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Steal What's Mine

Short story By: Tanillah
Fan fiction

She is the backbone of her family. one day, she doesn't have money, and thinking about rob someone. unfortunately, it doesn't end well. what will she got?

A:N = Do i have to make a sequel of it?

Submitted:Oct 23, 2012    Reads: 73    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Original title - Steal (Edited Version) . the original can be found on Soshified. :)

TaeNy (Taeyeon and Tiffany)

italic = Taeyeon's thoughts

Alright. If I do it correctly I shall get what I need. Oh God, please forgive Your child for doing this. I desperately need to do it. My demand mom really wants to have a taste of delicious expensive Kimbap she saw earlier. My loser younger sister needs her toy car that she saw in McD. You know it right? I'm desperate? Once again, please forgive what I'm about to do..I promise that the person shall not hurt in any circumstances!

"Freeze! don't move!" Taeyeon shout to a person in front of her after she sneak out from the side of the wall. "I want all of your money! give it or I'll.--"

Unfortunately the person she just scare the hell out because the sudden appear she made. That lady even fainted before she finish her sentences. She stood there for a moment. She was panicked. Lucky for her, nobody passing or walking here. She try run away. After several steps she stop.

"Wait! she fainted!" She paused "I should took her money out of her pocket!" she turned back. Taeyeon found that girl still fainted on the ground. She kneeling beside that girl and try to search for the money. She found it. And then she runs back. The guilty now is over her. "Oh My God! Why does guilty feelings have to be appear right now!" she angry to herself. She turns back and help the girl. She found that girl having difficulty to breath in. She found out that the girl's face is red. Wait to the moment her face turns to purple. Without any warning, she just deep her knife that she wants to use to rob the girl first slowly into that girls' throat. After she sees her face become normal back, she quickly bring up the girl and make her way to the nearest hospital.

"You're good to make a hole in her throat Miss. If you didn't do it in the first place, I'm sure she is dead by now," the doctor said. "Are you in medical studying I suppose? because not many people can do this you know," the doctor said to Taeyeon. "No. I happen to learn it from somewhere," Taeyeon nervously said it. "Well it's good to see you Miss.."
"Taeyeon.. I'm Taeyeon," she said. "It's good to see you Miss Taeyeon," the doctor shake his hand with Taeyeon. She just save his sister's life. "Doctor... Hwang, can you do me a favor?" Taeyeon ask a favor after she sees the nametag at Doctor Hwang's coat. "What is it?" Doctor Hwang replies. "Could you tell the girl that I'm sorry?" Taeyeon said. "For what actually?" the doctor is confused. "I..have stole her money," she quickly runs to the exit. Leaving the doctor dumfounded. "Did she just say she just stole my sister's money?" Doctor Hwang tilt his head.

"I'm back~! Mom! I've got your delicious expensive Kimbap you want earlier!" Taeyeon shout. "Ah really?" her mom replies. "Yeah. It's in here!" Taeyeon shows a box full of Kimbap. "Ah~ you are my good daughter. Oh Yeah! I just saw it in the CF, there will be another new restaurant called YoonHyun's Sweet. Make sure you buy me the Kimchi there in the next day. " her mom goes to the kitchen and start to eat the expensive Kimbap that Taeyeon bought. "Did you got my car?" her younger sister said as she crossing her arms. "Of course I got you a car, and also the food from there," she said it to her younger sister. "Yeay~! Thank you my sister. I got the best sister in the whole wide world!" her sister shout. Taeyeon smile plainly. Lucky her mom didn't ask her where she got the money that much. She got a job but she can't get that much of money to buy her mother such kind of food or her younger sister that kind of toy.

I guess I'm gonna need to add another my job. I hope my mom don't try to ask me where I got this much money.

The next day.

