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Kirby and The Dragon Knights -kirby contest!-

Short story By: TheManWithManyWalls
Fan fiction

Kirby must defend Dreamland from mysterious dragon knights, this is a competition.

Submitted:Jun 11, 2010    Reads: 137    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Kirby and the Dragon knights

Dreamland was full of joy and love as Kirby leapt joyfully through the forest, humming a joyful tune to himself as the gentle rays of the benevolent sun shone down upon him. The season was autumn and the trees were filled with leaves of vibrant colours; reds and oranges and yellows and blues, a beautiful rainbow for his eyes to behold.

As he moved along he stopped as heavy footsteps sounded from behind; he turned swiftly to find four strange tall figures stand over him. Adorned in intimidating armour he couldn't help but marvel at the intricate designs of their helms; open mouthed dragons roaring in fury.

Each step they took darkness followed; Kirby did not understand how these strangers could bring about so much change. The leaves not so vibrant, the air grew cold and even the sun seemed to cower behind dark black clouds that had rolled into the sky.

Kirby knew he didn't have time to panic; Dreamland was in peril and he was the only one that could do something about it. He didn't understand why he was yet again in a situation, he just wanted to eat tomatoes and draw and maybe after he was done take a long nap.

Without hesitation he moved into action, the knights growled as they rose their arms; rings shooting some kind of beam into the sky as four immense dragons landed in the forest path, each dragon matching the colour of a knight; blue, green, yellow and red.

Kirby stopped and looked them over; by himself he stood not a chance; in Dreamland he was the only warrior but he had fought against other fighters not long ago, despite the fact they had fought they were not enemies, it had been a mutual means of entertainment for them all.

Now these knights had come with their dragons and Kirby knew full well they hadn't come simply for a mutual means of entertainment, they had come to destroy Dreamland. He began to run to get help when out of the forest Link stepped out, sword drawn he nodded, Kirby jumping in joy as his friends were already arriving.

He wasn't certain how they knew but they kept coming in, Samus with her blaster ready to fire, Captain Falcon with his bravado behaviour ready to kick some serious knight but. The dragons quickly took to the sky, ready to take assault as a loud noise filled the sky, starfox led his team as they duelled in the sky with the dragons.

As amazing as the fireworks of the battle were, Kirby had to focus on defeating the knights and saving Dreamland. Looking at Samus she nodded as he sucked her into him, releasing her as he felt himself powered. Facing the enemy Samus and Kirby charged up their blaster and fired full power.

Taken by surprise two of the knights, not getting back up but the yellow and red knights had easily absorbed the power. Without warning the yellow night smashed his blade against the ground, sending a wave of electricity at them.

The battle soon began, parrying back and forth as each of them gained and lost ground, taking injuries as Link went KO. Kirby hated to see his friends hurt, he just wanted it to end and in a last act of desperation jumped in front of the entire group.

The knights stared at Kirby, not certain how to take a threat like him when he was with so many formidable warriors. Kirby however was a formidable warrior of his own, opening his mouth wide he began sucking them into his mouth.

Plunging their swords into the ground they held on as resisted the pull; feet flailing desperately in the strong power of Kirby. The red knight lost grip first, sucked into Kirby's mouth the yellow knight soon followed. All four knights absorbed his mouth was full and as he looked up into the sky he knew what he had to do.

He fired out four stars, each one the colour of a knight and hit the dragons square in the chest; sending them spiralling out of the world. Everyone cheered as Dreamland was saved, leaving to their own worlds as they anticipated the next super smash bros tournament.

The sun had returned and Kirby smiled as he finally found his way home, eating a large juicy tomato he thought of the amazing adventure he'd just gone through. With the happy thoughts of his friends and the safety of Dreamland in mind he found a peaceful slumber, dreaming of wondrous things and of seeing his friends once again.


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