist anymore. He dumped her when she was in coma," She quickly turn her head to Hyoyeon. Jessica tilt her head. She was confused by Hyoyeon remark.

"What do you mean. 'This what she do everyday' ?"

Hyoyeon bit her lip. "It happen almost a year ago. Yuri was on her way to set what are you seeing inside earlier. I was there. Her boyfriend seeing someone else in the restaurant. Which is the place she supposed to have dinner with after. After the accident, her boyfriend never saw her. is because Yuri's father prevent him to do so. He did come once again two months after but to say he was getting married and he will never bother Yuri again," Jessica cover her mouth with her hand when she listen to it. She look at Yuri inside once again.

"Regardless what happen that day, when she wakes up from the coma, she only thinks what plan she has prepared for him. We're convincing her over and over again what happen. She cried and cried until she felt asleep. Her father doesn't want her to upset her more so he asked me to do this. Every day, every month, she will come to my pub and decorate things over. What I do every day, every month is to clean up things she made. Until the day she met you," Jessica look back to Hyoyeon again. Surprised by what Hyoyeon said after.

"W-what happen? After she met me?"
"You changed the whole thing Jessica. I'm just saying 'your boyfriend dumped you,' and you know what is her reaction was? She doesn't even cry and she's talking about a person she found in the restaurant. You. Every time."

Suddenly, Jessica's phone rings.

"Hello! Jessie! Where are you! You supposed to be in the house half an hour ago. Is this what you treat for a friend that come over yesterday? Because if I recall, she promise to tell me the story of she meeting her if I'm coming~" Tiffany sing-song the words.
Jessica keep on silent.
"Hello? Are you there Jessica?"
"Ye-yes I'm sorry. I'll be back in 20 minutes," Jessica put the phone back into her jeans.

"You have seeing her almost a month am I right? Because for that one month, she never stop talking about you and I know you must be fall in love with her. And I know, she fall in love with you too,"

"I'll think about it," Jessica quickly hold a cab that passed through the pub. Hyoyeon grab the cab's door before Jessica enter it.

"If you want to run away right now, it's alright. We're not supposed to drag you in our mess. We're just happy that finally Yuri can do different things instead what she had did for 7 months in her life. Please, if you really love her like she did, stay by her side,"

Jessica's mind was in mess. She was shocked to learn what happen to Yuri. She learns the truth. All this while, Yuri don't know her. She just coincidently sat at the restaurant and get hit on by Yuri because she is so excited to have a moment with her 'boyfriend'. She finally burst tears and cover her whole face with her hands.

A knock from the door and Tiffany open it. She was shocked that Jessica came with red eyes. Jessica hug Tiffany so tight. "Yah. Jessica. What happen?" Tiffany stroke Jessica's back repeatly. Tiffany bring her to the couch. After awhile, Jessica told her what happen today. She has learn the truth about Yuri. She was so tired that after she cried, she asleep in Tiffany shoulder and Tiffany put Jessica's head on her lap after that.

[end of flashback]

Tiffany called her girlfriend telling what's going on with their best friend.

"Ermm.. Pany-ah, do you remember that movie? where the girl is in Hawaii and a guy always hit on her? and the guy give her a tape?"
"What are you try to say here Taeyeonnie?"
"50 First Dates! Yesh! that one! Make Jessica use a tape to record what happen!"
"Video camera is the best choice I think,"
"then use video cam!"
"Do you think it works? Just like the movie?"
"Try it. Just like the guy in the movie said, if it doesn't work out, we've got another day,"
"When Jessica wakes up, I'll try to talk about it,"
"Good! soo..."
"What is it Taeyeon-ah?"
"When will you come back to me?"
"Till the day you bring me a puppy. nope.. 3 puppies!"
"What?! 3 pupp--"
Tiffany cut the phone line.

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