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MAKE Revelation PART I

Article By: Etoille Astral

MAKE REVELATION, the booksie research and study 2009,

released this year 2010 of February.

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This study was done first and was intended to be released last December of 2009, yet, I withdraw the thought for certain reasons.
Following as of this date, Feb.07, 2010, I took into account of posting this in booksie, for certain reasons.

This study sought approval in October 2009, and was granted by Mr. booksie-guy, the website's site maintenance manager
-booksie united link here www.booksie.com/booksie_united
-few mindful people who are concerned for this website (with revealing aspects later) in which:
a. the conducted article "Address your Concerns" link here
b. "address your concerns" similar article (will be revealed later)
-snobol4's "Featured Writing Twilight Pollution Index" link here
-snobol4's "Art, Writing, and Controversial Subjects" link here
-Caius Merlyn Britannicus' article
-Espion's Article
-and to help carry the will of Andersonbrothers' article
-along with The Rogue Hat Company's article (Conclusions about Booksie)

This study sought approval in October 2009, and was granted by Mr. booksie-guy, the website's site maintenance manager
-booksie united link here
-few mindful people who are concerned for this website (with revealing aspects later) in which:
a. the conducted article "Address your Concerns" link here
b. "address your concerns" similar article (will be revealed later)
-snobol4's "Featured Writing Twilight Pollution Index" link here
-snobol4's "Art, Writing, and Controversial Subjects" link here
-Caius Merlyn Britannicus' article
-Espion's Article
-and to help carry the will of Andersonbrothers' article
-along with The Rogue Hat Company's article (Conclusions about Booksie)
…doesn't intend to ban, criticize, forfeit any booksie members; this study intends to only show clearly what and how booksie has become. Witnessing the rise of booksie and into its downfall, I or we, the researchers, are not implying for anyone to change or be belittled, we just want everyone to be informed, to know and realize how great this website was and should be; hence, we offer our respects, as we require each of the members despite most members are teens to have the sense of maturity in understanding the aspects pointed and showed throughout this revelation. If anyone may thought this is another anti-twilight article, it's not-it's just that if you find twilight being mentioned here is because it caters the truth and a part of the truth of this entire revelation.
* * *
The www.booksie.com
The Booksie website is the sister website of thenextbigwriter.com. Way back during its launch date of September 2006, Booksie began a steadfast gain of members.
During its entrance in the internet world, booksie flourished.
Members who know how to write certainly have loved this website very much. The site is easy to use, it's user-friendly, and its system can easily be picked in search engines like google (in case a reader wants to google-search a story from booksie), and above all, most booksie members from then, and even now (the 'now' or the present members depends on 'who' are we talking), utterly says booksie is their second-home.
The year of 2007 is considered to be the golden age of booksie. More members have joined reaching to more than 5,000 members by the end of the year. These members, calling themselves as 'booksians' wrote their stories in their own accord; these booksians wrote their stories using their head, their vivid imagination coming out into words with their own discretion as no one would ask them to "OMG pls. update!" as most comments really have the desired constructive criticism or the praise it well deserves.
Most of the stories during that time are not fan-driven, such as "OMG you need to make this -insert a situation- now!" or "I hate you if you don't -insert a situation-" as observed by many people whose fans needs to acclaim that the event needs to happen this way or rather, the way they wanted to; and not by the booksie author's (or the one writing) judgment.
Genres of the stories during this time (2007) also started to come increasingly in fantasy and romance novels, chances are they are written originally.
Booksians = old members not reaching than May 2008 or a maximum of October 2008
Booksie_members/ new members = May to October 2008 and beyond
The peak of the golden age lasted to close than May 2008; as new members came; a few older members or the booksians started to fade and left booksie.
A classic blend of the old and the new members span more attention; and as the quiet website, its tranquil 'professional-essence' of commenting and drawing members has began to be influenced with teenage-feel of not being professional, such as:
a. "Please read my story, -(quote story title here)- and I'll read yours!" or the known
b. 'you read mine and I read yours rule' or perhaps in its other term,
c. 'you read mine and I'll return the favor'.
The mid-2008 was the start of the decline of the booksie quality; a passive threat of having a condition of reading someone's stories in exchange to get read was highly observed; and in as far as August 2008 (if I remember correctly), a booksie-war emerged, naming the "booksie_crew" which later became "Booksie_united". The members of this account are old members/booksians who resented the threatening new members' ways; such as giving negative feedbacks and spamming since some new members don't know the difference between 'constructive criticism' and 'insults' as well as of course, not reading someone's work unless they read first or they read in return.. In the end of October 2008, most booksians and members of the booksie_united (which at that time and even now are the best writers to have joined booksie) quit; still, negative feedbacks and spamming still exists, but it came down to a minimum.
The other booksie_united's problem is the worsening of the quality of stories being posted in the booksie website.
October 2008 then, was also the time when the twilight came into the cinemas; its breakthrough possessed the rise of the vampire-fest of stories (in which humiliatingly, most vampire stories were similar to its plot, not creative or original per say).
As the quality of booksie stories comes from the better to the worse, the increase of love stories also went into a sky-scale, with the introduction of teen pregnancy stories, romance with sexual contents were praised better than the more avid, imaginative stories.
In result and long-term basis of analyzing the current standpoint, the booksie website has become a little more comparative to fanfiction.net. Booksie's image back in the past faded completely (in the eyes of the members who started in late 2006 to 2007), and the booksie_united members no longer fought for their beliefs of what booksie should have been.
The booksians quit and moved on; they don't even welcome any means of contact coming from any booksie_members or anyone associated with booksie.
One might say…
That these are mere words and this is another anti-twilight writing since the movie/book is mentioned,
No, it's not.
Some say this might be hypocrite opinion but-
But what if there are evidences presented?
rates, and observations-
In other words, as what its title is, this is "The Booksie Research and Study 2009" or its default case study title, the
(Why titled as such will be revealed later)
"M.A.K.E. Revelation Booksie Research and Study 2009"
This study is made to show, and not to tell the members about the reality of what the booksie website has become as of the present time. With Mr. Booksie Guy, the website's maintenance and manager's awareness and approval of this study, this is claimed for the betterment of this website (with emotional and mental maturity and open-mindedness of each one who will read this revelation).

