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TOxINS: A Portal FanFiction

Short story By: Troy Chittocks TPOD
Fan fiction

Based off of the game Portal 2 by. Valve and features the song Exile Vilify by. The National.

Ever wondered the true past behind the Rattman, the unknown and never seen character in the Portal series? Ever wondered what he has to do with the Aperture Science facility? Well, you are about to find out. Watch as Doug Rattman and his trustful friend Companion Cube embark on an adventure through the inside of insanity and the horrifying truth of reality.

Portal 1 + 2 (c) Valve
Exile Vilify (c) The National

*NOTE : I am currently re-creating this story for a newer version, so look forward to something better if you enjoyed this one!

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Rattman, that's what they call him.
There have been sightings, signs and clues on where he will build his next nest. Where will he go? Where will he be? Where is he watching? Was he watching you last night? Who was the one who moved that chair? Rattman, they say, they say he owns the facility, true or false? Will we ever find out? The following story will reveal all of the secrets and show you how Rattman escaped...

"Hurry up, Ratt! We gotta get back to work!" Companion Cube said, getting impatient. Doug Rattman, was his name. He had to take a daily medication to control his mental illness, to make sure he didn't go crazy. He just stared at himself in the mirror, holding a white pill in his left hand, and a glass of water on the side of the sink. He hadn't shaved in a while, too. Doug groaned, "Give me a second... I wanna be normal like the others, but taking medication makes me look like an idiot! Should I really do it? I can control it, can't I?" Companion Cube sighed, "Doug, you need to take it. What happens when we finish the project and then you do something?" Doug looked back at her, "Shut up! I can control it! I can be normal!" Then he realized he was already becoming crazy. Looking down at his hands, he clutched the pill in one hand, and swallowed it whole.

Getting the glass of water, he quickly chugged half of the glass, helping the pill go down his throat. With bitter taste, he took another swig to destroy the horrible ick in his mouth. On the inside, Companion Cube was smiling, but he couldn't on the outside. Doug walked over to CC, picked her up, and walked out the bathroom door. CC sneezed nothing. Doug chuckled, "Bless you." CC used her invisible eyes to look at Doug, "Thank you. Look, a lot of people take medication, even I may have to if I was human, so don't worry. You are normal like everyone else in the world. If others take you to be a freak, you will always be normal to me." Doug smiled, "Thanks, CC. I appreciate the support. I've just been feeling really depressed and tired lately... I mean, test subjects have been dying, Elise passed away, and now we have to do this new project we haven't even named yet!" CC sighed again, "Don't worry, It'l all be over soon."

Doug set his hand onto the hand scanner, ready to finish the project, but first he had to tell Cave. The door unlocked, and he stepped into his office. A picture of Cave Johnson and Caroline together hung above Cave's head. He seemed to be writing some kind of document. Doug approached his desk, "Mr. Johnson, sir?" Cave closed his laptop, "Ahh, Doug Rattman. How is Companion Cube doing? Still talking to you?" he said, finishing it with a little laugh. Doug cleared his throat, "The project is ready to be finished. All we need now is someone to fill the core. cave clapped his hands, "Good, I just finished her goodbye note." he said, removing himself from his chair. Doug stared at him, "You mean we have already chosen the vessel? Cave opened his closet and got out a suspicious looking briefcase.

"Yep, and we all owe it to the technology of Black Mesa! They had a machine that transport people into machines, and obviously we have smarter technology then them, but we were out of time, so we did the fast option- stealing their stuff!" Doug laughed, "Okay, that's awesome. But, who is the vessel?" Cave threw a sticker at the painting above his chair, and it stuck onto Caroline's face. it was a sad face sticker... Doug coughed, "Wh-What?! Why her? You need her! WE need her! You can't use her, she'll die!" Cave took the machine out of the briefcase, and put in a different document inside, also a picture that looked like Gordon Freemen, but Doug had to idea who that was. Cave closed the briefcase, and threw it into the mail chute, sending it right back to Garry at Black Mesa.

Cave laughed, "Sorry, son. But she's gotta go. She is no longer a use to me. She has given me every single cup of tea possible, done all my work that never even mattered, and now what can she do? Be the vessel, for me! This will be her last mission for me- without pay. We need to save money for the portal device project." Doug blocked the door, "You can't do this to her, she's innocent! She never did anything! She might come in handy in the future! I also know you have feelings for her, so why do it to her?" Cave shoved Doug out of the way, opening the door, "Those feelings are apart of the past, no longer needed. She will die, yes I know, but nobody else can fill the core. She's perfect. With a core to keep her calm and obey me from there, we will be fine. Then we can test with the portal device with the saved funds! Now, get out of my way. Caroline will fill the core." He closed the door and headed straight to the Staff Break Room.