"Tiffany," her brother calls her name. "Tiffany. Can you hear me?" her brother calls her name again. She felt that she have difficulty to speak. "Speak slowly Tiffany," her brother said. "What happen?" Tiffany slowly speaks. "You are in my hospital right now. Your neck has a mark a little because someone have to open your throat. You just happen to have a difficulty to breath yesterday," her brother speaks. Tiffany remember what happen. It's her fault that she needs to go home quickly and she found the quickest way. She never be in the situation before so it's really shock to her and make she has fainted. Doesn't know it cause her to suffocate.

That Afternoon

"You what?!" Yuri shout to Taeyeon. "I'm just desperate!" Taeyeon tries to defend herself. "I'm here for you Taeyeon-ah! I can lend you money!" Yuri shout once again. Taeyeon just tell her story to her trusted friend, Yuri. Taeyeon scoff away. "Look at your situation first Yul. You are more worst than me," Yuri just got pawned by Taeyeon. "So how's the girls anyway?" Yuri change the topic after she just pawned. "She is safe now," Taeyeon sip a little the coffee that her friend just give.

"Oh My God!" suddenly Taeyeon shout. "What? What? Is she here?" Yuri try to look around. "I just remember! I told my name to that doctor! what if she found me?!" Taeyeon realized. To Yuri, she's afraid if that freak-glare lady comes to her. She just kissing that lady unintentionally 2 months ago. Everyday, she will make Yuri miserable. She will ask Yuri's money to cover up what she has done. Yuri doesn't know how that lady found her though. She try to hide from her. "You just scared me there Taeyeon-ah. I thought that freak-glare lady just passing here," Yuri slowly rub her chest for comfort. "I feel I need to kill the doctor. To erase the evidence," Taeyeon speaks. "What? Are you crazy? Yah Taeyeon! Think rationally!" Yuri just shock what had Taeyeon said. Taeyeon just on her way when she said that.

"Taeyeon-ah! Wait! Where are you going?!" Yuri tries to stop Taeyeon. "I have to get back home! I will take a knife-- the small one actually.. and we're going to hospital... tonight," As she step up fast in her way to her house. "You really don't want to quit about it don't you?" Yuri said it but suddenly without any warning Taeyeon just stop at the spot.

"Ma'am, you seem to eat a lot of Kimbap and non-stop eat it. I guess that's why you vomit and get stomachache. It's not like you were having food poisoning," Doctor Hwang explain. "Ah Really? I thought that my daughter give me the expired food," as she rubbing her stomach. Doctor Hwang only smile to see the old woman complained. "So this is the medicine for your stomachache. Eat this medicine twice a day until your stomachache disappeared alright?" Doctor Hwang hand in the medicine to the old lady. "Ah! Thank you! You know, since you have seen the neighbourhood is quite poor, do you mind if I take this free?" Mrs. Kim tries to convince Doctor Hwang to give her free medicine. "I know this neighbourhood is in the poor condition. But this medicine..." Doctor Hwang tries to speak when Mrs Kim interrupted. "Alright Alright I know! if you want the money, just wait for my daughter!" and she slump the door to Doctor Hwang's face.

Taeyeon has seen the scene. She doesn't know what they are talking about so she assumed that they were fighting about she has steal the money from the lady last night. "Yul. Go to your home," Taeyeon's gulping. "Why? Something is wrong?" Yuri grab Taeyeon's right shoulder. "Nothing. Just run back to your home," Taeyeon sound so serious till Yuri feels she was insecure. "I do what you say. but remember Taengoo-ah.. Do't do anything crazy!" Yuri run away. "I can not do anything crazy because I will be in the prison by then," She mumbling. She slowly took a step and walk in front. Doctor Hwang still there when he turns his body and sees Taeyeon. "Eh? Taeyeon?" He is surprised to see her. "Is this your house?" Taeyeon stoned there. "I assumed it is..Taeyeon.. Look..Is that woman is your mother to start with? Well.. About your mother..I just wanna told her that.." once again he got interrupted when he start to finish his sentence. Taeyeon was hugging his knees. "Please! I beg you! Don't take me to the jail! My mother has a weak heart! She will die any sooner! That's why I rob that night because my mom wants to taste the expensive Kimbap before she die!" Taeyeon said it. She closed her eyes tightly. Little that she know, her mom heard it. "You robbed?!" her mom screams. Causing Taeyeon open her eyes. She stand up. "Mom! Don't believe anything I said!" She screams back to her mother. "But you said you have robbed someone! I'm not deaf!" her mom replies and try to hit Taeyeon after she grab a slipper on the floor. "Doctor Hwang! Help me!" she hide herself behind Doctor Hwang. "Please ma'am! Yeah. It's true! Your daughter, last night, she has stolen my sister's money. But she have forgiven after she saved my sister's life. So no point to bring you to the jail. And you ma'am, doesn't need a reason to hit her," Doctor Hwang explained.

