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The Story of Yshara - 100 word goal part 1

By: Baggins McGee

Page 1, This is a free writing sample of either a group of short stories or a novel. My goal is to do 100 words a day and eventually make something out of what I have written.


Today is the day. After 20 years of waiting, her day was here. She had barely been able to sleep the night before, but felt as as if she had slept all night. Yshara leapt out of bed and began to get ready. These 20 years had been long. As a gruff this amount of time did not mean as much as it did for the humans or the chameloids, and especially not for the short lived icarians. But still, it was 20 years.

Since times long ago it was decided, When a gruff reaches their 20TH anniversary of their birth, they will be set through the trials of the elements. This shall show their true souls power.” Only those who were old enough to have gone through the trials knew what they entailed. All those who complete the trials are sworn to secrecy. For any to know what the trials entailed would taint the outcome of the trials. It has happened before of course, but it is said that the trials are changed depending upon the one undertaking them.

But all of that was hearsay and speculation. No matter what anyone says this is the day she will find her magic.

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