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First Dates EP6

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

woohoo.. jessica's friend loves someone. and that someone happen to be the reason why yuri is like that..

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"Why did you give me a call and let me come over here instead of Taeyeon?" Sooyoung asked her best friend's girlfriend.

That night after Tiffany called her girlfriend while Jessica was asleep, she make another call to Sooyoung. She persistent that Sooyoung come over to the place where Jessica get transfer. That morning, Sooyoung's plane has arrived and Tiffany silently get out from the house, leaving the note, she will be back after dinner.

"I'm still in protest to my girlfriend. If she didn't buy me a puppy..nope, 3 puppies, she'll never get me back to her house. Besides, you are the best candidate to help me. to help Jessica. You are fond of her if I'm not mistaken,"

"That's a long time ago. I'm still fond of her but as much as I love my cousin. And no feelings like you and Taeyeon. Aren't you scared? What if Taeyeon meet another woman if you continue to be like this?" Sooyoung smirked as Tiffany cling up to her right arm.

"She'll not. She attached to me thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. And if she does want find another someone in her life..." Tiffany gets her head held up high.

"she or he better be our child," Tiffany look at Sooyoung with her tongue sticking between her teeth. Sooyoung could only scoffed. This girl has higher confidence than anyone else. Taeyeon got lucky to meet Tiffany. She wish that she's like Tiffany too.

Tiffany wandering around the airport. If she remembers correctly, there's a camera store in the airport. She's right. There's a store. She dragged Sooyoung. Sooyoung was perplexed.

"Wait. Aren't we supposed to head to Jessica's house?" Sooyoung found that Tiffany dragged her to a Camera Store. Tiffany try to choose the best video camera.

"What's your plan?" Sooyoung asked Tiffany as she was concentrate choosing the best.

"Did you remember 50 First Dates movie?"

"Yeah. Especially the song. Forgetful Lucy~ She has nice--"

"Cut it out. Anyway, I want Jessica to try the same method as that movie. Record everything. Since the technology becomes more advance, we'll just use Video Camera. And if they wanted to burn it, they can burn it into a CD!" Tiffany said it with excited tone.

"Why are you excited about this anyway?"

"Because after 2 years closing her heart, she finally fall in love once again. And you just a coward for not doing anything. Or else she has become yours these two years," Tiffany give her crinkled nose.

" I told you that I'm not fond of her like you guys fond of each other anymore. We're good like friend, cousins, sisters. Something that related to a family thingy," Sooyoung explained to her.

"Unless!" Tiffany sudden voice surprised Sooyoung. "You finally found someone," she said. Causing Sooyoung to look away. Tiffany widen her eyes and gives big open mouth. "You did found someone! How could you not telling us about this?!" She hit Sooyoung.

"I don't want to..because I don't know what is our status right now,"

"What do you mean?" Tiffany tilt her head.

"She still someone's wife. She's on her way to divorce that guy but there's something between it that makes them still attached together and I don't know if I can do something about it," Sooyoung tells the truth. Tiffany let the 'o' shape mouth hanging a long time. Tiffany watch the display. She lost for words.

"Aren't you gonna say something?" Sooyoung smirked.

"Yeah. Why do you always get the wrong girl? First, your classmate, Hara. Taeyeon told me about this one. You love her but then she got a boyfriend named Jonghyun. Then you found Jessica, which is your and Taeyeon college's friend, before Taeyeon met me. But then Jessica find her boyfriend. Taeyeon told me you had a crush on her but you never tell about it. She breaks up two years ago and you still doesn't approach yourself to her because Jessica said she had enough. I was there always to make her comfort instead of both of you. And now this? You fall in love with someone's wife? You are in curse or what?"

Sooyoung nod slowly while Tiffany point out one of video camera to the man in charge.

"Seems legit. But this time, I really in love with her Fany-ah,"

"When do you meet her?"

"About two months ago I think? I was buying some stuff for dinner that night and there she was, let her lips moving side to side like the 'Bewicthed' movie while looking at the food lables. I get amused by it and I approach her thinking she might need help. That part of meeting bringing me to take her to a dinner in Burger King. Her laugh is so cute. She has her own eyes smile like you. After awhile, talking about everything, we get out from the restaurant, I held a cab for her. She thanks me. And I said welcome. She kissed my cheek. I said 'why?' and she said she never let herself out like this when she's with someone else, therefore a kissed to my cheek,"

Sooyoung stop her story. Looking at Tiffany. Maybe not listening to her. Turn out Tiffany did listen to her story.

"Go on! what happen next?!" she said excitedly.

"Before she go, she open the cab's window and look me with a happiest smile, she thanked me for something else. She said 'Thanks Sooyoung. You leave me with a good memories on my bad day. Perhaps, when I'm having a bad day, I want someone like you to leave me a good memories once again. Bye Shikshin!'

And that moment, my heart beat faster instantly because of that smile. The next day, I was hoping to see her in the store where I buy my stuff. I was right, she still there. Then I know why she said I'm giving her a good memories on her bad day. She and her ex-husband-to-be visited that town to tell his family regarding the divorce matter. We met again and this continue until a week ago, "

"She left you?!" Tiffany gasped.

"Yes, she left me but not in the bad way alright?," Sooyoung assure her.

"She has told me that she wanted to leave in a week. Scare of that thought of never met her again, I told her I'm in love with her and she's the one who kiss my lips first, " Sooyoung support her chin with her right hand above the counter and look at Tiffany.

"And we did it twice already," Sooyoung bit her lower lip. She stand up staright.

"but she still someone's wife you said,"

"I know. I know," She sighed.

"You know what? I want to confront her husband. I want him to let her go. I want her to be mine. I will do anything,"

"to that extend? Is she worth it?"

"Hell yeah.." Sooyoung replied.

"Here you go Miss. Your video camera. Sign this warranty card and you are good to go,"

Both of Sooyoung and Tiffany bowed to the seller.


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