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Give them a second chance..

By: Tanillah

Page 1, After 4 years marriage, her husband gave her a bad news. then, her high school friend comes with a hope she loves her back. Could this be a second chance for both of them?

Coloured fonts are thoughts.


“Why do you packing all of your clothes?” Tiffany asked the guy in front of her. No answers come from that guy. He's pack for more. The guy just looked down to that lady’s statement.

“ Jeon Mil, I ask you once again. Why did you pick up your clothes?”.

“I think I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life Tiffany. And that’s why I think I should go,” Jeon Mil just brushing over Tiffany’s shoulder and straight to the door.

“That’s it? After I against my father, after I rejected my scholarship, after I listen to your sweet words, after we live in this apartment for 6 years, you said that you have made the biggest mistake of your life?”

This time, out of the sudden, the lady let the tears flow on her cheeks. Jeon Mil is opening the front door. He doesn’t know that lady is crying. He can never look at her at all.

“I’m divorcing you Tiffany. You can have this flat. I’m giving you, and I’m so sorry,” Going with that words, Jeon Mil leave the flat and a paper on the floor. Tiffany just stunned by Jeon Mil statement. She slowly walks towards the paper on the floor and read it.

Here by this, with in clearly mind, I’m, Kim Jeon Mil, 32 years old, divorcing Hwang Miyoung a.k.a Stephanie Hwang, 25 years old. I’m willingly giving all of my share to her without any---…..

She’s slump on the floor as she read that first sentence. “Why? Why? I don’t understand..I don’t understand at all,” she hugging that paper tightly and burst into tears.
She opens her eyes. She notices she is in the bed. She then heard a mutter comes from someone. Then, that someone’s eyes looking at her.

“Tiffany, you’re awake,” as the lady approaching to Tiffany.

“Where am I?” Tiffany put her hand on her head. She feels dizzy as the moment she wakes up.

“You should rest awhile. I found you were fainted in front of the door. So I brought you inside your house,”

“Thanks Jessi..” the paper.

“Wait! Where’s the paper? Jessi, where’s the paper I’m holding to when I’m fainted?!”

“Err..Miss Jung. If you may, can I go now?” the doctor asks Jessica Jung.

“Oh yes, you can go now. Thank you, Doctor Kwon,” and she goes after Jessica let her permission.

“Jessi, where’s that paper?” Tiffany’s eyes redden all sudden.

“I put it on your desk. I’m sorry Tiffany. I read it. He divorced you isn’t he?,” Jessica hugs Tiffany as she is comforting her. Tiffany burst into tears again in that latter hug.

“I don’t know where I do wrong Jessi. He left me all sudden. I just know that my mother died 2 weeks ago, by the time that I get home, my father kicked me out and said that I’m not his daughter anymore. And now this? Please Jessi. Let this be the last,” She hugs Jessica so tightly and let herself burst into tears more.

“Tiffany..I’m sorry to say this but there’s more,” Jessica let go of the hug. There’s a silent between that. Jessica try to speak at last.

“That doctor has checked you up. The reason why you passed out…”

“No, don’t say it Jessi. No,” She covered up her mouth and shook her head because she thinks she knows what comes next.

“Tiffany, you.. You are pregnant. It’s two months now,”

Hospital residential.

She entered the office as soon she arrived at the hospital. The door being knocked.

“Miss Kwon. Your friend wants to see you. Tell her to come in?”

“Yes sure, tell her to come in,” Yuri smile to her assistant.

“You can come in now Miss,” The latter comes in. Yuri’s assistant disappeared from their both sight.

“I’m pretty sure that your assistant have a slightly crush on you,” the lady on the leather jacket, pair of jeans, a thin glasses with a small poach in front of her shirt.

“Yeah.. said the lady who can’t remember the way to my hospital that obviously just 5 minutes from her house," Yuri looking at her friend with her crossed arm.

“I can’t remember it. It just hard,” as the lady walks to Yuri’s desk.

“So why don’t you apply it to your past then? I’m sure that you can forget about her, Kim Taeyeon-ssi,”

Yuri says as she looks for some file now.

“It’s not a same situation. Also it’s far from similarity, Kwon Yuri-ssi,” Taeyeon smirks to Yuri.

