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It's a true life story about my childhod crush who I meet 15years later and we hit it off. Enjoy

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He and I

From classmates to more

Young and in love I was, always gazing right across the class room just to lay my eyes on him. He was the cutest little thing I'd ever seen. Well kempt, deep eyes, a good height and above all his lovely pink lips - oh yes, they were sweet lips.

I would fantasize about him all day long. I don't think he knew about this so called crush I had, also, I don't think I cared. I was content just knowing he existed, existed in my class.

My then best friend Faith (who funny enough, is still friends with he and I) is the only one who knew about this crush. She would make fun of me though it meant nothing, he sure was the one and nothing else mattered.

Contrary to his looks, he was quite the arrogant one. He barely spoke to me and when he did, my shy self would hardly have anything to say.

I remember once we were standing outside the classroom waiting to be allocated desk mates. Here I was hoping to be his desk mate, praying, crossing my fingers, looking at Faith with faith. And it happened, I got to sit behind him, close enough. I believed more than ever that God existed.

This crush must have been massive cause out of the five people I remember from that class, he's the only boy I remember. It must have been love, love at first sight in my early yearsJ

After class 3, I moved to another school. I later found out that he also transferred at the same time…sadly, not to the same school I was in. Giggles!

More than a decade later, make it fourteen years, I was out partying. Mercury ABC is quite the place to be these days. After having such a great time with my friends, I decided to head home as I was driving, and another drink would make me unable to steer the car in any direction.

I got in to the car knowing home is where I shall be in the next 10 minutes or so. Then I started thinking to myself how nice it would be to have something to eat…so I missed the turning for home and headed for my favourite chips place in Westlands.

As I was ordering takeaway, I heard someone call my name. No it wasn't him J It was my very good friend DD. He summoned me to eat with them instead of me going home. As we were enjoying our dinner/breakfast (maybe midnight snack), I saw someone who had those lips, the lips of my childhood crush that are not easy to forget. Oooh, those lips, sweet lips!

I jokingly called out his name, "Earl". To my surprise, he looked at me in awe. I knew it couldn't be him, what are the chances really?! He walked towards me and I told him he's not Earl, I was jokingly calling him. He removed his I.D and there were the names Earl Kamz written across. I was stupefied. How could this possibly be, I kept asking myself.

He got his food and I asked him to join me as I told him who I was. My surname sold me out, it always does. Here I was sitting next to my childhood crush at my favourite chips place, drunk. That was a heavenly moment. I went ahead and poured out my heart to him, how he was 'my everything' when we were little. He believed I was quite the stalker. How could I possibly remember him after almost 15 years?! Then I randomly bump in to him on his birthday. Yes, it was his birthday…this sounds surreal, I know, even to me.

We abandoned our food and stood outside the chips place as we excitedly reminisced about those old days. Of course I had more to share than he did! I tried getting him to take a walk with me but he insisted Westlands is too dangerous for such. Coming to think of it, even in his drunk state he had his thinking cap on, this guy is just something! As we stood there, I randomly uttered how it's a bit cold. The gentleman took off his jacket and covered me up. I was so touched. This semi-stranger was so polite, listening to all I had to say, keeping me warm, protecting me… I really thought I was drunk and making up my own things-hallucinating rather.

I told him about the first kiss I got from a guy back then, and that he was the guy. I'm not sure if this is what I used to daydream about back then but I do remember we kissed once behind the classroom door. It's a vague memory, nothing I can say I'm certain happened. Well, I do hope it did J

Back to that night, I don't know what upset me. I just stormed off and left him there, standing all alone as he tried to call me back. I got in to the car and as I started to drive off, I decided to go back to him. Parked the car again and when I returned, he was long gone.

I went back to the car with a sunken heart...how could I just let Earl go, just like that? Drove home with no one else in mind, high fiving the class three Emily in my subconscious. She would be proud to know that I had a sort of romantic hour or so with her Earl.

One or two days went by and the best thing happened. I got a friend request on facebook from no other than Earl. I was all smiles! Friend request accepted on the spot!

We inbox chatted for quite some time, a few weeks I'd say. After that we exchanged numbers and now we IM each other every day. We still haven't met since but I believe there's no rush. He once had a bit too much to drink in Westlands and decided he's going to come see me by force. Unfortunately, I had to turn him back cause my mum was still awake in the sitting room and there was no way I'd leave the house past midnight especially after having come home the previous day at 7am after a good night out partying. She was still mad at me and didn't want to push it.

That was actually the first night he called me, I got to hear his lovely voice for the first time as a man. We talked for quite some time, had a few jokes here and there and that was it.

I'm eager to meet him; the anticipation is increasing every day. I am in no hurry though; at least the chatting lets us get familiar with each other so that when or if we do meet again, we know who we are dealing with.

I recently got to know that he's got quite the height on him…above 6 feet tall, oh my!

To be continued…hopefully…


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