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3 people.3 stories.3 lives.

Short story By: tvmotltf134
Fan fiction

Tags: 3, People, Stories, Lives

A short piece on three people dealing with racism

Submitted:May 1, 2011    Reads: 125    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

She sits in the bathtub, skin sore and red from all the scrubbing. Tears fall from her eyes. She wipes them off angrily. Why would anyone care? Why would they listen? Why would they watch out for her? She is different. Different from everyone else because she is black. She is angry and frustrated. Why does she have to be black? Why was she born with dark skin? Why does she have to be chased home from school every day? Why is she inferior to everyone else? The teachers at school talk about everyone being one and the same. They say it don't matter where people come from. They're the same. She snorts in disgust. They can say all they want but they're hypocrites. They don't practice what they preach. They say racism is wrong, and yet they treat her differently to the other students. They throw insults at her. Humiliate her in front of her peers. They tell people not to be her friend. So much for being the same. The kids at school laugh at her behind her back. The call her black bastard and tell her to go back from where she comes from. She scrubs and scrubs her skin. Why can't she be white? Why can't she be like everyone else? Why is she so different? Why does the color of her skin define who she is?
He sits on the ground panting heavily. He wipes the sweat off his brow. He's angry. His boss gives him minimum pay and doesn't care. He tells him blacks deserve to be paid less than whites because they're inferior and don't work as hard as people do. He punches the dirt in frustration. He wakes up before dawn to work. He works from sunrise to sunset while others sit around and do nothing. He has a wife and two children with another one on the way. Why should he be treated as an idiot? Why should he be thought of as stupid? Why do men look at him and throw insults in his face? He tells the elders in his community about his problems, but they tell him not to complain. Hatred wells up inside him.
He yells "why do we treat them like gods when they treat us like dirt? Why do we honor and respect them while they throw us to the ground? What makes them think because they're white they're superior to us? Why do we let them put us down? Why do we take what's thrown at us? Why don't we take a stand? Why don't we show them we're capable of what they achieve? Why can't we show them we can change the world?"
The elders look at him angrily. What he says could mean trouble for them. They're afraid because he speaks the truth. They all fear the truth.

She scribbles on her page.
Your color doesn't matter
Your color doesn't define who you are
It doesn't write your destiny
Being black doesn't mean you're a failure
Being black doesn't mean you'll never reach the top
Being black doesn't mean you can't rise above everyone else
Being black doesn't mean you can't change the world
We are who we are
We are all one
Our color doesn't define who we are
We are all special and created in God's image
He made us in his perfect design
Who are we to put people down because of their skin colour?
Or where they come from
Take a stand
Be somebody
Don't let them look down on you
Because you're the same as everyone else
You're special
You're perfect
You're wonderful.


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