“What ever,” Yuri says. “So. What makes you come here?” Yuri says as she looks at Taeyeon.

“oh! Here it is. I want to give you this. YoonA’s wedding card. She will be married in San Francisco in 2 months. She wants you and me to be the bridesmaid in her wedding,” Taeyeon’s smile and show the card.

“After no longer contacting us, she wants us to be the bridesmaid? Ah really…Why San Francisco anyway?” Yuri asks and Taeyeon gives the wedding card. “She’s married to a lady name Seo Juhyun,”

“A lady?! Really?” Yuri takes her glasses then flipped the wedding card.

“Well I heard in San Francisco, they allowed the marriage with the same gender. So I guess that’s why they do their wedding there,” Taeyeon shrugged her shoulder and tracing the desk.

“Are their parents allowed them?!” as Yuri flipping the wedding card back and forth because she taught maybe this was misprinted.

“From what I heard, they try to convince them until their agreed. I was in shock too when I heard it. YoonA said Juhyun do almost the talking thingy. Beside it’s not hard for them though. YoonA as a model for every magazine and Juhyun is an editor for popular magazine, Marie Claire, so it is possible for them to married in the overseas,” Taeyeon puckering her lips. Yuri takes off the glasses and thinking.

Well, Taeyeon fall in love with a girl too. But I understand if Taeyeon fall in love with a girl. She said she never had a friend when she was in high school. Until that girl come. She’s feeling more than just a good friend. For our YoonA here, she was a quite player with the guys in the college. How come.ahh...I guess Taeyeon must be infected her.

“What you’re thinking Yuri? Pervert things again?” Taeyeon shows her dorky smile.

“What the..? Never mind. I think it’s because of you, YoonA love this girl. Doesn’t she quite a player with the guys in the college? And if you don’t start to tell us about the great story of you and your crush. She never fall in love with this chick,” Yuri stops for a moment. Taeyeon try to speak as she heard Yuri blaming her for YoonA changes love.

“But on the second thought, good for Seohyun I guess. She chose our YoonA than a guy. I think if she was defending a guy, probably that guy has run away and leave her after 6 years. Even YoonA is quite player, she always tell the truth to the other guy don’t you think?” Yuri nodded with her own statement.

Taeyeon confused. “You know what Yuri? You’re always connecting the words that doesn’t have similarity at all with your first sentence. And what is that all about.. Leaving her after 6 years?” Taeyeon showing a confused look.

“Screw up that. How did YoonA contact you and have your address? It’s been 2 years after we going in our own way. Doesn’t that you said you have changed your phone and the number too?” Yuri looks intensely at Taeyeon. She sees Taeyeon hold tightly her pocket’s jeans.

“a hah! You still keep the phone don’t you?! Give me that! I want to know why this girl is so special to you,” Yuri approaching and start to grabbing the phone in Taeyeon’s pocket.

“I told you how she is! Why you need this phone anyway?!” Taeyeon try hard to prevent Yuri takes the phone.

“You just describe her to us but you never show her to us!” Yuri still trying.

“ Doesn’t it enough that I tell you her eyesmile is so mesmerized until I think I fall in love with her?!” Taeyeon still preventing. The quarrel still going on. From the outside, everyone seems to look at Doctor Kwon office. They heard the scream and some words too.

“I know that but it doesn’t enough! You have never seen her after her father said to you that she running away from house for a guy! So I just need to. Know. Why. You can’t. forget. about. her!” Taeyeon is fall on floor after Yuri taking an effort to bump her into the ground. It’s not because of Yuri strength. It’s because Taeyeon was stunned by Yuri statement. She somehow now thinks that Yuri’s statement now has makes sense. Why can’t she forget her? Why can’t she let it go?  

“Gotcha! So where is that girl picture..” Yuri pressing the button in the phone. Taeyeon is biting her right thumb. She is facing to the side thinking what Yuri said earlier. While Yuri on top of her, sitting on Taeyeon’s waist.

“So, this is the girl you always talking about way back to college. Her eyesmile were pretty good, haha,” Yuri looking for more Taeyeon’s special girl picture.