"You heard it right, mom? No reason to hit me because I just save his sister's life-- Wait..What?" Taeyeon's shocked. "What? My daughter has steal your sister's money?! Now I have a good reason to kill her!"

"Mom! I'm sorry!"


"So..Doctor Hwang has forgiven you, am I right?" Taeyeon nod.

"All you got to do to repay back is be a friend of his sister?" Taeyeon nod.

"Wish I could be in your shoes. Not being trap with a freak-glare chick," Yuri frowning.

"Doesn't feel weird at all about the deal, Yul?" Taeyeon said.

"Why you think it's weird? I would thought that is the best deal ever. Compare to me," Yuri speaks.

"I guess you're right," Taeyeon pout in the cute way.

"Kim Taeyeon," a voice calling her name. Taeyeon turn herself.

"Doctor Hwang! Nice to meet you again," Taeyeon bows herself so is Yuri.

"So..I introduce you to my sister. Tiffany!" Doctor Hwang called his sister's name. Taeyeon and Yuri look at particular spot. Someone walks like an angel towards both of them. The long blackhaired, The dress that simple but look fancy, and the eyes smile of that person is resistable.

"Hi..I'm Tiffany," as she wave little to Taeyeon and Yuri. "You really get youself to the best deal ever," Yuri said to Taeyeon's ear as she extend her hand for handshake. "I'm Yuri. and this is Taeyeon. the one who robbed you and saves you," Tiffany takes her gaze to Taeyeon who still doesn't blink after she walks by.

"She looks cute. Hi I'm Tiffany," Tiffany extend her hand. Taeyeon slowly accept her handshake. "So..You guys know my sister. Tiffany, she's yours now," Doctor Hwang excuses herself. "Is he gone?" Tiffany said to both of them. Yuri and Taeyeon nod eagerly.

"Good! You!" Tiffany personality suddenly change. She point to Taeyeon. "You are my slave. Until you are forgiven," Tiffany smirked. "What?" Yuri respond while Taeyeon still stunned. "Are you involve in steal my money too? Cause if it's a yes, you too are my slave," Tiffany said arrogantly.

"No I'm not!" Yuri quickly respond. "So you can go now..shoo!" Tiffany replies. "Thanks!" Yuri smile awkwardly. "I take what I said back then. You are worse than mine," Yuri run away leaving Taeyeon. Tiffany snap her fingers. Only now Taeyeon realized she's being alone.

"In case you didn't heard what I said, you are my slave," Tiffany whisper to her ear. Taeyeon feels she's in the heat. "Jessica! Our new slave is here!" Tiffany call her friend.

"I'm here!" Jessica replies Tiffany's call. Jessica is beside her now. "How's my acting? Is it good?" Tiffany whisper to her friend's ear. "She has made you got a little scar on your neck so she will believe your acting," Jessica replies back to her ear.

Tiffany smile and back to her act. "First you need to bring us to shopping complex," Jessica ordered. "Here's my car key. Drive us," Jessica throw and Taeyeon catch it. "Right away ma'am..I mean Miss," Taeyeon replies. Tiffany and Jessica walks in front and giggling. Taeyeon is looking at Tiffany and Jessica crossing her and brush her shoulder intentionally.

What ever it is, she just steal my heart


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