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First Dates EP5

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

what jessica's friend want to do?

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italics : Jessica's thought.

Jessica called her company saying she wanted a leave. Tiffany somehow is out when she woke up, leaving a note that she will be back after dinner. It's 11:10 and Jessica find herself bored at home so she decided to go outside.

Jessica look at the sky and walk slowly.

"Please, if you really love her like she did, stay by her side,"

The words ringing into Jessica's ears. She smirked when she remembers it. "Love me? She eventually will forget me. Is that you call love? What about if someone else seat at that place and not me one day? Will she remember who I am then? " Jessica scoffed too. She ruffles her hair.

"Excuse me?" Jessica heard a voice from her behind. She turn around. She was surprised to see who is it. "I'm sorry and this is random. Would you like to come in my house?" Jessica was shocked by the request.

"Ermm.. I'm Yuri. I was on my way to pick up some flowers in the nursery. I just...see you were wandering around here so I assuming you were..lost?"

Jessica get her mouth in 'o' shape. Yuri bit her lips. "Okay. That was a lie. I actually found you quite upset about something and I don't like someone beautiful in a frown face. So how is it? Would you like to come by to my house? Don't worry. I have a father in the house which he will go work at 3 P:M and a brother which is having honeymoon right now with his girlfriend to GOD know where.."

That part, Jessica doesn't hear at all. All is in her head was to meet Yuri's father and say something about this.

"Let's go," Jessica said when Yuri was continuing her story.

"I'm sorry..What?"

"Let's go to your house. I want to meet your father," Jessica give a straight lines to her lips.

"Sure then. Follow my lead?" Yuri gives her hand but Jessica seems to ignore it and walks in front. Yuri retreat her hand and she walks in the same rhythm with Jessica eventually.


No way..

"What?" Yuri asked her when Jessica suddenly paused.

"You just live 3 blocks from me?" Jessica blink repeatly. Almost a month knowing Yuri, she never knew that Yuri lives so close to her.

"Is it a good news or a bad news for me to live near you? You know..you are always welcome into my house then," Yuri unlocked the door.

"Dad! I'm home!" as Yuri open the door.

"Wait what? Aren't you supposed to buy flowers and create Hyoyeon's Pub with all--" Mr Kwon stop talking when he sees another person with Yuri.

"How do you know that? Dad! did you read my diary?!" Yuri run up to the upstairs. Thinking she just let the diary exposed even her bedroom was locked. Leaving Jessica and Mr Kwon in the living room.

Both Jessica and Mr. Kwon look at each other. Jessica bowed to him a little. And then, Mr Kwon gives a wide smile.

"Jessica. Right? You are Jessica," Mr. Kwon get closer to Jessica.

"Yes I am,"

"I-i'm sorry. I just don't bother get to see you because I already think it's the best way because she slowly forgot about her non-exist boyfriend. I mean ALMOST is the right word here."

"It's okay. I decided to follow her to your house because I want to say something," Before Jessica elaborates more about it, Yuri come down stairs.

"Sorry for letting you guys awkward to each other. Anyway this is..." Yuri try to introduce Jessica to her father but unfortunately, despite she has lost memory, and she doesn't bother to ask Jessica's name earlier, she paused for a moment.

"I'm Jessica. Jung Jessica," Jessica gives a straight line of her lips.

"Lord. You're pretty as your name," Yuri gives her honest opinion.

"She does. I don't care if you leave your boyfriend for her Yuri," Mr. Kwon stated.

"Dad!" Yuri blush to her father statement. Yuri look at Jessica who seems bother about the fact. Jessica look away. She wanted to say about this matter. Jessica wanted to let Mr. Kwon know that she doesn't want to be part of this Yuri's life anymore. Let Yuri do what she has did before. Yuri just happen to meet her because she sitting at the place where she wanted to date her 'boyfriend'. She regret about it. No wonder that waiter didn't let her sit the seat.

If only you remember me Yuri-ah. I can't-

"Jessica lives 3 blocks from our house!" Yuri's speech disturbed her thoughts.

"You know how I feel if I see someone this pretty frown in front of me right dad? So I decide to bring her home! To see how our house looks like. Everyone that come to our house always said this house bringing them a joy," She said to Jessica. Both of Mr. Kwon and Jessica look each other.

"There's no 'everyone'. Just Hyoyeon, Woori, SungMin, and Sunny. Close friend of my daughter," Mr. Kwon explained.

"Ah..By the way Yuri. I need to go out right away," Her father continued.

"What? Aren't you supposed to work by three o'clock?"

"Err yeah. But I decide to do extra time so.. I need to go out early than usual,"

"Oh..okay then. I guess you spend 9 hours with only me then Sica,"

"What? What did you say?"

"I said that you're gonna spend 9 hours time with only me then,"

"No. After that.. you call me.. Sica,"

"It's from your name. Jessica. I just hard to pronounce so... can I call you Sica?"

Jessica's heart beat faster.

Do you remember the moment in that restaurant Yuri-ah?

"Sica? Are you alright? You zoning out. My father has go out already," Yuri smile.

Sica. That's what you call me after you tease my Korean name.


"Hi..Can Kwon Yuri sit here?"

She chuckled when she sees this dorky moment of Yuri. Without she know there was something that makes Yuri different from others.

"Sure. Jung Jessica doesn't mind it. But if Kwon Yuri start annoyed Jung Jessica, Kwon Yuri has to go," she pout with hint of a smile in it.

"Does Jung Jessica have korean name?"

"Why do Kwon Yuri want to know Jessica's korean name?" Jessica asked her.

"By the way, It's Sooyeon," Jessica revealed it herself.

"Really. Why Sooyeon choose Jessica? Because Jung Jessica is like 4 syllables. Jung Sooyeon is 3 syllables. She should put Jung Sica instead. Kwon Yuri likes Jung Sica,"

"Yah. There's no English name as Sica. Jung Sooyeon already likes Jessica as her english name,"

"Do Kwon Yuri have English name like Sica?"

"Errmm.. Jung Jessica likes Cameron Diaz. So Kwon Yuri's English name is Cameron. Kwon Cameron," Jessica stick her tongue out.

"It's okay. Kwon Yuri likes Kwon Yuri's korean name already. So don't call Kwon Yuri as Caramel,"

"It's Cameron not Caramel,"

then both of them laugh

[end of flashback]

"I hope you don't mind my cooking, my late mom did this only in special day," Yuri was in the kitchen without Jessica realize what happen earlier.

"You surely love to zoning out aren't you?" Yuri chuckled. "Wonder that's why your boyfriend leaves you?" Jessica shocked by Yuri's statement.

"Wait. Hold on.. Do you remember-"

"Sorry! Didn't mean to offend you. It's just.. sometimes you look adorable when you were zoning out. I love that eyes. I say, he is total s*it then for leaving you," as she continue to chopping some of ingredients she found in the fridge.

She can't remember me but why she always did say something she like in the restaurant.

"I'm sorry Yuri-ah. The longer I'm staying here, the harder it gets to leave you, Yuri-ah. I'm sorry," Jessica let herself out from Yuri's house.

"Wait!" Yuri get out from the kitchen and try to stop her. It was to late, Jessica has run half way. Yuri shook her head. She turn "That meal.."
"Ah! Yuri-ah, remember? that she just 3 blocks away?" Yuri smiles to herself.


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