This research is dedicated to:
-booksie guy, the web's site manager
-the former booksie_united team and the booksians who witnessed the dramatic change
-the booksie members who are willing to make a difference:
1. angellynn 2.alyssameep
3. snobol4 4.amy2609
5. midnightqueen12 6.sam316547
7. gentle spirit 8. Helena Parris
9. weirdkenny 10. Secret Valentine
11. Werewulf14 12. Mistress of Word Play
13. Damius 14. Opalcitrine
15. Grosteque 16. Mastermosher
17. Joseffthered 18. Lady Leah
19. Mahglazzies 20. LisseyMarisaBooker
21. z0mb13god3zz 22. Demonrevolutionaries
23. Anson Brehmer 24. kitty98
25. Cherub666 26. Mika97
27. z0mb13god3zz 28. JC Lau
29. MCD 30. DeeLee
31. mssjenn 32. Poisonheart
33. Pail 34. Night Write
35. MsVioletFrost
36. And to every booksie_member/writers, not self-proclaimed writers, but writers/members in booksie who knows the importance of literature, who knows the difference of a bad reading from a good one, and who values their writings because they know it costs them blood and sweat to create the best, imaginative, creative, original writings their mind can offer.
**Self-proclaimed writers include the booksie_members who act dishonorably for literature and for the website itself such as:
a. fanfic-writers
b. members who won't read unless their readings will get reads
c. members who agree with "let them write what they want to" (the bad message of this effect of saying applies here)
d. members who mislabels their writings (eg. Writing fanfics but labeling it in 'fantasy' or 'action and adventure' genre)
e. members who joined booksie only to make their imitated-plot stories be recognized (eg. Writers who made romance stories having a similar essence to twilight) thus eliminating the purpose of originality and creativity
f. members who can't tolerate constructive criticism
g. members who appear to be 'neutral' and 'in-the-middle' when it comes to controversial subjects such as 'let them write what they want'-topics, but by giving a second-thought on their words, their spoken words are actually biases.
1. An outbreak of the four main big genres is observed with helpless results: that is, romance, young adult, fanfiction, and fantasy-vampire stories
2. The rise of booksie census or members is congruent to the said genres (romance, fantasy-vampire, young adult, and fanfictions)
3. Vampire stories are preferable than non-vamp stories
4. The hypothesis that the Twilight-fanfics have dominated booksie
5. Most members prefer the sex-containing stories
6. Twilight by S.Meyer is a major factor for most booksie members to write even if the total numbers of booksie members are placed, most or more than half of the booksie members are inspired by twilight as seen by their stories written and plot content
7. Booksie members have schools, academics, etc to be taken care first is approvingly fine, but this reason fails to be an excuse
8. Specific genres of booksie are shrouded due to the big-four genres


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