“Waa~ her puppy eyes look. So adorable,” Yuri’s statement makes Taeyeon’s heart beating fast. That’s what she said too way back to high school.

“You take her picture while she was sleeping? You are pervert than me,” Yuri smirks. Taeyeon blushing. Its takes more guts to take those picture because she doesn’t know how pretty she was when she sleeps. And something happen there too while the girl was sleeping. Taeyeon kissed her. Taeyeon close her eyes tightly after she remembered the moment again. Then Yuri realized something.

“Taeyeon, who is this girl’s name?” Yuri looks down at Taeyeon since she still sitting in Taeyeon waist.

“Why you need to know anyway? Just enough that now you know how she looks. Beside, you never got a chance to see her. I don’t know where she is living now,” as Taeyeon crossed her arms while lying on the floor and facing back to the side.

“Do you know why I suddenly said about ‘leaving her in 6 years’ back then?” Taeyeon looks at Yuri with just her eyes move, giving a simple looks to show ‘what is it?’.

“40 minutes ago.. I helped a lady. In the apartment. She called out me when I’m finished giving the medicine for someone in the same floor,”

“Then?” Taeyeon acting like she doesn’t care.

“I helped a lady carry her friend to her bedroom. When I do the checked up on her friend, I believe that her friend is pregnant,”

“So?” Taeyeon asks her.

“What I mean is, I found your girl,” Yuri says. Taeyeon quickly grab Yuri’s colar.

“Bring me to her. Now.” Taeyeon with her passion eyes. Finally, after 4 years, she finally found her. Yuri just gulped as she sees that burning eyes from Taeyeon.

"but you need to be patient, and control your anger like you do it right now, she's pregnant and got divorce," Suddenly the door open. Yuri’s assistant sees both of them in awkward position. It’s like Yuri almost kiss by Taeyeon. They look to the door and see Yuri’s assistant.

“Err..I’m sorry for not knocking the door. Miss Kwon Yuri. There’s a patient in the E.R. and seems to be that other doctors need you,” Yuri’s assistant said. Yuri try to let go of Taeyeon’s grab.

“Alrighty, Sooyoung-ssi. I’ll be right in the minute,” Yuri give her smile.

“Alright then. Continue what you guys doing. I mean what are you guys talking about,” Sooyoung gives a nodded and close the door again. Yuri and Taeyeon both quickly get up from the awkward situation. Yuri correct her doctor’s coat and Taeyeon her messy hair.

“I need you too give the address,” Taeyeon extend her hand waiting for the address.

“How am I supposed to know? Don’t you hear me say that lady called out when I’m on my way to leave that apartment?” Yuri said.

“ Pabo, you said yourself that you gave a treatment to someone in the same floor with her. Give that address and I find her myself,” Yuri never saw this kind of Taeyeon. She becomes different person right now. Without wasting her time anymore, Yuri handout the address. With that, Taeyeon disappeared from her eyes. Yuri too quickly goes to E.R.

2 days later. Sunday.

“So how about your meeting with her? You never call me these 2 days,” Yuri ask Taeyeon when they are walking in the busy road full of people.

“I didn’t meet her yet,” a simple answer come at Taeyeon’s mouth.

“What the.. I thought that you have talk to her already. What about the address I give you the other day? You lost it? That’s why you never been to her place?” Yuri with simple glasses, long tied hair with red t-shirt and long pants said to the shorter lady. The shorter lady is raise her chin up to look at the taller girl. Then she looks to the road in front of her back.

“I’m scared. I don’t know if she wants to meet me again,” she stops walking so do Yuri. They are waiting for the green light to appear.

“She’s your best friend. Well .. to you she is, so why do you need to scare of?” Yuri asks. Taeyeon is blushing. She remembered back what has she done to her best friend.

“There is something I never told you before. Another secret I have been keep it to myself,” Suddenly Yuri pulls her to the side and made that the shorter lady lean on some building wall while Yuri facing Taeyeon face. “Why the hell you’re pulling me for?!” Yuri shows the silent sign to Taeyeon.

“Yuri? Yuri is that you? Yuri!” a shorter girl shouting her name.

