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Chat Room with the Cullens

Short story By: twilightandsoftballfan15
Fan fiction

Emmett decided to make everyone a user for a chat room. Everyone one of them is logged on and they are chatting!

Emmett- monkey-man Alice- Tinkerbell
Rosalie- Hot @$$ Jasper- Chill-Pill
Edward- Eddiekins Carlisle- Daddy
Esme- Mommy Little boy- Andy

Please comment! :D

Disclaimer- I don't own anything of Twilight, everything and everyone belongs to Stephanie Meyer. I just wrote this for your entertainment

Submitted:Nov 28, 2010    Reads: 290    Comments: 13    Likes: 2   

Everyone's logged in.

Hot @$$: Emmett change my name.

Why Rosalie? I like it!

Daddy: I agree.

Everyone but Daddy: What?!?!?!

Daddy: I meant I agree with Rosalie I don't want my daughter to have that for her use name.

Hot @$$: Aww thanks dad ;D

Daddy: So Emmett change it.

monkey-man: But why?

Daddy: Because I said so.

monkey-man: Why did you say so?

Daddy: Because I can.

monkey-man: Why can you?

Mommy: Just do it Emmett.

monkey-man: Fine!

Eddiekins: While you're at it change mine too.

monkey-man: But I like yours >:(

Daddy: Emmett please just do it.

monkey-man: Ugh! Fine! >:( Monkey-man logs off.

Andy logs in

Tinkerbell: Uhhh who are you?

Andy: I don't know leave me alone you freak.

Everyone but Andy: Uhhh...

Emmett logs back in.

monkey-man: HAHA who's this little squirt?

Andy: Leave me alone or I'll kick your nuts!

monkey-man: You don't even know where I like little kid!!!

Andy: Well I can find out!

monkey-man: I'd like to see you try to reach them, squirt.

Daddy: Emmett!

Andy: I do karate!

monkey-man: Oooh I'm so scared!

Andy: I'll fine out where you live you just watch out.

monkey-man: You make me laugh, kid, well you know what I'm a vampire and I am super strong so if you try to kick them I could break you in a snap and if I want to kill you and then if I miss, which I highly doubt, and you run away all I have to do is run at my vampire speed and I'll have you in a split second.

Everyone but monkey-man and Andy: EMMETT!!

Andy: Mommy! Andy logs off.

monkey-man: I'm back! Sorry about that little kid I took care of him didn't I?

Daddy: Emmett that was very bad you could have the Volutri over here in a second!

Eddiekins: Oh yea you're back!...NOT!

monkey-man: Shut up! You are mean to me! Daddy tell him to be nice to me!

Daddy: Edward that wasn't very nice.

Eddiekins: You were thinking it dad!


monkey-man: Hey :'( oh yea Edward and Rosey to change your name you have to click the refresh button.

Womanizer: Really Emmett you changed my name to "Womanizer"? You're so immature!

Smokin' Hot @$$: And you didn't even change mine!

monkey-man: Edward, hahaha! Rosalie, Idid chane it. Iadded smokin' in front of hot.

Womanizer and Smokin' Hot @$$: Change it.

monkey-man: NO!

Womanizer and Smokin' Hot @$$: Mom! Dad.

monkey-man: No don't tell on me!

Daddy: Emmett Cullen change it to something different.

monkey-man: NO!

Daddy: Emmett McCarthy Cullen daon't make me come up there!

monkey-man: No!

Everyone but Daddy, Mommy, and monkey-man: ooooh someone's in trouble!

monkey-man: No, don't come up here!!

Daddy: Then change it!

monkey-man: Idon't want to!

Daddy: Count of five, Emmett.

Chill-pill: Can you even do that on a computer?

Daddy: 1...

monkey-man: NO!

Daddy: 2...

Chill-pill: I guess it is...

Tinkerbell: Yep.

monkey-man: Nope!

Daddy: 3...

Womanizer: This is entertaining :D

monkey-man: >:(

Daddy: 4...

Everyone but Daddy, Mommy, and monkey-man: Uh oh someones going to be in trouble!

monkey-man: Peer pressure Itell you! That's all you guys do to me! monkey-man logs off.

Daddy: What are we going to do with him?

Everyone: Idon't know.

monkey-man logs back in.

monkey-man: I'm back click refresh.

Rosey: That's better babe.

monkey-man: I think Hot @$$ is WAY better than Rosey.

Lonely Virgin: Dad!

monkey-man: He He Oops!

Emmett you're asking for it.

monkey-man: You told me to change it and I did.

Lonely Virgin: To Lonely Virgin!

monkey-man: Sorry just speaking the truth.

Lonely Virgin: UGH! Lonely Virgin logs off.

monkey-man: Man! He left now nothing is going to be for. Dang! Now it's going to be boring and I can't do anything with Esme and Carlisle on here! They are too BORING!

Rosey: Emmett!

Chill-pill and Tinkerbell: Uh oh!

monkey-man: Oops! Sorry I forgot you were on...guessing I should run now?

Daddy and Mommy: You guess right!

monkey-man: I'm coming Andy!

Mommy, Daddy, and monkey-man log off.

Rosey: Bye! I'm gonna go try to see if I can get Emmett out of this.

Chill-Pill and Tinkerbell: Bye!

Rosey logs off.

Chill-pill: So....

Tinkerbell: So....

Chill-pill: What do you want to do, baby?

Tinkerbell: Oh you know what I want to do!

Chill-Pill: Oh my love...Let's do it!!

Tinkerbell: :D

Chill-pill and Tinkerbell log off.

Reviews? Tell me what you thought!!!! And thank you so much for reading!!!


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