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Featuring my InvaderZIM cast of characters, Xio, Riz, Giz, and Cocoh. Azu belongs to a friend of mine who is shipped with Giz as a couple.

Four subjects, four victims, four missions, four purposes. All of them totally different, yet they are all connected in a certain form that you must read from start to end to understand. From sadness turn to ashes, and a flame is born to rise to happiness, this story will bright the spirit and show the story behind the invaders.

InvaderZIM (c) Johnen Vasquez

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So let me live a normal life, and I'll let you live one too.
We won't both be burst to tears, I'll make you smile and erase your fears.
Forget the fights that we had every night, if you wan't I'll stay out of your sight.
Or if you need, I will stop your bleed, because I learned that the target can be the bully.
~The Silver Stairs : Be the One Alone with Me
A song I wrote for the people who are treated differently. Let's treat everyone with respect, please.
Riz walked home. Once again he survived a day of middle school, on this pathetic Earth. He didn't understand the humans one bit. He hated them all. They all surrounded him and beat him up, he was sick of all of their bull shit. He clenched his fist as he started to stomp his feet home as the rain poured onto him. Sad, his water-proof costume was still in beta. he had no idea what would happen if rain touched it. It didn't seem like anything was happening. He was alright... for now... for two reasons...
"Hey, snot-face!"
Riz tried to turn around to see who was calling him, except he already knew who it was going to be. Han. Suddenly, he was hit and pinned to the ground by one of his gang members. Funny, Han thought he was a grown adult, hat backwards, smoking a lollipop and wearing his Skylanders t-shirt under his pathetic gray hoodie and black sweat pants, merely wearing one sock no no shoes. Yep, total gangster to the max. He chuckled as the others pinned Riz down. Han pulled the cherry lollipop out of his mouth and he laughed again, "Sup, dick face? Why didn't you meet us at recess for the brawl?"
"I was in detention."
"Because the teacher finally noticed you were a pussy?"
"No, because dicks like you seem to have a fetish for blaming kids for their shit dirty work."
Han snapped his fingers as one of the kids pinning him stomped on his leg. Riz screeched in pain as he suddenly felt his disguise static. It was wearing off! Riz felt a tear drip down his cheek as he screamed from his broken arm. What was he gonna do? Riz decided it was time to end this once and for all. If they wanted to play, he would play along. Call him a cheater, but he was gonna play by his own rules.
Riz let some of his disguise come off so he could use his PAC to make a claw come out and swipe one of the kids pinning him off of the ground. Riz threw the kid across the town, making him luckily land in something soft. Riz glared at the children as the shook in fear. Riz got up and clenched his arm, making his grunt as he tried to stumble himself off of the ground. Riz panted as the kids started to run away screaming. Riz laughed, "YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!!! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!!! NEXT TIME, IT'S GONNA BE ALL THREE OF YOU, YOU MONSTERS!!!"
Giz slowly limped home, his leg hurting as he grunted over and over again. The gang again. He just looked back as they laughed. The leader just taunted him, "Now go home and cry to mommy! Oh wait, isn't she dead?! Hahahaha!" Giz did whatever he could to ignore them, but he just continued to walk. Suddenly, as he limped his way, he heard the gang members call out, "Wait a second, you still owe us that money! GET HIM!" Giz sighed as he knew they would try to beat him up again. Giz just toppled onto the floor, on his knees. He couldn't do anything. With a crack in his goggles and rips in his uniform, he waited for them to start kicking him in the stomach again...
When Giz thought he would have been dead by now, he just heard the gang cower in fear from something. He turned his head towards the gang, only to find Azurewrath standing in front of him, guarding him. Giz sighed, he made Azu save him again. He felt embarrassed knowing that she had to do this the third time this week. That's a new record to him, not a worthy record to brag about, however. Giz watched as Azu's eyes glowed red and she barked at them, "What have I told you idiots? Stay away from him or I will make sure you can't only touch him, but I'll make you LOSE your sense of touch! Do we have an understanding?!" The gang nodded their heads as they ran away in fear. This might have made them go away for the last time, Giz thought to himself until his thoughts were interrupted from the pain in his leg. He grunted as Azu helped him up, "How many times to I have to save you, Giz?"