“Crap. She caught me.” She leave a sigh in front of Taeyeon.

“Hi Sunkyu!” Yuri pulls Taeyeon by the waist. Taeyeon almost shocked by Yuri’s action to the girl there.

“Who’s this woman Yuri? Your cousin?” Sunkyu asks Yuri. “err.. nope..I’m Kim Taeyeon. Her..”

“Girlfriend! My Girlfriend. Mine.” Still grabbing Taeyeon by her waist. Taeyeon can’t believe what Yuri did.

Who is this girl? Why she proclaimed me as her girlfriend?

“You never told me you have girlfriend Yuri-ah~” Sunkyu pull off her aegyo. Both of them start to feel tringling inside despite that they don’t like so much aegyo.

“Why? Why you make that face? Yuri-ah! This woman despite my cuteness!”

“Same as me,” Yuri mumbling the words but Sunkyu heard it.

“Yuri! How could you! You are bad!” Sunny makes aegyo to Yuri once again. Yuri almost clenching her fist to give one at that girl. Sunny runs away after that. Crying and Leaving both of them.

“Yuri. Who is that little girl?”

“A little girl? You said she is a little girl?!”

“What? Even I despite her aegyo, I feel pity for her. You should reject her in the most soften way,”

“That’s not a little girl Taeyeon! That’s a sister to you! A sister! She’s 31!”

“What?! Are you kidding me?!” Yuri shook her head mean that she is not kidding Taeyeon. They walk after the green light, second one appear. They both talk about the woman who they saw earlier.


“I can’t believe she said that I’m a ‘woman’! She’s the one who is woman! I’m still a ‘lady’ here you know?!”

“Enough Taeyeon. Like you said earlier. I feel pity for her too. I hope that she found a guy who can love her aegyo for sure,” they both nodding and continue to walk again.

“By the way Taeyeon, I forgot to ask you this. Why are you making me walking here, as a fact that I’m right now supposed to enjoy my reading in Sunday morning?”

“oh yeah about that. You. Need to accompany me. To meet her,”as she pointing Yuri and herself by that words.

“What? W-Why?”

“I’ve been thinking these two days. I need you to pretend that you are visiting her. Then you can tell her that your bringing your friend. With that, I will act normally. Since it has been 4 years doesn’t meet her. I’m afraid that she will be in shocked, to see me in front of her. There! The apartment! Now let’s go.” They both enter the apartment. While they are walking to the elevator, Yuri sees someone familiar.

“Miss Jung?” Jessica turn her head to the voice calling her name by puckering her lips. She takes a moment to realize that is a doctor who helps her the other day.

“Wait, Yuri, you know this girl?” Taeyeon whisper to Yuri.

“Yup. She is your girl’s friend. She’s the one who ask for help that day,” she whisper back to Taeyeon and by that Yuri reach to the spot where Jessica stands.

“Oh! It’s you! Dr. Kwon isn’t it?” She smile and gives her hand for handshake. Yuri accept it.

“Well this is my friend, Kim Taeyeon. Taeyeon, this is Jessica,” then both of the shaking hand.

“So Dr. Kwon. Visiting a patient I guess?” while giving her sweet smile and cute voice. Almost made Yuri feels something. “Yeah, Actually, It’s your friend,”

“Ah Tiffany,” heard that name almost makes Taeyeon’s heart beating fast again.

“oh! And by the way, My friend here is a one of her friend too..she's.. Ouch! What’s that for?..” Taeyeon pinch Yuri’s waist.

The elevator open and three of them enter it. Jessica press the button as Yuri want to press it too. Both of them somehow felt a little electricity for a millisecond there but try to ignore it as they thought maybe its because of the button.

“Dr. Kwon, I never saw her before. You are her friend from where?” She talk to Yuri first then she look at Taeyeon.

“I’m her high school friend, It’s been 4 years the last time I saw her,” Jessica nod with Taeyeon statement.

“And you Dr. Kwon? How come Taeyeon be your friend?”

