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Jigoku Shoujo: The Death of Twilight's Author (fanfiction)

Short story By: yuu shindemura
Fan fiction

The Girl From Hell or Jigoku Shoujo in Japanese, she is the deliverer of hatred and vengeance.

This is a fanfiction from the series itself 'Jigoku Shoujo'. On this plot, the Girl from Hell will claim Meyer's life, as one concerned citizen will risk himself for the common good.

This is dedicated to:
-fellow anti-twilights
-friends who hate twilight

NOT TO BE READ BY: twilight fans.

REMEMBER: this is a fantasy, and a fiction.

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Stephanie Meyer's Death
(Twilight fans, just don't read this one. It is fiction, I know, and just like twilight, this is fiction as we commonly know.)
Jigoku Shoujo Fanfiction
* * *
First Person:
From an empty street, I helped a girl who was attacked by twitards. We both ran to the alleys until luckily we both be able to loose those mad trolls chasing us. Twitards are mostly teenagers obsessed by the book called 'Twilight', a literary nonsense written by Stephanie Meyer. These twitards would be willing to die for the sake of twilight and push their beliefs on everyone else in this world.
Aside from twitards are twi-moms, those mothers who are willing to abandon their sons and daughters as much as their husbands if they're going to see Edward Cullen. Such uttered nonsense, right? Yet, it is happening.
* * *
I kept on sitting quietly in school, pretending not to overheard any twitards' discussions; as usual, they kept on rambling and praising about their gay hero named Edward Cullen. One twitard, a schoolmate said she has an entire altar with Edward Cullen's pictures. One guy, as I presumed it to be her boyfriend bashed about how lame she was, yet she justified that unless he won't look a lot similar to Edward, she'll never get around with him.
Sigh…really; this is the scene of the modern world. All of this was because of the Twilight book. I can partly blame the teens, but still, I blame the author for creating her fantasy dream to be published, or should I blame the publishers that weren't thinking and carelessly published that book.
"If Meyer's craps of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn can be published, your crap can, too." I thought, I got this phrase from an internet meme, I had it thought maybe, since a crap worth of not-obvious erotic scratch papers was published, if I'll start writing erotica and publish it, then I'd also make a lot of money but…
…the world doesn't need more damage. Twilight did smashed and scarred the face of this world, if this world ends this 2012, I can only kneel and pray. George Washington and the rest of the heroes in America would be ashamed of Meyer.
Going on a grocery store to buy necessities, I overheard two guys about my age, "Hey, have you heard about the Jigoku Shoujo?" the chubby guy asked the skinny one.
"The Girl from Hell?" asked the skinny one, "Yes, I heard about her. They say if you hold a grudge to someone or if you want to take revenge, the Jigoku Shoujo will come for you."
"Can we try it?" the chubby one mischievously marked.
"Well, we don't know anyone we hate. They say that you need to have an intense hatred towards someone, and, at exactly midnight go to the hell's website. It won't be accessed if you don't hold a strong grudge." The skinny one shrugged.
I silently hurried to pay for things I bought as I finished my eavesdropping hearing out that vital information. I did know about that website, www.jigokutsushin.net. At exactly midnight, you need to access to it quick, if you miss by a minute, nothing will be displayed except the note that says that website is unavailable. I know it is an urban legend of sorts but, if it takes me the need to finish that author, this has to be it.
* * *
Two minutes to midnight, I anxiously waited for the remaining two minutes, typing in 'www.jigokutsushin,net' was just one press of the enter button and I can access that rumored website, or so I hope for. I fixed my feelings and resentments on Meyer as I waited, and finally, the clock ticked to exact midnight.
ENTER. . .
The web accessed a black screen with an icon for writing the name, it has a 'send' icon below it, and the website reads 'Hotline to Hell…your bitterness I will dispel'.