Giz chuckled, "Hi there... Let's hope this is the last ti- Agh!" he cried as he tripped over his own pain, falling into Azurewrath's arms. She sighed, "Try to get up, let me help..."
Giz got up the best way he could. Azu then leaned in and kissed him on the forehead. Giz blushed as he did her magic work onto his body, and then the pain was gone as he felt something tingle in his body. He stood up straight and cleared his throat, "Thank you, Azu..." Azu made that smile that he loved to see from Azu. That smile that made him know that Azu was alright with it, that she would be happy to do it again some time. That stress reliever he would die for. He would do anything to see that smile for the rest of his life... and slowly... he came up with a way...
He walked home alone that night, with a smile.
Cocoh was not a sir, actually. He was built on Hobo 13 as a training bot. Cocoh would be beat up by the players practicing in the practice room of pain. Not ever, in all of his thirty years of practicing with players, had he ever gotten a reward, had he ever gotten a single hit on his opponent. He was a training dummy that wasn't aloud to fight back. This was shortly after Zim beat the Hobo 13 games.
But, this game, Cocoh felt like he might have been able to win. Yes, he could talk, using a chip in his system. The system had been broken so many times that the lab boys of Hobo 13 stopped fixing it, making Cocoh lose most of his senses. e could still feel pain and speak, and see, but he couldn't smell and taste or anything else. He felt hopeless inside his little robot prison. If only he were real things might have been different for him. But, again, he had a plan for fighting against the enemy this round...
Cocoh found out that he had a weapon of his own. He was able to shoot lasers out of his palms! He learned while he was alone in the middle of the night, abandoned as usual in the practice room of pain, to sleep and think about how many times he had failed and what bone he might break tomorrow. He stood up and pretended he was fighting someone. Until, when he stuck out his palm, a laser shot right out of his hand! He grinned as he knew what he would do when morning arrived...
And so the day came, the stinky sun rose and he felt ready for his opponent to approach him. He made a stink eye at the irken opponent (not Zim). The irken just shrugged and got out a gun that Cocoh had never seen before. But, Cocoh still felt ready to fight. Then, the bell rang, and the fight had begun. Cocoh raised a palm and readied himself for shooting. Suddenly, right as his laser came out, he was stunned by the opponents stun gun. Cocoh fell to the floor, coughing up oil. He was hit right in the chest, his system shutting down. He tried to call for mercy, but he realized something...
He couldn't speak anymore...
Xio sat in Skool. He just tapped his finger against the desk, kinda zoning off. Him being different from others. Xio just thought and thought about what might happen in his future. What would happen if others found out? So many what if questions popped up in his head.
"Mr. Xio!"
Xio came out of his dream land, "Yes, Ms. Bitters?"
"Pay more attention, fool! We were talking about doom!"
Xio saw Zim chuckle devilishly. He probably had a plan in his dead. He then looked at Dib and saw him writing notes on Zim, why he was acting weird. Dib smiled as he thought he was getting somewhere. Xio shrugged. He knew the truth about Zim, he knew he was Irken. It was so obvious, he actually went up to Zim and asked if he needed a new disguise, a holographic one, and Zim laughed, saying that he worked for Dib, trying to gather STEEEEUUUPIDD information!!! Well, that was when he learned that his disguise was a bit too god for an idiot like him. So, he gave up on Zim and moved on with his life of curiosity.