“Call me Yuri if you please. Well..actually there are 3 of us. Taeyeon, me and YoonA. We were in the same college 3 years ago. After we had graduated, we brought ourselves on our way. Fortunately, about a year and a half ago, I meet her again. Now, from what I know, she’s a writer while I’m being a doctor just like my dad wanted to,”

“Wait, did I heard it right? YoonA? You mean Miss Im YoonA right? that model? I'm sure you talking about her since it's like just 2 or 3 people with that name. I heard that she is into someone, am I right?”

“Yea, they gonna get married 2 months later.” Yuri told her.

The elevator now open and the three of them come out. While they are walking toward Tiffany’s apartment, Jessica can’t stop telling that she wants it to be in YoonA's wedding. But her attempt to sulking Yuri is hopeless. Then with that, Jessica gives her glare and a cute smirk to Yuri. Well to Yuri, the smirk she did was cute.

“Why are you telling about YoonA's wedding? What about if she is reporter? Probably YoonA do not happy about it,” Taeyeon gives a warning.

“It kinda slip in my mouth, I’m sorry,” Yuri says to Taeyeon.

“so, here it is! Tiffany’s apartment. I hope you guys cheer her up like what I do now. She just had been..divorced, and I want her to be happy again. She has been a lot of trouble. Her father kicks her out from the family, she just know that her mother died 2 weeks ago, and now she’s pregnant.. I just.. don’t want her to suffer anymore,” Jessica press the ringbell beside the door and show her plain smile to Yuri and Taeyeon. By the time Tiffany open the door, Taeyeon quickly hide herself behind Yuri.

“Hi! Tiff! How are you my best angel!” Jessica hugs her.

“I’m fine. You're saying it like you never see me for days. in fact you're staying with me. But I think my child in here is hungry, what you brought from me? And who is this lady?” Tiffany patting her stomach and give her best eyes smile even though that inside her heart is still hurting.

“This is Dr. Kwon. The doctor who helps you the other day remember?”

“Oh nice to meet you Dr. Kwon. Thanks for helping me other day. I’m about to see you the next week. After all, I need to get a real treatment,”

“’re already planning to see me. I thought that I never see you again. By the way, you’re in real life is pretty much beautiful than what I see in the picture,”

“Picture?” Tiffany confused.

Maybe she looks at my wedding photo.

“and clearly your eyes smile never change,”

“Wait, did we met before?”

How come you make that statement that I have a pretty eyes smile that never change if you just know me not quite long enough?

Yuri try to pull Taeyeon from behind.

“Actually, this lady shows me your picture back into high school,” Somehow the shorter lady seems hard to face her. The plan that she thinking 2 days ago seems to be wrong.

“Who is it behind you?” Tiffany ask.

“oh! Tiff, she said she’s your friend back into high school. Yah~ show your face to her. It’s been 4 years since you meet each other. What are you ashamed of?” Jessica try to pull Taeyeon too.

“Taeyeon?” Tiffany calls her name. Taeyeon stop struggling.

She shows herself. “Hi..Miyoung,” she waving to Tiffany.

“I’m sorry for not calling or searching…..” Tiffany suddenly hugs Taeyeon. She tightly wrap her arms towards Taeyeon’s neck.

“I miss you Taeyeon, I really miss you,” Tiffany says that as she cry over Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“I miss you too… my mushroom,”


7 months 3 days later.

“Here is your son, Miss Kim-Hwang. Have you thought the name for your son?” Sooyoung give the baby in Tiffanys arms.

“Not yet Sooyoung-ssi, but Taeyeon said she want it to be special,”as she rocking the baby. Suddenly…

“I’m sorry Miyoung! I stuck at the traffic jam. So where is my son?!” as she rush to Tiffany’s room.

“This is your son, Taeyeon. Take a look at him,” Taeyeon walks slowly towards Tiffany.

“oh my, he has your eyes Miyoung…. Oh God! He’s smiling! To me!” the sudden shout from Taeyeon startled the baby. As the result the baby is crying.
“Now look at what you have done, it’s okay, your mom not meant to scare you~”

“Let me hold him Miyoung. Let me comfort him,” Tiffany slowly hand the baby while she still in the bed. “be careful Tae, he still fragile~”

“I got this.. alright alright.. don’t cry..Omma sorry because startled you earlier. Shh..sshh…sshh” Taeyeon rocking her baby. Slowly the baby is quite and sleep between Taeyeon’s arm.

