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I'm in love with a killer

Novel By: Viltachi
Fan fiction

Alice x Jeff thingy... Rated PG because of murder and.. I really don't know what I will write in the future...

Submitted:May 22, 2013    Reads: 1,380    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

A/N - Hello! I really enjoyed writing this :3 I have been using a lot of time on this one… I plan on making more chapters, so if you like it stay tuned! :D Btw, Im sorry that it is so short >.< ~Viltachi

I wake up in the middle of the night in my boyfriend's bed. That's a normal thing, except that I feel terrified without reason. I must have had a bad dream. And because of that, my face is all wet with tears. I suddenly notice that my boyfriend's not in in the bed with me. I slowly get up, still terrified. I walk out of the small room, clutching a pillow to my chest. I look around every corner as I walk through the house. These corridors normally wouldn't freak me out. I have the feeling something is wrong. I walk around searching for my boyfriend. The walls seem to be closing in on me, and it feels like the corridors will never end. At last I arrive the living room and find my boyfriend lying on the couch, sleeping. His knife lies on the floor, and his white hoodie is covered in blood. I smile to myself. He slowly wakes up as if he noticed he was being watched. "Alice," he says with a smile. "Sorry I was late. I had some work to do. I didn't want to wake you up." I keep quiet, and soon his eyes look worried. As worried as a man without eyelids can look. "What's wrong, Alice?" he asks. I sigh: "I don't know, Jeff.. I woke up, and suddenly I felt terrified. I think I had a bad dream.." He sits up and pats the couch: "Come here." I slowly walk over and sit down next to him. He lays his arms around me and hugs me. I bury my face in his chest and we just stay like that for a while.

After a while he asks me: "Are you okay?" I nod and smile. I start playing around with a loose string on his hoodie: "I can wash this tomorrow." He strokes my cheek and says: "No, it's okay. I'll do it." I look up at his eyes: "really?" He nods and kisses my forehead. "But now you have to go to sleep." We start laughing at his joke, but eventually he stops: "But seriously. I'm really tired." We walk together through the house and back to the bedroom. Whatever made me terrified, it didn't bother me the rest of the night.

I wake up in the morning feeling the best I have been feeling in a while. Jeff is still asleep, so I walk silently out of the room. The corridors seem normal again. When I get to the kitchen I start to make some food. I'm just about to take the plate with me as someone comes at me from behind, lays a hand over my mouth and presses a cold blade to my neck. I don't struggle or try to fight, because I immediately know that Jeff is awake. "Looks like you broke the first rule. Always be on guard," he says. He lets me go, and turns me around. He looks worried: "What if I weren't home and someone else did that? You need to be alerted at all times." He stares intensely into my eyes. I put on a smile: "That was fun." He sighs. "You need to take this more seriously, Alice," he says. "And you need to stop worrying so much, Jeff. Who would walk straight into two murderers' house?" I answer him. "No one knows that we live here. And from behind you look just like a normal, cute girl." I smile again. "And from behind you look just like..." I stop in the middle of the sentence to think. "I think you need to turn around so I can decide." He gives me a weird look, but turns around. I search him from head to toes before I get my conclusion: "Yup. That's hot." He turns to look at me, smiling. He always looks like he's smiling because of the scars, but this is a real one. I smile and hug him.

We go to the living room and talk for a bit while eating our breakfast. When we're both finished I ask: "could we do a job TOGETHER tonight? He looks surprised at me. "Together? Well it's been a while since the last time, so why not?" I give him a smile. "I should do the scaring-part," he says. I raise an eyebrow: "why?" He smiles: "Because no one could be scared of such a cute face." I smile back. "Well I don't see why people would be afraid of you. Humans have the bad habit to judge each other before they even know each other," I say. "I get why they're scared of me…" He points to his face: "White skin, no eyelids and huge scars." "That's not scary. That's cute," I say and kiss him.

After the sun has gone down we start to move towards the target of tonight. It's a bad little kid this time. A bully. He has been bullying a fragile little boy at his school. Jeff has bad memories with bullies. They were the reason he became what he is now. Therefore he takes out his anger at other bullies. It may seem absurd but that makes me love him even more.

The house is old. The painting is peeling of the walls, and some of the planks look loose. To our benefit, one of the windows at the first floor is open. Jeff goes in first, to check if the coast is clear. After a little while he leans out to help me up. When I'm in I whisper: "Is there anybody else home?" He nods. "A nanny. But she's in a lockable room." We sneak up to the second floor. Jeff points to an open door. I see a key sticking out of the keyhole. I walk over and close the door as quietly as I can. I twist the key and take it out. "Nanny out," I whisper. Jeff smiles: "This way." We walk to the end of the corridor, and quietly open the last door. Jeff closes and locks the door behind us.

We take a side each and walk around the bed. Jeff sits down and puts on his creepiest face, waiting for me to give a signal. I get ready to hold him down. As I get in position I give Jeff thumbs up to show that I'm ready. Jeff leans in close to the kid's face and lowers his voice: "Jacob.." The kid opens his eyes, and is paralyzed. "Go to sleep." Jeff says. This triggers the kid, and just as he is about to scream, I lay a hand over his mouth. I use my knee to keep him down. "You've been a bad kid, Jacob," I say. "I will take my hand off your mouth soon, to make sure you know why we do this. But if you scream, we will kill you right away. Get it?" He nods, tears streaming down his face. I slowly take my hand away. He breathes hysterically. "Do you know what you did wrong?" I ask him, still holding him down. He sobs. "Is it because I didn't eat my vegetables? Mommy said something bad would happen if I didn't!" Jeff makes a weird sound as he struggles not to laugh. I smile, holding my own laughter in: "You stupid little brat. I think you know exactly why we're here. Stop joking around." His eyes widen: "Please… I'll do anything. Just don't let that thing eat me!" Both me and Jeff burst into laughter. The kid starts to scream, and I quickly lay my whole arm over his throat, making him choke. I lift my arm: "What did I say about that? Now. Tell me why we're here." He looks away, sobbing. "I did something.. To a kid at school…" I nod. "I said things to him. And I was beating him." "Why?" I ask. "I don't know. I think he deserved it…" Jeff snorts. "Of course he didn't deserve it," he says. "No one deserves that." The kid keeps on crying. I look at Jeff. He looks kind of sad. I think he is struggling not to remember the terrible things that were done to him.

It was really easy to kill the kid, after seeing Jeff that way. It hurts me seeing Jeff sad. I find my knife. The kid has stopped crying. "Wait. Can I have my last words?" he asks. I hesitate for a moment, but let him speak. "My dad is dead, and my mom is an alcoholic. I think she does drugs too. She says she hates me, and I took my anger and sadness out on the other kid. I deserve this." I smile. His tears are back, but I think it is of joy this time: "Thank you for helping me letting go." His smile is the happiest smile I have seen in a while. Now tears start falling from my own face, because I know just how he feels. "You're welcome. May you have a peaceful afterlife," I say as my knife goes through his chest.


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