When Xio was walking home, he saw Riz, panting, looking tired. Xio kinda yelled out, "Hey, Riz? Why are you so-?" Xio noticed that his pack was out, and a claw was readied. He heard kids screaming and running away. Xio knew what Riz had just done. Xio ran over to Riz as he heard sirens play in the distance. Riz's disguise was about to come off, "RIZ, YOU IDIOT!!!" Riz then gasped and looked behind himself seeing Xio trying to grab him. Riz growled and smacked Xio with a different claw, letting the rest of his disguise come off. Xio smacked against a brick wall, landing in a puddle. Good thing his holographic disguise was water-proof. Xio felt the sudden swelling up form on the back of his head, as he watched Riz run away, climbing the town like a spider. Xio had to do something about this, but how? Now he had two problems to solve!
Giz sat at home, laying in bed, thinking about Azu's beautiful eyes. He grinned as he imaged Azu loving him too, but was it to be? Giz knew that he was the nerd of the planet, known for nothing but being a geek. Giz just hopped he could find a way to slip into her heart. Giz then turned his head and saw his pet, Ash. Ash was a little green and red dragon. Whenever he breathed through his nose, little sparks of flame would blow out, in a cute and friendly way. That was why Giz adopted Ash. Gix then looked back at the roof, thinking and dreaming. Ash then crawled onto Giz's chest. Giz started to pet the back of Ash's head, "Oh, Ash... What should I do?"
Ash curled up and relaxed, "Well, you could just ask her out" Giz blushed and flinched, "It's not that easy, Ash! Do you really think she'll just say yes, just like that?!" Ash chuckled, "Honestly, I think it would. I mean, you guys have known each other for some time now, and she obviously likes you..." Giz's face was almost flushed in red, "Dammit, Ash! Whatever you say...!" Giz said, trying to get back to sleep.
Giz had a dream that night of Azu and him being together, finally. Giz just loved dreaming about that kind of stuff. He always wanted the dream to happen for the rest of his life because he knew that eventually the dream would end. Whenever he would wake up, Giz would feel so alone. But, he did have Ash, except he was only a pet.
Maybe Ash was right?
Giz looked at the phone beside him on his nightstand. He just stared at it. What should he do about this? Giz just decided to swoop the phone and get this crush over with. It's either have his heart broken or go on a date. It was time to find out. Azu managed to answer, "Hello, Zetrows speaking?" Giz frowned, "Uhh, is Azu there?" Giz could hear Zetrows growl, "Yeah, just a second..." Giz waited and waited and waited until Azu answered, "H-Hello?" Giz chuckled a bit, "Who was that?" Azu felt surprised, "Oh, Giz! Don't worry, it's only a giant dick walking around my house named Zetrows. What is it you needed?" Giz's face turned read right away, "I-I was wondering if you... wanted... to meet up in the forest around 10:00 am?" Azu smiled, and Giz could tell, "Hold on a sec. KIIAAAAA!!! (ow, ma face .D.) Yeah, I'd love to!"
Giz smiled, "Yaay!!! Alright, see you then, gotta go!" Giz fainted in excitement.
He just swooped around town like a freak. He used his claws to climb around like a spider. He was almost unaware that he was showing his true form to the whole town, maybe even the world. Riz just laughed freakishly and looked at everyone below him, screaming in fear. Riz loved to see everyone run in fear. It made him feel stronger. Now, instead of him being afraid of everyone, everyone was afraid of him! Success! Now everyone would bow to him whenever he would say! He was the boss now! Why hadn't he done this before? He should have done this the day he crashed landed here, on this horrible planet Earth! It was his time to shine!
Riz started looking around town for more people to terrorize and ruin lives. He kinda crashed himself in front of people to jump scare them, making them scream and cry. Riz laughed at their struggle to stay safe. If the world decided to mess with him, he would mess with the world! Riz just happily set buildings on fire and such, striking fear into everyone around him. He then saw one of the little brats that broke his arm. Riz growled and sped up towards the punk, and landed right in front of him, and Riz laughed, "Time to beg for mercy!!!" The kid cried out and screamed horribly, and he screamed something as he started to run in the other direction. What the kid said somehow stopped Riz in his tracks. The kid said...