“I have the name for our baby now Miyoung,”

“What is it Tae?”

“Can I give 위안물 ? It means comfort. My comfort and your comfort. Kim-Hwang Won Meul, Kim Won Meul, Hwang Won Meul, is it alright?” Taeyeon look at Tiffany in the bed. Tiffany nodding means she agreed with the name.

Taeyeon continue rocking the baby. “Thanks to your dad, Won Meul,” She whispering to her baby.

“Taeyeon, you shouldn’t…”somehow Tiffany heard the words come out from Taeyeon.

“it’s okay Miyoung-ah, I sincerely thankful to your ex-husband. Because this baby will make our relationship grow stronger than we use to, agreed?” Taeyeon smile to Tiffany. Tiffany know what Taeyeon means.

“Do you want me to take him into the incubator back? Since he’s sleeping now,”

“oh, thank you Sooyoung,”

“It’s alright, my job anyway. Another couple hours, when he wakes up back, you should be ready to give your milk Miss Kim-Hwang,” Sooyoung takes the baby and walk into the door. At the same time Yuri and Jessica enter.

“Good Afternoon Miss Kwon, Miss Jung. You both late again. The baby is asleep,” showing the baby in her arms.

“It’s alright. Beside, Tiffany will go out in a week. By then, I’ll get myself to play with him most of the time,” as Yuri pinch softly the baby’s cheek while Jessica straight to hug Tiffany in the bed.

“How are you now Tiffany?” “Good. Like myself before. The first time I met Taeyeon.”

“Where is YoonA and her wife?” Taeyeon ask Yuri as she walks toward Jessica and Tiffany.

“They said they arrived this night. Avoiding the reporters. Since their story in headline 3 months ago,” Taeyeon nod with Yuri answers.

“Good news, Tiffany, you’ll be out in a week,” Yuri talks to Tiffany.

“Thanks Yuri, for everything,”

“Miyoung, when you charge out from hospital, I’m thinking to visit Jeom Mil’s grave. Bringing Won Meul too, can I?” Tiffany nod again, agreed with Taeyeon’s plan.

“Won Meul? Is that the name you are giving to you son? I thought it would be like Dong Won, Taewoo, Seulong or even English name like Dennis maybe,”

“I want him to has Korean name. Kinda traditional, but Dennis for English name huh? it kinda suit though,” Taeyeon sitting beside Tiffany and start creasing Tiffany’s hair. After that, Taeyeon slowly kiss Tiffany’s forehead.

“Could you give me and Tiffany here alone for a moment?” Taeyeon asked.

“Right! Let’s go Yuri! You promise to give me something right? I can’t wait to see it!”

“Wait Sica-yah..I’m not ready yet since you told that..” then the door close.

Taeyeon and Tiffany giggling to both Yuri and Jessica. Taeyeon looks at Tiffany once again.

“I’m sorry Fany-ah. I’m not here to celebrate our first baby,”

“It’s alright Taeyeon. You don’t know that he would arrived so soon. You are already in oversea when I’m getting birth of him.  Your friend, Yuri, take care of me when I’m here. Jessica is always there for me too when I need help,” She rest her head at Taeyeon shoulder while Taeyeon put her chin on Tiffany’s head.

“I’m glad that you’re alright giving birth to Won Meul,” as she give a peck of kiss at Tiffany’s forehead once again.

Thank you God. For giving me a second chance.

A/N: I’m bad with Mathematics. I don’t know how if I count it correctly. What I meant to say was Yuri and YoonA were Taeyeon college mates. Taeyeon always mention about the girl who change her life to Yuri and YoonA back into the college. She never mention about the girl’s name also sharing the picture with them. She just mentioned how great her love’s storyline is. Back then to high school moment, probably I would say in the end gap between finish the high school and taken a college, Tiffany was run away with that guy I mention, Kim Jeon Mil. Hence, that’s why when Taeyeon seek the girl’s father, he said that his daughter had run away. This also cause Taeyeon lost contact with her. Jessica is Tiffany’s friend who she found back into when Kim Jeom Mil and Tiffany was married. She lives in the same floor.

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