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Kage's Back Story

Short story By: TylerUllery
Fan fiction

The back story of one of the main characters of the book series I am writing. It is a based on the idea of the Naruto series but my own original characters. The back stories will talk about characters from the series but they are not main people just use as references.

Submitted:Feb 25, 2013    Reads: 6    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I am Kage. I am a strange being. I have no arms, nor legs, nor body. I am literally a mouth and an eyeball but, I have an infinite amount of arms, legs, and bodies. I live in shadows, anywhere there is any sized shadow I can be there. I can multiply to become as many beings as I want, I have no control over my clones other than I can destroy them at any second and they can't harm me. You can't even touch me but, I can crush every bone in your body. I do not eat since; I am a plant that feeds on despair, humiliation, depression, fright, and hopelessness. I am so crafty I can even travel in the shadow of a walking person. If you look at the shadows I can make you see anything I want you to see or, hide anything I don't want you to see. Don't get me wrong I love the beach, however; a fun day at the beach for me isn't sun and water, it's making people trip into a crabs nest, weighting people down in the water watching them sink and suffocate and shrivel up, and my favorite part ruining family bonds. You may be thinking how can a shadow drown people? It's quite simple the ocean is full of shadows and I can make shadows solid, and once I make it solid it stays solid, and its properties are whatever I want its properties to be. You try swimming in the ocean with a 1 ton anchor attached through your foot. Hehehehe. OH and I love a good joke, there's a joke in everything. My favorite kinds of jokes involve puppies being strangled, children killing themselves, and human kindness. I have no need for joust's of any kind for I can't be touched yet, I can touch you. I have a habit of vanishing and suddenly appearing out of nowhere. I am 1,066 years old and still look the exact same as the day I was born. I was born with black magic and strangled my creator instantly. I am an associate of the Uragiri I am called the "watcher." I have specific orders from Ningyo to watch over the members and report any mishaps to him immediately. I can't let anyone know though.


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