Riz realized something. Before, he was only a target, someone to get picked on. Now, the bullies before were the targets. Who was the bully?
Riz was the bully.
"SHIT!!! I'M SO-"
Riz was electrocuted and he passed out slowly...
Cocoh slowly woke up. He couldn't see much with all of these snack wrappers in his face. Where was he? Snacks? He started to dig himself through the garbage and he saw the surface. He was in a dumpster, in Foodcourtia! He saw everything to restaurants and more restaurants, ad everything to even more restaurants! Cocoh then remembered what happened. He was defeated and lost his voice chip. He couldn't talk anymore. I guess now that he was so broken, he was thrown away and replaced by someone else as a training bot. Cocoh sighed silently and slowly cried into his own metal palms. This was his fate? Living in a dumpster? Cocoh was pretty stuck too, he couldn't pull out the lower half of his body. Great, he was gonna be stuck in a dumpster for the rest of his life!
Then, someone came up to him. Someone blocked his view of one of the restaurants. Cocoh looked up to see an irken, "Oh my, look at you! Aren't you just the cutest thing?" Then, he was lifted out of the garbage with struggle. The irken introduced himself, "My name is Xio. Are you lost, little guy?" The bot nodded his head. Xio smiled, "Don't worry, your coming home with me! I'll take care of you!"
And so, Cocoh was brought back to his Earth base. This was how Cocoh and Xio's bond began. Xio put in a new voice chip for Cocoh, and Cocoh was so happy to hear his voice again, he shrieked his glee and hugged Xio for one whole hour. Xio knew that a friendship was already forming...
Xio busted into the house, passing by Cocoh as he was sitting on the couch watching Angry Monkey (the seventh season). Cocoh was alarmed by Xio's scurry to the hidden elevator, "Master, what's wrong?" Xio input the secret code on the wall as the elevator started to appear, "Riz has gone insane! I need to stop him!" Suddenly, the news was put onto the television and it said, "Breaking news! The alien has been stopped!" Cocoh yelled out to Xio, "Master, I think they already stopped him!" Xio ran over to the television screen, "WHAT? WHO DID?!"
"Once the FBI studies the alien, they will release info to us once they made some discoveries."
"We took it down, and we are gonna be taking it in for questioning. Were gonna have to do an autopsy after that."
"We are going to see if there are anymore of these creatures on Earth with us once we scan the aliens DNA."
Xio then hopped right into the elevator, and Cocoh hopped in with him, "What are we gonna do, sir?! We can't them them find us! I don't wanna be asked questions!!!" Xio groaned, "Stupid Riz! We're gonna break into the FBI's base and save Riz, then think of a solution about the FBI trying to catch us." Cocoh felt afraid, "Okay..." Xio pat his head as they entered the Ship Decking Room. Xio hopped into one of his elite ships and zoomed over to the FBI's base using his radar to find Riz. Xio growled, "Why, Riz? Why?"
Giz walked around the forest in a casual outfit, not his uniform. He just looked around for Azu, yet he couldn't find her anywhere. He called out to her again, "AZU? HELLO?" Giz checked the time again, 10:15 am. Did she not even come? Suddenly, he heard rustling come from some bushes. Giz turned to look at the bushes, and saw Azu emerge out of them, "Giz! Finally, I found you!" Giz chuckled, "Why all the sudden does this forest seem bigger than ever before?" Azu rolled her eyes, "That's a good question, actually!" The two of them laughed for a bit and went on a walk together around the forest. The two of them walked and told jokes and gossiped a bit. Giz continued to walk with her until Azu said something, "So, did you hear about the irken that went crazy on the mysterious planet?"
Giz felt intrigued already, "So, the mysterious planet really does exist?" Azu nodded her head, "Yep, they confirmed it when Invader... what was it... Riz, or something?"
