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First Dates EP7

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

so this is a little bit of past..

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2 years ago

"Divorce her or you got nothing in this family," Sungmin's mother warning him.

"Mom, I love her. We don't want to get divorce. Take all of it if that is what I have to let go," Sungmin held tight Sunkyu's right hand.

"You rather chose to have nothing because of this girl?! What could possibly she can give it to you?" Sungmin's mother is out of rage. She look at Sunkyu.

"What did you do?! Did you voodoo him? My son never be like this! Since he's back from that village, he's disobeyed me!" Sungmin's mother give Sunkyu a slap at her face.

"Mom! She does nothing!" Sungmin let his whole body cover up Sunkyu.

"Out! If you want to be this part of the family back, divorce her!"

And then, Sunkyu's mind not in the situation. All that she could hear was the shout and scream. Out of sudden Sungmin dragged her out.


"I'm sorry," Sunkyu uttered the word. Sungmin sighed. "Why do you always sorry to the things that is not your fault,"

"I told you before that I'm a bad luck for you," Sunkyu knew her weakness. She has been this unlucky since.. forever. For her she is. Before Sungmin, Sunkyu had found 2 guys had crush on her in the village. Sunkyu dated them and something bad happen. Now everybody buying a rumor that Sunny is a bad luck for guys. When Sungmin was travelling the village and found her, he is the only guy that come further to her than anyone else. He doesn't care what that rumor was. He even married Sunkyu to prove it.

Sungmin's mother never let her tantrum out because she loves her son so much. When Sungmin decide he want to travel around the world before working seriously, his mother approved. When Sungmin want a private jet, his mother could give him instantly. That is how his mother loves him. Sungmin once had joked if he found a lady and married instantly, he told his mother don't freak out. His mother wouldn't care less so she told him "only if she can make you happy,".

But it went wrong. Today, Sungmin come with Sunkyu and Sungmin's mother let out her tantrum. That's why his mother accused Sunkyu to have voodoo on him. Turn out, Sungmin's mother has a match for her son secretly.

"And I told you that there is no luck or unlucky exist in the world," Sungmin cupped her face.

"Don't you see what happen there oppa? Your mom accused me to let voodoo on you. Because I live at the very unknown village to start with, " Sunny look down and grabbed Sungmin's hand to her hands now.

"Forget what my mother said earlier. And don't think too deep about it. From now on, we live in the different environment. We build a new life together alright?,"
She try believe Sungmin's word.

One year 6 months ago,

"This is your key Mr. and Mrs Lee," the salesman handed out the key. Sungmin and Sunkyu bowed to salesman. Once the salesman goes out. Sungmin tightly hug Sunkyu and Sunkyu welcome it.

"This is gonna be our house," Sunkyu said. "And restaurant," Sungmin give a peck of kiss to Sunkyu lips.

One year 3 months ago,

Sungmin bring back older books he bought from someone that want to move out. "Old books? What are you going to do with that oppa?" Sunkyu asked.
"I heard that people always come cross in this area. And I'm thinking, what happen if we did place a mini library here? I mean, they can read the books while they eat our food. And once they attached to the book, It is not impossible that they want another order from us," Sungmin tell his idea. Sunny agreed.


Sunkyu was pasting the advertisement that she want to hired a chef when a lady greet her. "A restaurant? Wow. Finally a restaurant! Not a club!" she said excitedly. "Oh this? I just wanted to increase our income. I live up above our restaurant," Sunny replied she point above.

"Well, I guess we'll be the first person to welcome you in the neighbourhood. My name is Yuri and this is my boyfriend, Park Hon Bin," she introduced. Both of the bowed to each other. "I'm Sunkyu. I live here with my husband Sungmin," Sunkyu introduced herself.

"You want to hire a chef huh? I think I just might have someone for you," she said. Sunkyu couldn't be happier to heard that. Maybe lucky or unlucky isn't exist. Sunkyu thought. "Come over to my house this evening if you may. I just live 9 blocks from here. You just turn right over there and you can see my house. I will introduce you to him."

"We will," Sunkyu replied.

And that evening, Sungmin and Sunkyu visited her. Yuri introduced her to Jong Kook, her father's friend. Sunkyu was surprised by the muscles, but Yuri said don't get fool by his appearance.

