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My car crash&death

Short story By: tvmotltf134
Fan fiction

A piece of writing, I wrote sometime today. Why is it that I always write stories from boredom. The writing that's a bit to the side is a dream. May suffers from weird dreams.

Submitted:Aug 10, 2009    Reads: 286    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

I'm running
Running for my life
I need to break out
Break out of here.
Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
I can't wake up
(Wake me up inside)
Save me
(Call my name and save me from the dark)
Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)
I can hear my blood, as it rushes through my veins. The pounding of my pulse worsens with every heart beat. The pain is tearing me apart. It's occupied my thoughts and attention.
I'm trapped
Trapped somewhere
I'm trying to break free
I need to break free . . .
I'm falling
Falling into the world of darkness
I scream for help
But no one helps me
They ignore my pleas and cries
"Help me" I cry
There's no help
No hope, no future
I want to yell
I want to scream
I snap back to reality. I'm sitting in the front seat, in my Mother's car. I'm sweating in fear. Then, I realize, I have my iPod on again. I pull my earphones, out of my ears, and turn off my iPod.
I sigh in relief.
My nightmare just ended.
I turned my head to look at Mum. Her dark, sharp, blue eyes are fixed on the road. Her hands grip the steering wheel tightly.
She's annoyed and upset. We both have to move to a town, named Millville. Mum hates moving. She always has.
We keep silent for the rest of the drive. The only sounds made are the sounds if the engine and the luggage in the booth.
Sometime later, we see a sign saying, "Millville- thirty kilometres."
Mum groans loudly. I know we wouldn't stay in Millville, for long.
She turns to me and tries to smile.
She says "Well May, we're going to have fun. We'll have a big house, and a lovely future. I can't wait to start this journey"
I look at her, and she flashes one of those pathetic smiles, people have, when they're not telling the truth.
I smile back, and say pathetically, "Yeah Mum. I can't wait."
Then, I turn to the window and watch the tress go by. We pass a forest. I close my eyes and try to sleep.
My eyes open
Something's happening
Mum's screaming
We swerve off the road
Our car begins to roll
Glass shatters
Our car stops abruptly,
With so much force
I fall unconscious.
I'm falling again
Falling into the darkness
People; too horrible to look at laugh
They laugh to see me scared
No one helps me
No one has self pity for me
I see a light
I'm trying to go to it
The force from the darkness is too much
I try again
The light is closer
And closer
And closer
I open my eyes. It's dark.
I don't know where I am. It'cold and I'm laying on something soft and cosy.
I sit up and look around.
I don't see anything.
I call out for Mother, but she doesn't reply. I try to stand up, but I'm too weak. My vision goes so dizzy. I don't know where I am. I pass out on the ground. I die that night. I don't make it.


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