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First Dates EP9

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

wait.. what??

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"Sooyoung!" Sunny take a place to Sooyoung's spot.
"Yuri!" Hyoyeon scream when she saw Yuri slap Sooyoung's face.
"Yuri?" Tiffany know that name. So she just found the lady Jessica talk about.
"Yah Hyoyeon! What are you waiting for?! Call Sungmin! right now! N.O.W!" Yuri scream to her friend.

What the..did I speak english earlier? I spelled 'now' earlier?

"Yah! You dark skin facial! How dare you slap me in the face!" Sooyoung almost wants to hit back Yuri but Sunkyu stopped her from going any further.
"Stop. She doesnt remember anything Sooyoung," Sunkyu tell her. Tiffany move forward to Sooyoung. Her eyes smile too is appeared. She whispered to Sooyoung. "Yah. She is Yuri!" Tiffany hissed to Sooyoung. Sooyoung widen her eyes as she rubs her cheek that being slap by Yuri. Sunkyu also try to look at Sooyoung face. Tiffany point the camera to Yuri. "What is that? What are you recording about?" Yuri seemed to pissed off.

"Candid Camera!" Hyoyeon shouted. Everyone start to look at Hyoyeon. Woori hits Hyoyeon. "What the heck? Is that the best you can do?" she hissed. "Well.. At least its stop for a bit," Hyoyeon said back to her.

"Are this for real?" Yuri look at everyone. "No. I'm just kidding. Its just to stop everyone from shouting at each other," Hyoyeon said. "Are you seriously?" Yuri raised one of her eyebrows. "She kissed our Sunkyu and the best to stop all of it.. Candid Camera? Because this chick over there hold the camera?" Yuri conclude all. "At least it stopped you from shouting," Hyoyeon talk back. "Argh.. What's wrong with you people?" Yuri look at Sunkyu. She walk to Sunkyu and ignore that tall lady.

"Excuse m--!" Sooyoung was mad at Yuri's behave. Tiffany brought Sooyoung to the corner so she doesn't interrupt Yuri from talking with Sunkyu. "Are you alright? Who the hell she think she is?" Yuri look secretly to Sooyoung and Sooyoung still rubs her cheek from Yuri's slap. "Yuri, this is complicated to talk about. With you who always doesn't know everything, I'm really sure that you will get an headache," Sunkyu try to explain as well as she could. "Try me," Yuri assured her. "No. Its not like that. I guess you have to sleep and tomorrow it will be like usual," Sunkyu hold her hands. "No. no no. I need an explanation. She kissed you but I saw you let her too. Why? Its like.. you have move on while you still are Sungmin oppa's wife," Yuri said. "I am moved on. He divorced me. 2 months ago," Sunkyu replied. "That doesnt make any sense at all. I visited this restaurant just a month ago. You both look happy and now you are divorcee? Even met her?" Yuri asked.

"No. Its been nine months we're having a problem--"
"Its because of this woman? then Sunkyu, you should--"
"Stop. Its not because of Sooyoung,"
"Then Sungmin oppa himself? All happy things I watched before are fake? That's why you want to build a new relationship in this town?"
"I told you its complicated to tell you. Never mind Yuri. Just thought this day is a dream alright? Tomorrow you wake up you will forget everything,"
"You have to tell me the truth. How can I accept the fact when she kissed you, and you just let her. It's not..normal," Yuri finally speak the truth.
"Excuse me? You love a lady yourself and you think what I do is wrong? I love her. I wanna stay with her for the rest of my life," Sooyoung seems appeared to Yuri's back and gives her feedback about what she thinks.
"What do you mean? I have boyfriend alright? I'm not in love with woman. I speak the truth!" Yuri talk back. "Sooyoung. Remember what I said earlier, she cant remember anything," Sunkyu warned her. "Then let us speak out everything! Tomorrow she would never remember anything back," Sooyoung said to Sunkyu and look back to Yuri.
"Why are you guys saying I wouldnt remember anything? You think I have short-terms memory loss or something?" Yuri is perplexed. Tiffany put out the camera on the table and go to Yuri. "Yuri. We don't know you and you don't even know us. But you know our friend, Jessica,"
"Jessica? You mean you are friend of the lady that 3 blocks away from our house? Yeah, I just met her. What are you going to do with this?" Yuri asked Tiffany. "So you guys are Jessica's friend? Hi, I'm Hyoyeon and this is Woori. I would love to talk about how Yuri's behave when she met Jessica everytime," Hyoyeon shake her hands with Sooyoung and Tiffany.
"Hey, this is not the time to introduce. I want to know why you guys think I'm having trouble remember anything and what is going to do with me and your friend, Sica," Yuri eager to know about it.
"Even you have give the nick name?"
"Stop it! Tell me right away," Her eyes become so intense.
"Okay. First. Yuri, could you tell me what date is today?" Tiffany said.
"It's Oktober 25 2011. Its 100 days after I met my boyfriend," Yuri replied.
"It is November 12 2012 already," Tiffany said. Yuri widen her eyes. She couldn't believe what she heard.
"You've gotta be kidding me," Yuri scoffed.
"We tell the truth. You've been so oblivious to surrounding. Because you are to occupied to build something for your..*coughexcough* boyfriend," Hyoyeon said.
Yuri caress her forehead. She check her pocket if she can find her phone. "You havent carried anything. You brought only your watch. And borrowed money from your Dad," Hyoyeon mention. Yuri look disbelieve but she tries to take it.

"Ho- how long did I have doing all this stuff?" Yuri gulped and start to build a tear but she hold it. "For almost 7 months now. with 2 months coma. We've been telling you everyday though when you are in hospital but.. every time you woke up you will start crying," Hyoyeon tells her. Tiffany and Sooyoung smile weakly. Sunkyu only nod. "Jessica comes to your life and you start changing. You treat her sometimes, you know that? And about your decoration, its really becoming less and you go home early too. I have good sleep time finally!" Hyoyeon throws her hands up only to receive hit from Woori.

Everybody looks at Yuri. "Yuri? Are you okay?" Sunkyu asked her. "I just need a time alone," by that saying, she run away. Everyone look at each other. "Is it okay to let her go like that? did anyone know where will she go?" Tiffany asks to everyone. "I bet she goes to her father's place. She said it calms her down," Jong Kook who have friend with Yuri's father for 13 years said. Hyoyeon, Woori and Sunkyu seems to believe Jong Kook's prediction.


"Hello? Who is this?" Jessica replied back.
"It's me Fany. who did you think would called you?"
"I don't know. Maybe Taeyeon. You sound a lot like her nowadays. Even her dorky side," Jessica said it flatly.
"Yeah right. Just want you to know, we'll be there in 10, 9, 8,--"
"Why do you say 'we'?"
"Open the door. I guess its time say 1!"

Aish..Tiffany always in happy mood. Why I can just be like her?

Jessica opened the door to reveal 2 person she doesnt meet yet. And of course Tiffany and Sooyoung. and someone she knew but don't remember their name.

"We told Yuri,"
Jessica didnt catch the words.
"short story. this is Sunny. Sooyoung's girlfriend. Hyoyeon, Woori and Seohyun,"
"Do you have to mention she's mine?" Sooyoung is embarrassed but keep Sunkyu's hand intertwine with her hand.
"What's all this?" Jessica asks back.
"Don't you hear what I said? I said we told Yuri,"
"What things?" Jessica still didnt catch the words.
"Just show her what we record, Fany-ah," Sooyoung finally point it out.
"Okay, here we goes,"

Tiffany pushes her and playback all things from the beginning of the record in television. Jessica invite the other guests eventually.


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