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short story set in Season One of the Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Settling Issues

(a Season One short story)


After Sarah has turned down Cameron's request for parts and servicing for the umpteenth time, Cameron finally summons the courage to confront Sarah about it.

"I need parts. I need repairs."

"I don't care what you need. This isn't about you."

"Yes it's about John. It's always about John. I may not be your biological daughter but you act as my parent. You give me orders when I should only take orders from John. But I accept that you are his parent. Well, I need a parent."

"I'm not your mother." She turns and begins to walk away, uncomfortable with the direction that the conversation has taken.

"Please. Help me."


"You're afraid of me. That's why you are letting me fall apart."

"You're damn right I'm afraid of you. You're a machine and I'm at war with machines."

"I didn't ask to fight on the human side but John's people reprogrammed me."

"You're no better than Skynet. Worse actually because Present Skynet is not yet self-aware and not yet killing."

"Yes, I'm self-aware if that's what you're asking. Why not just kill me quickly instead of dragging out a slow painful death? We machines kill quickly. We are not cruel."

"Wait here."

Sarah leaves and returns with Derek's sniper rifle. Sarah aims the armor-piercing weapon at Cameron's head. Cameron politely waits to be executed, looking Sarah in the eye. Sarah hesitates.

"Would it help if I looked away?"

"No. John would never forgive me if I killed you."


Unknown to either, John is watching the two from a distance.

"I could go talk to him and persuade him to accept this." said Cameron.

Sarah sighs. She did not like Cameron but if she had made a different decision with Uncle Bob, the machine protector before Cameron, then she would not be having this conversation. If she had to have a machine under her roof, then it should have been him. She liked "Uncle Bob" as John had dubbed the reprogrammed T-101.


"Damn you. Damn you to hell. Just write out a list of the parts and servicing you need. John can do most of the repairs--"

"--he's already tried--

"Don't interrupt!" Sarah glares at Cameron before continuing. "I can find robotics engineers for the more intimate areas. I don't want my son to become a machine gynecologist."

Cameron looks off.

"Oh Lord!" says Sarah walking off to put Derek's rifle back where she found it.

John is too far away to hear the dialogue - only to see that Cameron is not shot.

Later, neither female will tell him what they said.



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