This must be it!
My grudge or hatred were overflowing, I don't know if that was excitement over my intentions, but even if this might come nothing or something, I speedily typed the name of the author of that infamous book, Twilight… 'Stephanie Meyer' and then pressed the 'send' button.
The next thing I found myself was…
…I wasn't in my room.
I was standing in front of a tree on a hill with a sunset aura and a river nearby; a girl of about 5ft in height was beside it wearing a black sailor school uniform. She has long black hair to her waist with a classical fringe, and piercing red, big eyes. She's very beautiful and somehow she looks like a porcelain doll.
She stared at me blankly, a face so expressionless and lifeless, "I am…Enma Ai…" she introduced with her voice so soft and almost a hush.
"Take it…" offering a black straw doll with a red string on its neck, she said it without any questions in which I was taken speechless over it, she must have known already my intentions since I did type the name of Meyer with my hatred, and she must have known it. I know just by looking at her red irises that she was not human.
I took the black straw doll she handed to me.
I looked at her magnificence. This girl is 'Enma Ai'…The Girl from Hell.
"If you truly wish to eliminate the person you hold grudge against, you must untie that red string by your own hands…" she began. I looked at her quietly, still mesmerized in a lot of explanations to which I needed to grasp, one is, I never thought this is true.
"If you remove the string, you shall officially enter a contract with me…" she continued to inform, "The one you seek revenge or you held hatred against, will be immediately sent to hell."
She paused before continuing, "If I deliver your bitterness or vengeance, I must have you make restitution to me."
"Restitution?" I asked, stammering, yet she didn't answer, instead she just continued to explain this contract agreement.
"When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. When you die, your soul shall fall into the pit of hell." She paused again, her voice was soft and weak, with indifferent or monotone intonation as she speaks, "Your soul shall wander forever in pain and suffering, never knowing paradise." She warned.
"That is, after you die." she assured.
After her warnings and remarks, she gave me a glimpse of the hell…it was darker than black, with flames and hands pounded with blood that tried to pull me underneath the sea of blood and flames-yes, they did tried pulling me, but then the vision suddenly cut off and I found myself back in my room in front of the laptop.
The website's page already expired, and I tried refreshing it, but it won't do anything else. As I held out my left hand, I was clutching the black straw doll that The Girl from Hell gave; I didn't even realize I was holding it.
"The rest… is up to you…" I heard a voice whispered; her voice…
* * *
It took me three days of long ponder about what she said, that if I pull the red string, then I will go to hell, too when I die. Sh*t, I would be seeing Meyer there, but I already caught a glimpse of hell…it wasn't so bad, if you don't mind those hands pulling you to drown in the ocean of blood with flames on its surface, then I guess I can pull that one out for eternity.
I sighed, my decision was set. I didn't choose to be a hero or a martyr but…
…the future generation of young children must not know the evil that Meyer and her twilight horny characters have made. The future generation must be strong and not foolish. Yes, I'm still seventeen but I think of the consequences ahead. And I must say, seventeen minus around seventy years, I still have fifty-three years left to live.
Besides, this world is already hellish with Meyer and the twitards around…
…there's no turning back, Enma Ai is real, so as hell. Either hell in her version or hell in this world because of the Twilight book, I don't care anymore, my mind is set-
-and without hesitation, I pulled the red string out of the straw doll…
"I hear and delivered this hatred." A voice thundered as strong winds blew. When I opened my eyes, the straw doll wasn't there anymore…I guess I'll expect the news or the TV on this. I shrugged and walk away as if nothing had happened.
* * *
Third Person:

Enma Ai was lying herself to rest near a river; she resided in a house that was in the dimension realm called Eternal Sundown; where only she, an unknown old lady who she called as her grandmother, and three spirits that helped on delivering her the vengeance or grudge can cross this threshold.

(from left: Enma Ai in her black sailor uniform; Wanyudo; Hone Onna; and Ren Ichimoku)
The three spirits always help the girl from hell on delivering the hatreds. Wanyudo, an old man and was the first spirit Enma Ai brought out his wander, Ren Ichimoku, a spirit residing on a sword in a form of a guy, and Hone Onna, a ghost that used to wander as a beautiful lady and attracts travelers and other people and then attacks them; she is now serving under Enma Ai.

Enma Ai then got dressed in a black kimono adorned with floral decorations known as Temari.
Dressed in kimono, she was riding the carriage, Wanyudo, who then transformed into a flaming carriage that rides in the air, exiting the Eternal Sundown realm.
* * *
In North America, Stephanie Meyer was eating lots of chocolates, high-protein foods like legumes, shrimps and prawns, pork fats and lobsters, with cola and red wine. She was spending her time of life, when suddenly; earthworms and centipedes spread and crawled out of her foods. Stephanie panicked and tried standing off her chair.
Yet, as Stephanie Meyer tried to run, her house has been crawling with worms. And books flooded out of nowhere and trampled her around. Different books of literature came out in the air, burying her alive. Yet, she managed to get out of the mess where, again, her body ached as if she had eaten something bad.
This is essentially one of Enma Ai's abilities, creating different distorted matters and forms she please that she will use to punish the convicted. On Meyer's case, she's using worms and books, and in a while, she'll be toying with Meyer's life.
Meyer then spit and threw up the worms that came out of her mouth and some on her clothes.
Ren confronted her. Being a spirit, he just arrived out of nowhere; "Stephanie, your works are pure garbage. As well as your characters are just worms."
"Maybe if you'll stop your publishing and start writing good books that would benefit and teach teenagers more good things in life, then we might forgive you." Wanyudo stated as he suddenly appeared out in thin air.
"I doubt it she'll do that." Hone Onna followed.
Meyer spit out the last of her worms, some where still even wriggling in her mouth, "No, never! The books I have created, twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, and midnight sun, those are the books that I created that are even more famous than God!"
"See? I did doubt her." Hone Onna shrugged. Meyer then threw up feces coming from her stomach, and worms were seen wriggling as well as larvae of insects on the dirt.
"So she says, miss…" Wanyudo called as The Girl from Hell in her black kimono stepped forward from the shadows, she was eyeing Meyer with her red irises.

Meyer still was stubborn, and the books kept on trampling and falling at her, the books that are worthy of literature and very much providing with knowledge and creative worlds to be taken and read.
"How can you be so cruel?!" Stephanie Meyer snarled.
"Cruel? Really, you're one to talk. You caused lots of teenagers to act like animals; they lost much of their humanities now." Hone Onna replied, yet Enma Ai didn't mind her.
Enma Ai began to speak as she was narrowing her eyes; Meyer cannot do anything as odd forces and possibly her fear gripped her on the floor.
"Pitiful Shadow cloaked in darkness…"
"…thy actions caused people pain and suffering…"
"Thy hollow soul drowned in thy sins."
The Girl from Hell then glared at Meyer's eyes, "Ippen, Shinde Miru? (Would you like to see what death is?)"
With these words immortalized by Enma Ai, she raised her right hand as cherry blossom petals rushed with a single chime was heard, and darkness swallowed, enveloping Meyer and the whole area.
* * *
Stephanie Meyer woke up, and she realized she was in a small wooden boat. She saw the girl from hell ferrying and guiding the boat. "Where is this-"
Before she can continue; detached-hands about as high as to the elbow parts and are sparkling pulled and tread on her, the hands that belonged to the hell.
Meyer screamed, however, no one can hear her as she was traveling the shores of hell. The whole shore was grey as if it resembled ashes, and the sky was dark and misty, as well as the sea around is also black. The gate to hell was seen with total blackness beyond it. "This hatred will ferry you to hell…" Enma Ai whispered as they disappeared in the ominous blackness.
Enma Ai then went back moments later, but she was now alone with her small, wooden boat. She took Stephanie Meyer both body and soul into the abyss of hell.
(Enma Ai as seen with her boat she uses to deliver souls to hell, on the background seen is the gate of hell)
* * *
First Person:
Two days later after I pulled the string, there was breaking news that Stephanie Meyer suddenly vanished and no one has seen her about two days. The police and other authorities were looking for her, but…
…but I doubt they can still find her. I secretly looked at a mark at my right chest. The mark or black crest looked like a flame; it was the sign of the contract that I made with The Girl from Hell, Enma Ai.
Thank you for Reading

* * * * * *
This is a fanfiction. The copyright of Jigoku Shoujo is owned by Studio Deen and Licensed by Aniplex.
Director: Takahiro Omori
Author: Kenichi Kanemaki
Like I said, this is just fiction. Thanks again for reading.
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