Doug and CC watched as Cave entered the room. They were watching them through one of the big staff windows, used only for taking notes on how the subject was doing. Right now they were for free, testing was offline for now. They could see Caroline sipping a cup of coffee until Cave came in with a group of scientists by his side, which is what he would call his 'Lab Boys'. They couldn't hear them through the sound glass barrier. Behind the glass, they were saying, "Hello, Caroline. It's time for another mission." Caroline looked at him, "Yes, Mr. Johnson. What can I do for you, today?" Cave snapped his fingers together, making the lab boys grab Caroline by her arms. Caroline, shocked and confused, tried to shake her way out of their grasp, "What are you doing?! Unhand me! Mr. Johnson, help!" Cave stared at her, shaking his head as he approached her, "I'm sorry, sweetie, but this will be your last mission for me. I request for you to fill the core for project #107B."

Caroline tried to get out harder, but it was no use, "Mr. Johnson, I don't want this!" Cave got out a piece of cloth, "Of course you do, sweetie. It's for your own good. Now, hold still, would you?" he said, stuffing the towel into her face. It had a dangerous chemical on it that made you fall asleep. She tried to to breath it in, but it was no use. Her struggling became weak, falling numb onto the floor, lab boys still holding her by her arms. She fell asleep. It was over. Doug and CC watched as she was pulled out of the room. They never even noticed them watching from above. She would fill the core, it was her fate, there was nothing they could do about it. CC sighed, "Poor, girl. I feel horrible for her... Being forced to die. What if she doesn't make it? What if she doesn't make the core work? They would have killed her for nothing!" Doug let a tear go down his cheek, "Good night, Caroline, I will avenge you. Nobody should be forced to their death. I will avenge her, no matter what."

Doug watched as the machine glowed. Caroline had already died, and he was running low on medication. He needed to go back to Kaiser and get a refill. He stood in front of the massive machine, watching as lights began to turn on. She glowed like a Christmas tree. Before Doug started the machine, he needed to give it a name. He got the honors. He thought about all of their times together, they were close friends. He was GLaD to have met her... GLaD... He demanded some of the lab boys to paint her new name onto the machine... They wrote GLaDOS onto the side of the machine. The 'a' was in memory of her favorite fruit, apples. Once they were finished with her new title, he prepared his hand, holding it into the air, ready to put it onto the scanner. Before he did, CC said something, "Doug, you don't need to do this. We can escape and plan our revenge later, and not starting her up would be part of it!" Doug smiled, "No, CC. I have to." He set his hand onto the scanner, slowly bringing her to life. Everyone cheered as she raised her head, slowly producing her AI. CC laughed, "Good job, Rattman. Now everyone should love you. Doug held CC in the air, "I love you, CC. You know that right?" Then, Allen, the new scientist, came up to Rattman, "Who are you talking to?" Rattman stared at him, then looked at Companion Cube, "I'm talking to a friend."

A month later, Black Mesa stole some of Aperture Labortories' equipment, which was their 'Gravitational Magnetanial Boots' project. No, not with the portal project, a whole separate project they just finished, until Black Mesa stuffed it onto the Borealis. After they finished the GLaDOS project, they would get the boots back, then finish the portal device project. Doug sat in his room, he was staying at the facility for the night, saving up for that refill for his pills. Taking his last pill, he coughed as it almost got stuck in his throat. CC chuckled, "You okay there, prince?" Doug cleared his throat, "Yeah I'm fine. Thanks." Doug set CC on her favorite book shelf, next to a cozy lamp. It was getting pretty late, he had to rest. He would get that extra pay in no time. Shutting off the lamp next to CC, he walked back over to his bed, and fell alseep. Hours later, he was woken up by the sound of something exploding. He threw his head off of his pillow and grabbed Companion Cube. Running out of his dorm, he found that the halls were being filled with neurotoxin! He could see people running, coughing and dying, already some dead bodies on the floor. That was to his left. To his right, there were more. The whole facility was being flooded with neurotoxin!

They only way to go was back in his dorm and die or break through the strong glass window in front of him. CC came up with an idea, "Doug, smash me against the window so we can escape! We're close to GLaDOS, we can reboot her! She is the only one that can control the neurotoxin!" Rattman refused to hurt her, "No! Why would I smash you against a window! It will hurt you!" CC sighed, "Rattman, do it! I was made to help you in all situations! Now do it!" Doug felt another tear go down his cheek. He coughed as the neurotoxin got closer. Finally, he smashed the window, into pieces, falling with Companion Cube in his arms. Crashing to the ground, letting CC uncomfortably cushion his fall, he was alive. It would take time for the neurotoxin to catch up with him now. Doug breathed heavily, "Alright, we made it CC." Companion Cube didn't answer. Doug slowly began to sob as he began to think, was it possible? "CC? CC, what's wrong?"
"CC, talk to me, please!"
"CC... No... Oh my god, I'm so sorry... No... Please don't leave me........ Please................."