Giz then zoned out. He knew that name, Riz. Giz had a sudden flashback of when he was only a toddler, and he could only go goo goo and gaa gaa, he was playing with a kid named Riz, get could tell from a name tag he remember seeing. The two babies saw a mother pick them up and they both giggled and shrieked, "Mommy!" Then Giz had a flashback of being told he had a lost brother. No... Was it true? Was Riz his lost brother? He couldn't believe it! This was his chance to find his brother! Giz unconsciously interrupted Azu, "My brother is alive?"
Azu felt shocked somehow, "Brother? What do you mean?" Giz leapt in glee, "Riz, my lost brother! I can reunite with him, finally, haha! But, he's being arrested, you say?" Azu then understood why he was so excited, "Well, yes, by something called the FBI. They are gonna make an autopsy on him." Giz shrieked, "Then I gotta go save him! Come with me and help him!" Azu sighed sadly, "I can't. I have royal duties to attend to!" Giz growled, "Darn! Well, if I don't come back safely, then here's this..." Giz kissed Azu on the cheek. That was probably the bravest thing he had ever done. Azu blushed and kissed him back, she couldn't take the amazement. Now Giz's face was flushed red. Azu smiled, "Now go save your brother!" Giz nodded his head and fluttered away like a butterfly.
Aha! We've found the base! Xio said, starting to head towards a giant grey cement building and landing on top of it. Xio suddenly realized there was another irken ship on the roof, too! He saw another irken crawl out of the ship as Xio crawled out of his ship. Xio called out, "Hey, who are you?" Giz turned around and saw the irken, "A-Are you Riz?" Xio seemed surprised, "No, my name is Xio. Why do you wanna see Riz?" Giz replied, "He's gonna be cut open, then all of the irkens might be exposed to the humans and such! Also, Riz is my lost brother I've bee searching for for years now!" Xio smiled and looked around the roof for some kind of entrance, "Well, Riz is also my friend. We can save him together!" Giz smiled with him, "Sounds like a plan, man!" Cocoh then hopped out of the ship, "My name is Cocoh! I love french fries!" Giz chuckled, "My name is Giz, and I like saving family!"
Xio couldn't find any real entrances, so he just blew the roof open with a bomb and used his tracker to find Riz, "Come on! He's this way!" Giz ran with Xio, "Don't you think we could have found a more hidden entrance?" Xio sighed, "Well, for starters, that's not my style, and also, there were no secret entrances, now let's get Riz outta here!" Giz rolled his eyes and followed along with Xio." Alarms were going of, yet none of the FBI seemed to be coming after them, until they took a turn to see the FBI standing there, blocking their paths! Then, the chief yelled, "FIRE!!!" Giz cried out, "AGH!!!" until Cocoh shot out lasers out of his palms, putting the chief and the soldiers down on their backs! Xio high-fived Cocoh, "Nice shot, buddy!" Giz peeked at the tracker, "Hey! We're almost there! Come on!"
And so, the three of them kept on running together. It was time to save Riz.
Xio busted the door open instead of hacking through it, alarming the scientists and they paused from performing the autopsy. Giz could see that the doctor's knife was only half an inch from Riz's belly. Cocoh then shot at the scientists and saved Riz from being cut open. Riz was also still knocked out. Giz ran over to Riz and handed him to Xio, "Get him somewhere safe, then call me over once this is over and you guys are safe! I gotta get back home!" Xio nodded his head, "Right! Good luck, Giz!" Giz ran out of the building, throwing a thumbs up at Xio, "You, too."
And so, everyone escaped safely. Everyone lived a normal life, except for Riz, in a way. Riz had to build himself a new disguise from him being exposed while wearing it.
Everyone learned their lessons...
Riz learned that if he didn't keep his anger in, he would become a bully.
Giz learned that there was always someone there to help you when you need most.
Cocoh learned that though he may not be perfect, someone would always take care of him.
Xio? Well...
This is practically his life...
The life of an invader....


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