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First Dates EP8

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

what the..?

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At Part 2 of this story, Yuri's routine was visit the Hyoyeon's Pub first. Second, she visit the nursery and third she visit the restaurant and last, the store, buying things. but at part 5 A, I wrote, she skipped the routine because she found Jessica was gloomy over something. Remember, she doesn't know who Jessica was okay? And at the last update I mentioned, Sunkyu said it's time Yuri to visit the restaurant right? This visited time of Yuri was supposed after Yuri visited the nursery but Sunkyu thinks she probably skipped it. Just saying that Yuri sometimes will did this but she would never miss it. I mean, just about Sunkyu and SungMin thought she forgot to visit their restaurant at that time, Yuri could possibly come back. That's why Sunkyu find it odd when Seohyun and Jong Kook said Yuri didn't come yet. Got it? Omo.. I think I made all my readers confused more than what I think.. I can't help it! I'm sorry~! T-T

Anyway.. I present you..

First Dates


Part 7

"Tomato. Tomato. Tomato. Where's that freaking Tomato!" Yuri scratch her non-itch head as she mumbles the words. Her recipes just about to finish in one hour but she just need three big tomato to complete that. She wonder how long she doesn't cook at home. She was just about to give up when she had an idea pop out.

"Sunkyu! or I just buy tomatoes in the market?" she tilt her head. "The market was just 10 blocks from my house but Sunkyu's restaurant is 9 blocks from here. It means I'll meet Sunkyu and her husband before the market. I'm sure she doesn't mind if I want some of it," she concludes all by herself as she shrugged her shoulder a bit.


"Sun-kyu?" Sooyoung can't believe what's in front of her eyes

"Son Who?" Tiffany asked Sooyoung.

"What are you doing here?" Both of them saying it together.

"This is my restaurant"

"I'm visiting my best friend," both of them saying it together again.

"Oh! Is she the one that you are talking about?" Tiffany look at Sooyoung.

"Who is she?" Jong Kook said. Sooyoung look at the man beside.

"She's..a friend. A friend that I found when we were getting a divorce," Sunkyu tell him.

"Are you..Sunkyu's husband?" Sooyoung ask the big guy beside Sunkyu.

"What if I am?" he put his hands at his waist. Looking straight to Sooyoung.


"Hyoyeon. Is something happen to Yuri?" Woori asked Hyoyeon.

"I hope not. But it's a lie if I said I'm not scare if something happen to her," Hyoyeon folded her arms worriedly. Yuri should enter her pub right now but there's no sign of her.

"oh! Maybe she did remember something! You said that Jamaica girl comes yesterday right?" Woori gives her opinion.

"Her name is Jessica not Jamaica, Woori-ah. And why did you think so?"

"Well you did say, after that girl left, she becomes fragile all of sudden and she doesn't have a heart to continue the decoration and you said she mumbles 'something was wrong'," Woori trying to gives her a big picture. Hyoyeon tilt her head to absorb what Woori means. Yuri left her pub yesterday with heavy heart though. Hyoyeon tell Yuri to go home and sleep early too.

Just as soon she try to understand it, Hyoyeon sees Yuri walking pass her pub. She brought a bunch of flowers. And that's odd.

"Did I just see Yuri..brought a bunch of flowers?"

"You're not blind. I see it too," Woori said.

Hyoyeon quickly try to chase Yuri with Woori followed behind her.

"Yuri!" Hyoyeon shout. Yuri turn her body with a huge smile on her face. Hyoyeon and Woori stops in front of her.

"Oh Hi Hyoyeon-ah!" She brightly smile to her friend.

"where are you going ?" as her eyes to what's in Yuri's hand.

"I'm on my way to Sunkyu's restaurant. I need her tomatoes,"

"You need to go to her restaurant because you want tomatoes and you give her the flowers?"

"No. It's for someone else. I'm just on my way to Sunkyu's restaurant just for the tomatoes," Yuri's chuckled.

"for who?"

"I just know her this morning. Sica. Her name was Sica. I brought her home but she left--"

"You mean..Jessica?" Hyoyeon cut her words.

"Yeah. That one. So you guys have met her I supposed," she smiles widely once again.

Both of Hyoyeon and Woori was shocked. They wanted to follow Yuri to the restaurant. Yuri find it odd but she let them.


"What if I am?" Jong Kook look straight to Sooyoung.

"I-I..I ermm," Sooyoun stuttered. Tiffany somehow step a back and hide herself behind Sooyoung.

"Oppa. Don't scare her like that. Sooyoung, he's like a brother to me. Jong Kook Oppa, meet my friend Sooyoung. Sooyoung, meet my chef a.k.a like brother to me, Kim Jong Kook," Sunkyu introduce.

"I love Sunkyu! Please let me to be with her!" Sooyoung burst out. She walks forward to Sunkyu and held her hands. Tiffany's with 'o' mouth to what Sooyoung just did.

"Wait. You love this girl, Sooyoung-ssi?" Jong Kook point to Sunkyu.

"I love her with all my heart," She said.

"Wow. I just can't believe my prayer answered so fast," Jong Kook smile.

"But..unnie is married," Seohyun innocently state.

"I know that. But I love her. I'm willing to do whatever. I don't want to slip any more chance to be with the one who I love,"

"I'm divorce already Sooyoung-ah. Seohyun," Sunkyu state.

"What? You already divorce? I thought you are still with your husband. I'm already prepare to confront him and ask him to let go off you. Why didn't you say so?"

"Omo. I'm sorry for calling you Mrs Lee earlier!." Seohyun bowed as she apologised repeatly.

"It's okay. I don't blame you. You don't know," Sunkyu said.

"The reason why I didn't tell you before because I'm having trouble whether I'm in love with you or I'm just heartbroken and mad with my ex-husband," Sunkyu paused.

"You mean.. what you did two months ago with me is just lust taken over?"

Sunkyu nod slowly. "I even mad at myself that day because I'm just....so unlucky Sooyoung," she drop a tears.

"I thought.. we wouldn't meet each other after what we did but you still found me and I just --"

Sooyoung silent her with a kiss. Sunkyu was taken aback but slowly close her eyes. She never feel this with her ex before or 2 guys before. After several seconds, Sooyoung let go of her kiss. She look deeps to Sunkyu's eyes.

"Finally I found someone that have same fate as me," She smiles.

"What?" Sunkyu said.

"I'll tell you later. But for now, can you accept--" Someone grab her shoulder and turn her around.

"What the--"


"How dare you kiss Sunkyu! Hyoyeon! call Sungmin oppa over!"

"Yuri-ah!" Sunkyu shout.

Tiffany however catch those scene with video camera which she supposed to give Jessica. She just can't believe that Sooyoung has a lover and she want Taeyeon and Jessica to watch that. She was too late to warn Sooyoung about that lady who grab her shoulder and for that Sooyoung received a slap from a lady. Sunkyu shout Yuri's name. Then, Tiffany's head registered something. the lady who slapped Sooyoung's face is Jessica's crush.


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