Doug continued to walk forward with an injured leg. He needed to find GLaDOS before she killed everyone. He could hear Cave Johnson give out his last pre-recorded message before the neurotoxin got to him. Was Companion Cube really dead? He continued to walk, trying to find the Main Chamber, where GLaDOS rested in her nest. Frequently, he would check to see if CC would respond to any question. He would say 'How are you doing?' and 'What's your favorite color?' but CC never bothered to answer, or if she could answer. Finally, he found the main chamber. GLaDOS was currently asleep, needing to recharge her power. He opened the door to find a giant glass hallway. Underneath was a bottomless pit. He finally found the chamber, crawling to the emergency off switch at one of the computers.
[Aperture Science: Laboratories]
[Please type in your log in information]
[Username: rattmanD7]
[Password: * * * _ _]
[Welcome, Doug Rattman! What would you like to do today?]
[/rebootprojectglados.exe] [ENTER]

Right as he was gonna click the reboot button, something grabbed him. It was a claw. Being thrown across the room, forgetting Companion Cube, he was smashed against a wall, then thrown to the ground. With a strained back and a broken nose, blood began to drip from his mouth, staining onto his lab coat. GLaDOS turned around and grabbed his leg with the claw, "Only for the people who are Still Alive." Doug only had one shot at this, "Caroline, it's me, Doug Rattman! We used to be best friends! Look, I'm sorry you had to be turned into this! If you could just please listen, I can help you! Please, let me help! I'm your friend, don't do this!" All of the sudden, he thought he could hear Companion Cube. He looked at the abandoned box, "C-Companion Cube?" Just then, he was throw out of the room, and into the hallway. He crashed face first, making his broken nose hurt even more. He tried to get back into the room, but it was then slammed shut, with Companion Cube on the inside, trapped and alone. Doug cried as he could feel his insanity grow bigger. Without his medication, who knows what could happen to him! All of the sudden, he could hear a *BLRPTZZZ*. He turned around to find another spy glass window. He looked out the window to find a test subject, using the suddenly finished Portal Device to get through one of the beta test chambers. He watched the female get through the chamber without saying a word, smoothly and fast. Once the chamber door opened, she stepped on through, making the portals reset. He had to find her.

He did some research, and found out more about the female test subject. Using the most intelligent technology, he found this:
[Chell #####]
[Application: Test Subject]
[Use: Portal Device v.1.0.2]
[Favorite food: Cake!]
Chell... This Chell might possibly be the answer to saving the facility from certain death! Chasing after her through spy glass windows, he was suddenly stopped as the spy glass windows no longer followed where Chell had gone. He escaped the Test Chambers and moved into the facility's ruins as GLaDOS threw obstacles at her as he ran. He could hear GLaDOS announce things full of hatred and devilish things. All of the sudden, he could hear GLaDOS say, 'Activating rocket defenses and neurotoxins.' He had to find a way to save Chell before it was too late! He had to get to the main breaker room and shut down the defenses! Chell would be doomed against her! It was actually very close by, so he hurried up and ran for the Main Breaker room.

About half way there, he noticed the cameras turned on by themselves! He could also hear turrets going off and shooting at people. It was either Chell or the remaining survivors he couldn't find. He was certain he was all alone, without a friend in the world. In between trying to save Aperture, he would find secret doors and rest there to catch his breath. He would also write on walls, take down cameras and remember CC. He would paste them over pictures of his family, for CC was his only family member. He was alone in the dark and distressed facility, by himself. After making a few secret bases, he found the Main Breaker room. It was time to finish this. Rebooting GLaDOS wasn't going to help this time. He had to kill her.

There were many computers around. He just sat himself at a computer and logged himself back in.
[Welcome back, Doug Rattman! What would you like to do today?]
[/killprojectglados.exe] [ENTER] *click*

[Please input security password.]
[* * * * * *] [ENTER] *click*

[WARNING /! Once you kill/GLaDOS there is no turning back. Are you sure?]
[YES] [NO] <=

Right as he set his finger on the [YES], the computer shut off. In fact, all of them did. He turned around to find a camera watching him. He used all of his anger to rip the camera off of the wall. He stomped on it and continued to quest. There was no other choice but to go the long way. The computer was the fastest way, but now he had to go to the Emergency Shutoff Room. Once he arrived, he had to run down a large hallway. At the end of the hallway was a hand scanner that would shut off all of Aperture Laboratories. All of the sudden, music began to play. Speakers came down from the roof and played a song. "Exile..." then turrets and neurotoxin began to fill the room. Dangerous warning lights and deadly green lights came to him from many direction. He had to choice but to run...
"It takes your mind..."
*left foot*
"You've got suckers luck..."
*right foot*
"Have you given up?"
*left foot*
"Does it feel like a trial?"
*right foot*
"Does it trouble your mind, the way you trouble mine?"
*left foot*
A bullet went straight into his leg. Unable to move, the Emergency Shutoff Button was inches away. He reached out as far as he could, but was no use. Bullets continuing to miss and cut into his shoes, he began to have flashbacks to Companion Cube, his only friend in science...

"Does it feel like a trial? Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine.........?"


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