One year ago,

"Hon Bin?" Sunkyu surprised. She was trying to take an order when she realised it was Hon Bin with a lady and it's not Yuri. Yuri had come earlier for celebrate her annual with Hon Bin. Jong kook wasn't realised what happen since he was in the kitchen. While Sungmin was on his way to buy some groceries for tomorrow.

"Sunkyu-ssi, let me explain,"

"You know her?" that lady asked.

"She's a.. friend of my friend..," Hon Bin state.

"So what thing you need to explain to her?" the lady folded her arms. Then, the three of them hear a thud from the streets. Someone was screaming Yuri's name. Everyone in the restaurant sees the accident.

10 months ago,

"How was she?" Sunkyu and Sungmin visited Yuri in the hospital. There, Sunkyu and Sungmin know Hyoyeon and Woori. Hyoyeon told how Yuri got an accident. She saw her boyfriend with someone else that day. Sunkyu was shocked to heard that.

"She's doing fine but doctor said, Yuri can't accept new memory," Mr Kwon state.

"Dad! It's that Hon Bin oppa?" Yuri asked her father. "Nope. It's Sunkyu and her husband,"

"Really? Invite they come in then," Yuri said behind the door.

"She knew everything before the accident but she doesn't remember which cause her to be like this," Mr. Kwon explain. Sungmin and Sunkyu look at each other. Sunkyu thinks this is her fault to start with.

9 months ago,

"Sunkyu! Please save the seat for me! It's for my 100th day with my boyfriend. I need that seat to become our romantic place!," Yuri begged her. It's for the nth time already Yuri asked for this. Since the accident, Sunny feels she was responsible to what happen with Yuri. Sometimes she and SungMin will visited Yuri's house when they were free.


"Could you stop doing this?! For the nth time I told you that it wasn't your fault!" Sungmin finally let his tantrum out at Sunkyu. Sunkyu look down. She scared of Sungmin's rage. Their restaurant almost got shut down because turn out Sungmin can't settle down the bill. Sungmin let that be a secret. It supposed to be their problem but Sungmin's ego had been triggered because everyone know him as a son of Lee Enterprise. He supposed to have enough money but everyone giving the opinion that he wasn't good enough that's why he work as a manager of small restaurant. No one know Sungmin was married to a village lady except Yuri, Mr. Kwon, Hyoyeon, Jong Kook and Woori.

"I'm the one who doesn't want you to know all about these! I'm the one who keepin the secret because you have help me enough! I'm the one who's at fault when I thought you are my lucky charm! My mom was right! You give something in me!" Sungmin slip the words. Sunkyu drag her head up and cover her mouth. She burst in tears too. She can't believe what Sungmin had said. Sunkyu leave the living room and locked herself in their bedroom.

3 months ago,

"I hired someone," Sungmin said.

"What? But you said-" Sunkyu wanted to say when Sungmin cut her words.

"I told my dad. He let me lend the money," Sungmin paused. Sunkyu know that pause mean. She learn it from her previous relationship. This time it's not break-up but a divorce. She let Sungmin finsh his sentences.

"I hired someone so that the restaurant still giving an income when we are out of town. My parents wanted to see me and you. They give these plane tickets for tomorrow," he said. Sunkyu nod like she don't know what will come. Before they were out of town, Sunkyu told the new worker, Seohyun that a person will come, demand the seat closer to that window and then, they leave the place.


"I will divorce her if you guys do exactly what I'm saying,"

Mr. And Mrs Lee nodded. As long as Sungmin will divorce her.

"I want you to give amount of money and buy her the house where we are staying in,"

Mr. And Mrs Lee was shocked by Sungmin request. Sunkyu was in shocked too.

"This is ridiculous!" Mrs. Lee stand up.

"Do that and I will divorce her. Or you just a fool old man that got troll by a young man when you lend the money without any paper to prove it,"
Everyone was in silent.

"I'll do that. But from now on you can't live with this poor village girl," Mr. Lee said.

"As you said," by that, Sungmin drag Sunkyu out from the place.


"I'm sorry," Sungmin cupped her face.

"No. I AM Sorry. We shouldn't be together in the first place oppa,"

"I still love you. I do Sunkyu,"

"But to be honest to you oppa, my love for you become less after what you said to me," Sunkyu tell the truth.

"take back what you said earlier to your parents. I don't deserve any of it from you,"


"Then... let those be the paid for what I've said to you,"

2 months ago

It takes a couple months to let the divorce and money transfer procedure end. Sunkyu live nearby hotel because of that.

That's when Sunkyu had met Sooyoung. Sooyoung let her stressed on something disappeared just like a wind. Sunkyu had mention she is still someone's wife when Sooyoung want to know more about her. Out of nowhere they did it together.


The procedure was complete but Sungmin getting married. Sunkyu was shocked by that. She can't believe what happen. Sunkyu was crying that night and she decide to go back home.

The next day, before she leave, she told Sooyoung that she wanted to leave the place without Sooyoung know that Sunkyu had been single. Sooyoung told her that she was in love with Sunkyu.

Sunkyu heart skip a beat. She had kissed Sooyoung to test whether she was in love too or just lust over her.

Indeed, Sunkyu was in love with her but she still can't forget Sungmin. Sunkyu said to Sooyoung she need a time and Sooyoung let her.

"if you were meant to be with me, you will find me Sooyoung," Sunkyu whispered to herself as she turn her head to Sooyoung for the last time.

[end of flashback]

Seohyun was cleaning up the table when someone she knew enters the restaurant. She bowed quickly.

"Ah! Good Afternoon Mrs Lee! It's been two months!" Sunkyu was startled by the name Seohyun said.

"Yah! Sunkyu-ah! You're back!" the chef, Jong Kook came out from the kitchen when he heard Seohyun scream the name. Lucky that people in the restaurant is not that many.

"Good afternoon Seohyun. Jong kook Oppa. Hyunnie, how many time that I said to you to call me Sunkyu unnie? I was 2 years older than you. That Mrs. Lee name make me look older," she chuckled.

"She still call me Jong Kook sunbae instead of Oppa," Jong kook state. Sunny giggled by that statement.

"How about Yuri unnie? Is she here now? I want to give some merchandise that I bought on the side of Korea," she showed it to Seohyun.

"And here is one for you," Sunkyu give Seohyun a phone casing with Keroro design behind it. She was about to say 'thank you' but Sunny interrupt her.

"So how was the day? I'm sorry. I've been back to this town a week ago. I knew this restaurant did not have much customer anymore. I'm considering to give both you a letter for you to resign--"

"No no! It's pretty good! Our restaurant has much income these two months!" Seohyun said it happily.

"What? Really? Well..I'm guessing it's because of someone that is beautiful and young taking a good care of my restaurant," she ruffled a bit of Seohyun's hair.

"Thanks Mrs Lee! I mean Sunkyu unnie! About Yuri unnie.. She's not here yet," Seohyun said. Sunkyu look upon Jong Kook. The build-up muscles chef nodded, agree what Seohyun said.

"She still not passed by here? That's weird. She supposed too by now.. She never missed it," Sunkyu tilt her head in confusion.

"I guess she has visit Hyoyeon at the pub then. Maybe she's there. Could you handle the restaurant?"

"I've been doing it for almost three months now. Of course I can handle it!" Sunkyu forgot a moment. She pinch between her nose. Jong Kook saw that.

"Sunkyu, before you go, come with to the back of kitchen for a minute," Jong kook said. Sunny agreed.

They arrived at the back of the kitchen.

"So how about Sungmin and you?" Jong Kook asked her finally.

"We're divorced now," Sunkyu give a straight line lips.

Jong Kook knew this matter when he was delivered items to the restaurant below their flat that day. Jong Kook the one who comfort Sunkyu the next day.

"I'm sure you find someone that match with you someday. And love everything about you Sunkyu-ah," Jong kook give his brother-to-sister hug towards Sunkyu.

"I will be fine. Come on. You have customer to serve for,"

"Oh about that, Seohyun said to me that she want a new worker to help her since the restaurant get numerous customers come in your restaurant," as they enter the restaurant back.

"What? For real? I thought that they never come after what Yuri did-" Sunkyu didn't finsh her sentences because her eyes was on someone she knew.



"Son Who?" Tiffany said.

A:N = will used 'Sunny' after this whole story were wrapped. >.<


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